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  1. I sorta respect the Elite for being so gung ho with the Dark Order push. Sure the fans won't like it but you gotta stick to your convictions sometimes. I'm guessing this is leading to Page being in the group which is alright. Jericho/Jungle Boy was awesome. Jericho played his role great and Jungle boy has potential. I think he needs to get away from Stunt and Luchasaurus tho to really get on the next level. The tag matches were good in ring but man I don't care about any of those guys to get emotionally invested in it. I think that's the side effect of watching so much wrestling during the week. Just get desensitized with these matches.
  2. That main event was clunky as hell and went on too long but I kinda enjoyed it. It was dangerous which these matches should be. It was way better than Corbin/Reigns which was awful and boring. I feel bad for Roman. Enjoyed Murphy/Black and new Day/Revival. Good to see the Dragon back.
  3. Highlights from the IWA Puerto Rico Bison Smith tribute show. Including : Savio Vega vs Slash Venom in a bullrope barbwire match Chicano vs Manny Ferno Face slapping contest with Chicky Starr Mr. Big vs Mikal Judas Monster Pain vs Electro.
  4. When did ROH go from airing multiple matches on tv to only airing one or two in full along with highlights of others? I remember back in the Destination America days they aired more. I thought this week's episode was good with Black/Bateman and Shane Taylor's match. The video packages for the ppv almost made me want to see the ppv. Rush vs PCO sounds interesting.
  5. Sunday's WWC tv featuring Gigante Nihan and La Potencia vs Doom Patrol and Pedro Portillo and Gran Armando vs Zion RTI with El Wizard 20 feel above the ring in a cherry picker
  6. I wonder if this is how they bring back John Morrison? A feud with Adam cole would be on brand for NXT.
  7. Tim Evans


    Lio Rush has really stepped it up for this show. Last week's match with Raul Mendoza and this week's tag match vs Nese and Davari were both pretty good. The addition of Swerve,Garza and Mendoza have helped a lot too. With Oney and Kendrick gone, I'm guessing they will add more NXT people. Also, going from last week's show in Full sail to this week back on the road really makes me wish they go back to Full sail. I thought it worked well.
  8. This weeks WWL tv featured a really good Mike Mendoza vs Angel Fashion match. I've been a Mendoza fan since his WWC run with Cuervo and Fashion is always decent at least. Also included is a Black Rose vs Nancy match.
  9. Yeah fatu vs maff wasn't great but I'm glad it happened now that maff is in roh and done with usa pro. That Blanco match was rough. You should have seen him vs Manny Fernandez about a year ago.
  10. You misaed the jaka 4 way match which might have been the best of the night. Also missed the headbangers who really havent aged at all. That show was long and sad. Justin credible bleeding and no one caring then crying when Shane did his usual intro for candido and bam bam 4 hours into the show was sad. Maff vs Jacob fatu was a nice surprise. I left during the main cause a 5 hour 15 match show with no intermission is too much.
  11. ROH now airs in Orlando on the former Sunshine Network. Brings me back to the late 90's early 2000s of wrestling on late night on Fridays. Watching this week's show and it's just sad. Mostly clips from the Glory by Honor and one full match PCO/Marty. The little crowd that is there seemed dead for most of the show but got hot for the finish. The money must be really really good for guys to resign here. Also, Is Quinn Mckay supposed to be a parody of the women backstage announcers in WWE or is she really that bad? I'll give her credit that she's not as wooden just awkward.
  12. On Saturday I will be going to the USA Pro show in Orlando. It's opposite the MLW show that @Edwin is going to. Although, I think that show starts earlier. Anyways, I"m mostly going to see Haku vs Dan Maff in a tag match, Vordell Walker vs Chris Dickinson and Shane Douglas vs Justin Credible in 2019.
  13. You didn't miss much. There were nice moments in both battle royals but both were way too long. I enjoyed the Panda, RHHEa, Matt Riddle and Chica garcia forming a tag team to beat down the other women, Two Dexter Lumus's and my favorite REEDkishi. It was Thursday night where i started to think that Bronson Reed has the most potential out of anyone in NXT right now. Dude is great. So is Keith Lee who had a very good match with Austin Theory.
