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  1. Really enjoyed the main event. Nice to see Low ki on tv and Dezmond Xavier is always good. Storm/Lashley was good till the finish. Both matches were hurt a lot by Josh Matthews returning and feuding with Borash. I love that they couldn't even wait a week for Josh to come back and do nothing about it. Way to honor the stips, Jeff.
  2. This got overblown like usual Full Sail stuff. It was only a few people and like one match. I really enjoyed tonight's tapings. It was the first time in a long time that felt like new characters were being made and things were progressing forward. Here is the Takeover Chicago card so far:
  3. I missed the first match but I'm sure I didn't miss much. Rosemary/Santana was good and it was nice to see Kongo Kong on tv even though no one cared. Rest of the show was ruined by the Josh/Borash bickering show. I don't know what Impact was thinking doing that feud. It just makes the show unwatchable and does nothing for the talent. Josh is awful in every way and Borash isn't much better. I get that Borash is loyal but he just reminds me too much of the old TNA and is proof things will never change. Impact has good talent but none of them matter above Bruce, the Jarretts, Dutch or even Borash. It's sad to see guys like Dezmond Xavier going to Impact and knowing they will get stuck in the constant X-division multiman matches that are designed only to get over Shane Helms.
  4. The outta time ending would have been good if A' the Impact website wasn't shit and B. this wasn't taped a month ago. I'm glad this announcers feud BS is ending soon cause they were god awful tonight. That women's battle royal was bad enough but then Josh has to get that dig in on Ava. Davey/Eddie was pretty good and I liked the Kingston promo on Storm. I expect him to transform LAX to Blkout when Konnan eventually gets fired.
  5. Everyone must watch dijak vs Keith Lee. Just an amazing match. How ROH let both those guys will never not amaze me but thanks for letting me see them. Janela show was just incredible. Probably won't translatete to tape but live it's my fav show ever. Severn vs Riddle was legit good. Glacier vs page will not be topped this weekend
  6. Qt is also on NXT TV this week vs heavy machinery
  7. That ODB/Rebel match with Earl Hebner kissing both women was really bad. I can't believe they actually aired in in 2017. Imagine the shit fit this board and twitter would be having if it happened in WWE. Rest of the show was pretty boring. I want to like the new LAX but Impact gives me no reason why I should. The character development for these new characters on Impact is really bad.
  8. They miced the crowd pretty poorly especially during TJP/Shinsuke and Roode/Ohno. However, the crowd was pretty dead for Sanity segments/matches. If Asuka is beating Ember at takeover, I hope she faces Ruby Riot at least once. I think Ruby has more potential than Ember and I like Ember but she's just not as over as she should be.
  9. The commentary was so bad during the knockouts match that I felt embarrassed watching it. Poor Rachel and Sienna. They were doing a ok job but it's all over shadowed by Josh and Borash doing a horrible Cole/Lawler impersonation. Josh is really bad but Borash is not much better. They need Tenay and Don West back. However, the worst segment was the Dutch mantell promo. Way to kill your company by kissing WWE's ass for 5 minutes, Dutch. Why did they air that? It almost feels like they are pushing to get on WWE network. Rest of the show was just sad. Who are Reno Scum and why are they holding some fake tag titles? X division match was fine but meant nothing. Bet Caleb wishes he was back in WWN fulltime.
  10. They are taping the Wednesday after mania. That is sold out and the one a few weeks later isn't. It's stupid to do tapings so close together but whatever.
  11. Chicano vs El Cuervo. Chicano is the one with the fire.
  12. I liked the place NXT ran tonight. It's not as big as CFE arena and it's got great seats. I'd say they drew about 500 or so people tonight. They had 2 sections blocked off for the cameras and a bunch of empty seats around. They really should stay with Full sail cause at least they sell that place out. The ticket prices for tonight were insane. Cheapest was $23 and for floor seats it was $75. Screw that.
  13. American Dragon vs Jerry Lynn from Memphis Championship Wrestling July 2001
  14. This took place on Tuesday in a storage locker type building in Winter Park for Alex the pug Pourteau's Pro wrestling 2.0 promotion. So wild seeing WWN guys vs ROH guys and LU guys. Sami and Shane had been feuding for months over the title. I was at the show live and when they went into the crowd people were scattering. Fun match.
  15. So NXT is taping again in 3 weeks at UCF so this might change but it seems that the Takeover Orlando card top matches will be
  16. Rosemary/Jade was real good for a Monsters ball. Rosemary is nuts taking some of the moves that beat Abyss in similar matches. It's a shame that Gail Kim had to come out and try and steal the spotlight like she usually does in good knockouts matches that doesn't involve her. Rest of the show was ok. Lashley is so above everyone else in the company it's not even funny. The complete package. Hope he's done with Edwards now.
  17. Lana actually isn't too bad given how little experience she has. Very athletic and Kimber did a good job with her. I love Lana's NXT gimmick. It's basically "Rusev isn't here so i'm going to dance and shake hands with the fans while doing gymnastics". The show was pretty fun tonight in Orlando. It was my first NXT live event in a couple months and it has changed. It started with Gallagher vs Nesse. All NXT shows should start with Jack matches as he's so entertaining. My favorite match of the night was Tino and Riddick Moss vs Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford. It's nice that Dawkins found a gimmick that actually fits. Ford is the former Kenneth Crawford and he's improved a lot. Can't wait to see them make tv as I think they will be very over with the Full Sail crowd and then be very over with the traveling NXT shows. Main event was DIY/Shinsuke vs Blake/AoP. Johnny and Tomasso will have a time getting a good match out of AoP. I got faith in them so it should work.
  18. I think it's Mosco de la Merced as he jumped into the crowd just before the dive.
  19. They ran it cause the building they usually ran across the street was booked for the weekend. The guy that runs the night club also owns the building FIP ran. Wouldn't be bad during the summer but god it sucked during style battle.
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