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  1. Actually the guy was knocked out and apparently never wrestled again
  2. Moose/Lashley was a pretty good match. Lashley looks like he's back to 2015-2016 form but I'm guessing he loses to Alberto at the ppv. It hurts to say as I like both of them but the knockouts match was bad. Impact doesn't need two women characters that don't know how to wrestle. It made Rosemary look really weak winning with a roll up. The Indian crowd looked impressive but you could care they didn't give a shit unless the guy at ringside told them to react. Also, there is no reason Bruce Prichard has to appear 3 times on the show in under 30 minutes.
  3. What is it with the announcing and totally burying the new knockouts coming in? First it was Rachel Ellering and now Amber Nova. Josh did the trifecta and not only bashed Amber but Allie too. Just took me out of the match. Why should I care about the match if they both are treated like jokes before the match even starts? Speaking of jokes, I don't get the Swoggle/Spud feud. it feels like one of those feuds a writer would book on Raw just to amuse Vince. Main event was good as was the X Division match.
  4. Probably the colons and wwc. But they have it in their contract that they can work a couple wwc shows a year. Doubt dar has that
  5. Some notes from tonights tapings. If you hate the "2... sweet" thing, I wouldn't watch these shows
  6. It did sell out but scalpers bought most of the tickets and couldn't sell them on the second market. Now, NXT/Full sail has a 4 ticket maximum sale so it makes it harder to do that.
  7. NXT tickets haven't been going that fast. In fact, there are still tickets on sale for the June tapings. However, since this is a special tourney, They will probably sell out pretty fast. Plus I'm not sure if they are selling them after NXT tomorrow or not.
  8. Dasha is on Smackdown. I think she does some backstage stuff at NXT along with Kayla now that Andrea is gone. Someone has a type indeed. The interesting thing about this tournament is WWN is running a women's tourney the same night as this one. I'm guessing that will be filled with Impact knockouts like Sienna and Laurel. Should be interesting who chooses what tournament.
  9. Not an awful show tonight. Main event was good but I feel like they just brought in Magnus to drop the title. He just doesn't fit in Impact. I feel bad for Eddie Edwards cause he never gets the upper hand on Davey and Angelina. It's getting ridiculous. Speaking of ridiculous, the LAX/VOW feud is going to be that. How can anyone take LAX seriously against such monsters like VOW? They look like Mascarita dorada compared to them. Nice to see Marshe Rockett out of the X division hell.
  10. Why would he do that? If anything, he encourages it. At least ring announcer does. I'm sad they cut out most of Tino's entrance. He got more heel heat since the time Sawyer Fulton pinned Kota Ibushi.
  11. That is from Memphis championship wrestling from October 2000. I gotta find the clip of American dragon at the Memphis fair.
  12. This felt like a very GFW type show. Morgan/Magnus was worked so slow it felt like a 1980's WWF house show match. Liked Kongo Kong destroying some poor 100 pound guy and Edwards/sydal. Rest ranged from blah to god awful(that KM segment was up there with one of the worst segments in TNA this year). Matthews continues to be god awful on commentary.
  13. Went to NXT Orlando live event tonight. Since most of the tv roster was in Southaven and others were in Dubai, it was a skeleton roster with the main event being Riddick Moss vs Kassius Ohno. Moss took most of the match with Ohno getting the wins after some miscues with moss and Tino. Best match of the night. however, was Oney Lorcan vs Adrian Jaodue. Adrian is a Brazilian guy who actually isn't bad. He hanged with Oney on the mat pretty well. .Lana wrestled Sara Bridges. Lana has potential but man, she's gonna bomb on the main roster unless Rusev is with her. They also got a guy in NXT named Babatunde Aiyegbusi who makes Braun look like Ellsworth. If he is even decent, he's gonna make a lot of money on the main roster. Decent show to see guys that don't make tv like Buddy Murphy who should be on the main roster right now.
  14. Well at least this show didn't feature non stop Josh/borash bullshit. I enjoyed Lee/Sydal although I thought they would make sydal's debut bigger. Really don't want to see another xenophobic LAX vs military American dudes feud but VOW has potential. Speaking of LAX, it was kinda sad how little heat there was for the main event. I enjoyed it though. Rosemary took a vicious german from Diamante. Does anyone know what tag titles Fallah and Mario are holding? I don't think it's the GFW tag titles.
  15. The time the American Dragon Bryan Danielson went to the University of Alabama football field And gets attacked by Tracy Smothers
  16. Anyone watching Brockmire on IFC? Thought I would give it a shot after seeing Hank Azaria on ESPN. It's pretty funny so far with Hank playing a former big time baseball announcer who becomes a drunk and disappears to the minors. I like Hank's chemistry with Amanda Peet who still looks great after all these years.
  17. Really enjoyed the main event. Nice to see Low ki on tv and Dezmond Xavier is always good. Storm/Lashley was good till the finish. Both matches were hurt a lot by Josh Matthews returning and feuding with Borash. I love that they couldn't even wait a week for Josh to come back and do nothing about it. Way to honor the stips, Jeff.
  18. This got overblown like usual Full Sail stuff. It was only a few people and like one match. I really enjoyed tonight's tapings. It was the first time in a long time that felt like new characters were being made and things were progressing forward. Here is the Takeover Chicago card so far:
  19. I missed the first match but I'm sure I didn't miss much. Rosemary/Santana was good and it was nice to see Kongo Kong on tv even though no one cared. Rest of the show was ruined by the Josh/Borash bickering show. I don't know what Impact was thinking doing that feud. It just makes the show unwatchable and does nothing for the talent. Josh is awful in every way and Borash isn't much better. I get that Borash is loyal but he just reminds me too much of the old TNA and is proof things will never change. Impact has good talent but none of them matter above Bruce, the Jarretts, Dutch or even Borash. It's sad to see guys like Dezmond Xavier going to Impact and knowing they will get stuck in the constant X-division multiman matches that are designed only to get over Shane Helms.
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