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  1. It wasn't as sharp as he's hit it before but it came off fine.
  2. He's nuts (though I agreed with Rob on most of the G1). That main was very good bordering on great. Cesaro is my second favorite guy to watch in the company after my boi D-Bry. Is there anywhere to see the full main event eventually? I needs more.
  3. This is fantastic. The best part was Dirty White Boy dragging Prichard in front of the police as they just awkwardly standby and watch a grown man hang another. The one dude even scratches his head as this all takes place, hah.
  4. I can only find their G1 match from that year on dailymotion. '04 was a great year for Kensuke, though. It took him a long time but he finally put it all together at that point. That's not to say he wasn't good before but I think he fully matured as a rassler then.
  5. Edit: Oh, shit. This is a lot less funny now that we know the kid isn't all there.
  6. Yeah, I prefer the half volley from distance to the overhead. Call me crazy. Fener has a nice squad of players. They should present a banged up Arsenal with a nice test. Kuyt, Raul Meireles, Moussa Sow, Yobo, Emenike (21 goals in 42 appearances for Spartak last year), Bruno Alves, and some Turks on the national team. They lose points for Emre but bringing him up gives me enough reason to post this:
  7. Takayama/Sasaki prolly should be on the list but that's a lot of junior movez matches that Dave jizzes over. I enjoyed Mutoh/Kawada. I remember not thinking much of Kanemaru/Liger when I first saw it. None of the Kawada/Tenzan matches ever got in full gear from what I remember.
  8. Griezmann's price just went up big time:
  9. lol, FSW. This makes for a good return leg, anyway. PSV/Milan gonna be good.
  10. I can't not get that out of my head. All of their weight coming down on his head like that. What was the extent of his injuries?
  11. Does Punk need a rematch? It would have to be a stip match without Heyman interfering (loved the shark cage idea), but I think Punk would be fine if they didn't bother. He fought like a god damned man last night, looked like a bad ass for the first time in forever.
  12. I'd save both the Cena rematch and the Brock encounter until this chase is done and Bryan's even more established. A match between those two would be fucking insane though.
  13. Ah, right. Thanks! Bryan potatoed Cena all night long. That busted nose/mouse was a nasty little combination.
  14. Cena was kneeling down, wasn't he? Like how Nakamura's opponents are when he hits his knee strike. Either way, this was a wonderfully booked main event and I'm excited about WWE for the first time since MITB '11. This has been a fantastic month of wrestling, I picked a good month to get back into it.
  15. Yeah, I get that logic. And the crowd was already waning at that point to be fair.
  16. I find it interesting that Bryan did a bunch of bridges last night and there was that Davey Hart Smith YT video posted a while back saying that bridges were a no-no when he was with WWE. While I really liked the idea of debuting a new finisher to put away super Cena and the move gets instant credibility, the three count fell flat with the crowd and the group of people I watched with were all taken aback that what just happened actually transpired. Love the Boma Ye as a finish in WWE, though. I also agree with the notion that those two have a better match in them, hopefully after Bryan's done chasing the Orton/HHH faction at Mania, and Bryan isn't quite the underdog he was here. Somebody mentioned that Cena/Bryan must've been watching the G1, and I certainly concur. The slap exchange to kick off the final third of the match was playing up the stuff from Monday but also straight out of the modern Japanese formula.
  17. I thought Undertaker started to get good around the period of the Mankind feud. He became vulnerable and thus turned up the tempo of his attack.
  18. Heyman wanted the Hollywood Blonds but WCW wasn't willing to give them up (it was just before Spring Stampede '94 and they were both in title matches), so they sent down Bobby'n'Arn and it worked out well for them. The Funk and Anderson promos were golden, as you'd expect.
  19. I think Winger took most of the deadly bumps in the match. I couldn't get past this one:
  20. Question: Is the only thing differentiating the silly contracts early WCW wrestlers were getting in '88 (and late JCP days too) from the guaranteed contracts Hall and Nash got from WCW in '96 that the latter got paid regardless of whether they were injured or not? Because Ole Anderson sure makes them sound the same sort of deal. Guys weren't getting paid percentages of the house but had guaranteed moneys.
  21. That Awesome/Smith sui dive is one of the best spots I've ever seen. It looked like Awesome broke his back over the guardrail but Smith stated on his shoot (yeah, he did one) that it didn't hurt him at all.
  22. Norwich! Alpha Papa is proud. Sagna takes the late '90s All Japan style head drop.
  23. Give it a few years. They're working on the knee cappin' loan sharks at the moment.
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