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  1. I find his anti-millennial gimmick to be even worse. I still watch PTI every day but it gets annoying at times. Not as annoying as Dan Le Batard's "I hate sports and won't watch it and just BS my way through" gimmick that he did last week on his radio show. Apparently, ESPN Radio is going to go through some changes and Bomani Jones's show is being canceled and possibly be replaced by Will Cain. That would be awful radio for sure. Between this, his tv show being postponed to a later date and the new social media policy, I wonder if ESPN is trying to get Bomani to quit. Would be a shame cause I like him.
  2. Chris Champion hitting Gary Valiant with a fireball. It was during a Jeff Daniels/Champion vs Shane eden/James storm match.
  3. That Last Luchadora match was awkward yet brutal. I'm guessing they were adding in chop noise or those were insanely loud. I saw cubs mention that the two spit on each other after the match and then Taya walked off. Surprised they didn't keep that in. Rest of the matches were alright. Havoc took some sick bumps in the main. Not terribly excited for the 2-hour finale. I hope this is the last Sexy Star match I ever see on tv but something tells me that's not going to happen.
  4. The piped in crowd head during the OVE match was hilarious. As the match was going on, the only person cheering was some Crist relative that goes to all the shows they are on. After the match, the head machine is turned on but no one in the crowd is moving. Think I'm going to stop watching this show till after BFG cause it's just so stale and bland. Crowd doesn't care and I can understand the wrestlers going through the motions cause they taped like 100 shows in 2 weeks. I hope when they move to Canada, they get some spark. Anything is better than these Universal shows.
  5. I enjoyed Marty vs Fenix. Fenix hit a vein it seems like and that match was somehow more bloody than Dante/Killshot. Not sure it was smart to have two matches with a heel licking the blood off the face of the babyface in a row.
  6. I thought they would come in and be with the Miz to take on the Shield. They could take out Bo and Axel. Miz with the AOP would be awesome. That Cocoa show last night was pretty good even though I missed the first 3 matches. Lio Rush faced Raul Mendoza, a fun Hideo vs Ohno match and the main event of Kairi/Ember vs Mandy Rose and Bianca Belair. I have no idea why mandy isn't on NXT tv. She's already better than Team Iconic.
  7. At tonight's NXT show in Tampa, a fan ran in the ring during an Undisputed Era vs Ohno and Heavy Machinery match and got kicked in the face by Kyle O'Reilly. I can't remember that ever happening at an NXT show before.
  8. Finally got power back this afternoon after losing it Sunday night. Luckily my place didn't get hit as bad as a couple miles down the road where it's flooded. it was hot as hell in the 90's all week which sucked. Lots of debris and trees down. Also a big gas and water/ice shortage here in Central Florida. I feel bad for people further down south that will take months to get back home.
  9. Some really good matches on this tapings. Especially Lars/oney, drew/Roddy, ohno/Fabian and dream/Lio. Lio getting the jazzy pop shocked the hell out of me. Still not sold on undisputed. Bobby fish is hilarious at ringside tho.
  10. We are supposed to get hurricane level winds Sunday night here in Orlando. No evacuations yet so i'm staying hunkered down hoping for the best. Things have gotten pretty nuts around here. Running out of gas and food, meteorologists basically saying we are going to die etc. They say this is worse than Charly which hit Orlando directly and I didn't have power for two weeks. Not good times.
  11. I liked the Johnny/Low Ki angle. Low Ki showed a lot of fire and that should be a good match. Rest of the show was real bad. I can't say i'm surprised that Jeff Jarrett tried to tie his drunk feud with La Parka into the Rosemary/Sexy Star thing. At least that's what they made it seem like. Just embarrassing. I know I shouldn't compare the women's match to the Mae Young Classic but it just looked so amateur hour. Even compared to the Sonya match from NXT. Is Allie's gimmick supposed to be that she's bad at wrestling?
  12. Main event was really good this week. I'm not the biggest Johnny fan but he adds a lot to the main event scene. Certainly better than Sydal and Eddie Edwards. Eli Drake is alright but going from feuding with bodybuilders from a POP show to world champion is very Jinder like. Ki/Storm was good too. Shocked that Ki won considering he's leaving. Rest of the show was crap. I just can't take the Lashley thing seriously when that Lambert guy can't stop smiling whenever he's on camera.
  13. Ember probably would have been the best to beat her. The Asuka thing was great live. I'm interested in how they air it because live they didn't mention the injury. Some other things from the tapings that I found interesting
  14. Gauntlet for the Gold was too damn long It had some good moments but most of it was crap. The "pop" for Johnny Impact was sad and it was even sadder that the announcers were saying it's a big surprise when they mentioned it last week at the end of tv. OVE looks so indie I can hardly take it seriously. Best thing about this show was the Taryn interview.
  15. I wonder if Cena is even coming back after this next stint? Not doing Cena/Roman at Mania and doing it at a random Raw PPV would be incredibly dumb, even for WWE. Braun/Lesnar I can see doing at No Mercy because you never know about Brock. Watching Jordan/Cass is just sad. Both guys were dead in the water in developmental until Enzo and Gable started teaming with them. Now, the same thing is happening on the main roster.
  16. Two steps forward and 4 steps back. That should be on the Impact tombstone when they lose the pop deal. It is good to see Taryn back because she's one of the few entertaining knockouts. Super X cup final was fun and the main was alright. Good to see the old man on America Top team laugh while Colby was choking out Hebner. As for the Cornette stuff, I can't even be mad anymore. It's classic impact. Hope they bring in Russo cause god knows this company needs another authority figure.
  17. That Garza/Laredo Kid tag match was really good. It's a shame no one in the crowd cared at all. In fact, most of the wrestling on this show was good but it was all in a vacuum. It's hard to care about next week's show which looks awesome on paper when everything is so stagnant. And knowing that next week, they are taping tv until October, it's not going to get any better. I get why they are doing it but it hurts the company I think. So sad that the top babyfaces of the knockouts division are Gail Kim and Karen Jarrett. I guess Rosemary would count but Sienna has beaten her multiple times that I just don't want to see that match again.
  18. I'm not surprised Bayley is getting booed. She started getting booed at Full Sail when she stayed on too long. They should have never given her the Raw women's title. At least wait a year or 2. Braun vs Roman was excellent. I can't wait for Braun vs Joe or Braun vs Miz.
  19. Sci was great. Especially Riddle/Miller and janela/Darby. The finals were insane and hopefully a lot of local guys get looks from the bigger promotions after this. I would be stunned if Gunner Miller is not in NXT in a year. He's got the HHH/roode look down good.
  20. Thought the show was pretty bad besides the women's match. It's sad that KM has to be out there for the women's match. The Alberto/LAX stuff is so tedious. Alberto beats Homicide in like a minute and homicide no sells it. The Grado stuff is bad and just what GFW needs, another comedy wrestlers in Richard Justice. I also liked them bringing in Buddy Dyer only for Josh to bury him on commentary.
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