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  1. How does that red-faced guy always get the same front row seat on every show?
  2. Flair vs Michaels at Blood Money 4 then.
  3. Page going over Savio Vega is going to help him more in the long run.
  4. One for the Bugenhagen fans...
  5. If he hates three man booths so much he could step down and let it be a two man booth...
  6. I'm kind of surprised there haven't been "We want Brexit/NO WE DON'T!" chants yet.
  7. I would hope because they're a tag team Vince will be able to tell them apart from Asuka, but...it's Vince. "Damn it, pal, didn't there used to be only one of her?"
  8. Any chance we get Meiko Satomura in the women's Rumble? Would certainly feel like a more credible threat than Kelly Kelly again.
  9. I think whoever loses the Sane/Baszler match is going to the main roster. What else would they have left to do in NXT?
  10. Why would you ever try to suplex Mark Andrews.
  11. Did they mic the crowd wrong or something for these latest two episodes? I can't believe they were THAT silent.
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