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  1. I liked the place NXT ran tonight. It's not as big as CFE arena and it's got great seats. I'd say they drew about 500 or so people tonight. They had 2 sections blocked off for the cameras and a bunch of empty seats around. They really should stay with Full sail cause at least they sell that place out. The ticket prices for tonight were insane. Cheapest was $23 and for floor seats it was $75. Screw that.
  2. American Dragon vs Jerry Lynn from Memphis Championship Wrestling July 2001
  3. This took place on Tuesday in a storage locker type building in Winter Park for Alex the pug Pourteau's Pro wrestling 2.0 promotion. So wild seeing WWN guys vs ROH guys and LU guys. Sami and Shane had been feuding for months over the title. I was at the show live and when they went into the crowd people were scattering. Fun match.
  4. So NXT is taping again in 3 weeks at UCF so this might change but it seems that the Takeover Orlando card top matches will be
  5. Rosemary/Jade was real good for a Monsters ball. Rosemary is nuts taking some of the moves that beat Abyss in similar matches. It's a shame that Gail Kim had to come out and try and steal the spotlight like she usually does in good knockouts matches that doesn't involve her. Rest of the show was ok. Lashley is so above everyone else in the company it's not even funny. The complete package. Hope he's done with Edwards now.
  6. Lana actually isn't too bad given how little experience she has. Very athletic and Kimber did a good job with her. I love Lana's NXT gimmick. It's basically "Rusev isn't here so i'm going to dance and shake hands with the fans while doing gymnastics". The show was pretty fun tonight in Orlando. It was my first NXT live event in a couple months and it has changed. It started with Gallagher vs Nesse. All NXT shows should start with Jack matches as he's so entertaining. My favorite match of the night was Tino and Riddick Moss vs Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford. It's nice that Dawkins found a gimmick that actually fits. Ford is the former Kenneth Crawford and he's improved a lot. Can't wait to see them make tv as I think they will be very over with the Full Sail crowd and then be very over with the traveling NXT shows. Main event was DIY/Shinsuke vs Blake/AoP. Johnny and Tomasso will have a time getting a good match out of AoP. I got faith in them so it should work.
  7. I think it's Mosco de la Merced as he jumped into the crowd just before the dive.
  8. They ran it cause the building they usually ran across the street was booked for the weekend. The guy that runs the night club also owns the building FIP ran. Wouldn't be bad during the summer but god it sucked during style battle.
  9. It was a squash. Also the crowd was just dead for that match but it took place after one of the best matches I've seen live in years so it makes sense. Ember/Liv wasn't bad either. They have good chemistry.
  10. I really enjoyed Moose/Bennett. Easily the best match of that style since they started the division. Bennett's new physique makes him look more powerful and I thought Moose looked good too. No Maria BS either. Rest of the show was awful. You would think with the new people in charge that they would start off with something exciting like maybe Lee vs Everett(even though they are partners) or a good tag match. instead, they have a shitty Eddie Edwards talking segment. I just can't take him seriously as champ. He's about as vanilla as Seth Rollins. The Spud match was just embarrassing and reeked of 2011 Hornswoggle vs Chavo feud. Spud carried that company on his back with ethan back in 2015 and this is what they do to him? When is his contract up? He should go the Andrews route. Broken Hardy's stuff was what it was. I'm probably the only guy on this board that can't stand the Allie angle so thought that segment sucked. Main event was technically alright but all that for a Davey Richards return. Blah. TNA was better in the summer of 2016 and now it seems to be going backwards.
  11. Based on tonight's tapings, the Takeover card looks to be
  12. That Nia Jax vs Asuka match was really great. Best Jax match ever as she was just throwing those headbutts to counter Asuka's strikes. The crowd was going nuts for it that it doesn't surprise me that the main was pretty quiet. Tag title match was good too. Can't wait to see Tajiri next week on 205 live. Nice to see Andrade bring the Sombra mask back and Tom was name dropping New Japan like crazy. Best NXT show in a while
  13. He didn't run in the ring. That was the aftermath of one of Studd's $1,000 bodyslam challenge.
  14. I'm surprised they kept in the AOP match. Just as brutal on tape as it was live. Feel bad for poor Anthony. I wonder if they air the tag title match next week during the clip show or not? Hope it airs as it was really good. I'm looking forward to asuka/Nikki more than most matches in NXT. That's going to be fun.
  15. Sasha/Charlotte was good I guess but I just don't care about it at all if that makes sense. The trading of the title that much is like the intercontinental title in 99. Charlotte is a good heel but she's so good I don't want to watch her matches. Tag title match was the best match. Cesaro/Sheamus make a hell of a team and hopefully this leads to a Big E singles run. Feel bad for Anderson and Gallows though. Either Kendrick or TJP need leave Raw. I hope it's Kendrick and he lands on Smackdown where he can be with Bryan. Just be interesting how the crowd reacts when guys like Tozawa and Metalik show up.
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