  14. Does xplosion actually air anywhere? They ahould have done the tessa title win at BFG but at least it looks like they will sooner than later.
  15. But i thought all the kids were watching AEW? Shorty G is a stupid name sure but so is Big E. He made it work and Gable is so good I think he can too. Just needs to drop that Dawkins circa 2013 outfit.
  16. Saturdays WWC tv featuring Chicano vs Xivant in a cage match and Primo vs Epico with Carlito as special ref Elektro vs Mr. Big vs Mikal Judas of NWA Anarchy fame for the IWA world title.
  17. Since I was at NXT last night, I missed the show live so I watched it on DVR. Overall, I enjoyed it. I loved the look of the show as the whole production was very professional. I really enjoyed seeing a clearly motivated Tony Schivonie with Excalibur. Compare that to his MLW stuff and it's like night and day. Even JR was fine for the night. Riho/Nyla was pretty good. First time seeing Nyla and she has potential. She reminded me of what Nia Jax should have been booked like. Riho was great as the underdog. The six man was good with advancing the story. It got me excited to see Mox vs Omega. LAX looked like they belong with the Bucks. Nice to see Dustin back. Only part of the show I didn't like was most of the first hour. Cody vs Sammy was pretty pedestrian for a first match of a new promotion's tv. Of course, Brandi had to get involved in some way. I hope she doesn't go the Stephanie route but I have a feeling she will. MJF/Cutler was ok I guess. The stuff with Kevin Smith and Jack Evans was embarrassing. WWE gets rightfully bashed when they do something like that so AEW should to. I thought PAC/Hangman was bad. Bastard Pac is an awful character and I don't think I will ever get the Hangman hype. He might be better as a heel.
  18. That Finn return live was absolutely crazy. Its years since I heard that building that loud. Great show. Cole/riddle and io vs Mia ruled. Shayna winning was awful. So ready for her to get called up already.
  19. This show ruled. Tessa vs Big Swole was really good and I now get the hype with Tessa. She might be the best woman wrestler around today. The complete package. First time seeing Erick Stevens and he was really impressive vs Saieve Al Sabah. Yehi vs Effy was different but a fun match.
  20. TNT(Savio Vega) vs Manny Fierno from IWA Puerto Rico in a Globo de La Muerte match. Basically a match held inside a steel globe. Savio gets fucked up bad in this
  21. I went to the NXT live event in Orlando tonight. Pretty basic show with the tv talent on the road. Best match of the show was probably Dakota/Tegan vs Deonna/Chelsea or Io vs Santana Garrett. Forgotten Sons played patriotic babyfaces against 3.0 and Cutler got the main event win vs Aichner, Fandango and Singh in a fatal four way match. The show also featured all women referees. I can't remember ever seeing that happen at a wrestling event.
  22. A rival promotion books Manny in town. Show was fun. Invader didn't do much and got beat down by Savio. They didn't even use the casket which was a bummer. Psycho Clown vs Carlito was very entertaining. Psycho worked rudo since the puerto rican crowd couldn't stand him. He's awesome to watch live.
  23. I'm going to Lucha conquest V tomorrow night in Kissimmee at the Livestock pavillion. The main event is Carlito vs Psycho Clown. Also Texano vs Mecha Wolf which should be a good match. The match the show has been built around is Savio Vega and Noriega vs Boricua Guerrero and 75 year old Invader 1. I think it's Invader's first match on the mainland since the early 80's. It's probably not a good idea to book him since last time he could hardly get in the ring. All I know is the money mark behind the promotion must be a fan and they seem to building to a casket match.
  24. Yeah nerd street shows are usually good. Check out the treehouse lee vs saieve al sabah and saieve vs curt stallion matches from the last two shows. Tessa is facing big swole Ariel Monroe on the next show.
  25. Chicano vs Xivant and Orlando "Epico" Colon vs Eli Drake from WWC tv.
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