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  1. Saturdays WWC tv featuring Chicano vs Xivant in a cage match and Primo vs Epico with Carlito as special ref Elektro vs Mr. Big vs Mikal Judas of NWA Anarchy fame for the IWA world title.
  2. Since I was at NXT last night, I missed the show live so I watched it on DVR. Overall, I enjoyed it. I loved the look of the show as the whole production was very professional. I really enjoyed seeing a clearly motivated Tony Schivonie with Excalibur. Compare that to his MLW stuff and it's like night and day. Even JR was fine for the night. Riho/Nyla was pretty good. First time seeing Nyla and she has potential. She reminded me of what Nia Jax should have been booked like. Riho was great as the underdog. The six man was good with advancing the story. It got me excited to see Mox vs Omega. LAX looked like they belong with the Bucks. Nice to see Dustin back. Only part of the show I didn't like was most of the first hour. Cody vs Sammy was pretty pedestrian for a first match of a new promotion's tv. Of course, Brandi had to get involved in some way. I hope she doesn't go the Stephanie route but I have a feeling she will. MJF/Cutler was ok I guess. The stuff with Kevin Smith and Jack Evans was embarrassing. WWE gets rightfully bashed when they do something like that so AEW should to. I thought PAC/Hangman was bad. Bastard Pac is an awful character and I don't think I will ever get the Hangman hype. He might be better as a heel.
  3. That Finn return live was absolutely crazy. Its years since I heard that building that loud. Great show. Cole/riddle and io vs Mia ruled. Shayna winning was awful. So ready for her to get called up already.
  4. This show ruled. Tessa vs Big Swole was really good and I now get the hype with Tessa. She might be the best woman wrestler around today. The complete package. First time seeing Erick Stevens and he was really impressive vs Saieve Al Sabah. Yehi vs Effy was different but a fun match.
  5. TNT(Savio Vega) vs Manny Fierno from IWA Puerto Rico in a Globo de La Muerte match. Basically a match held inside a steel globe. Savio gets fucked up bad in this
  6. I went to the NXT live event in Orlando tonight. Pretty basic show with the tv talent on the road. Best match of the show was probably Dakota/Tegan vs Deonna/Chelsea or Io vs Santana Garrett. Forgotten Sons played patriotic babyfaces against 3.0 and Cutler got the main event win vs Aichner, Fandango and Singh in a fatal four way match. The show also featured all women referees. I can't remember ever seeing that happen at a wrestling event.
  7. A rival promotion books Manny in town. Show was fun. Invader didn't do much and got beat down by Savio. They didn't even use the casket which was a bummer. Psycho Clown vs Carlito was very entertaining. Psycho worked rudo since the puerto rican crowd couldn't stand him. He's awesome to watch live.
  8. I'm going to Lucha conquest V tomorrow night in Kissimmee at the Livestock pavillion. The main event is Carlito vs Psycho Clown. Also Texano vs Mecha Wolf which should be a good match. The match the show has been built around is Savio Vega and Noriega vs Boricua Guerrero and 75 year old Invader 1. I think it's Invader's first match on the mainland since the early 80's. It's probably not a good idea to book him since last time he could hardly get in the ring. All I know is the money mark behind the promotion must be a fan and they seem to building to a casket match.
  9. Yeah nerd street shows are usually good. Check out the treehouse lee vs saieve al sabah and saieve vs curt stallion matches from the last two shows. Tessa is facing big swole Ariel Monroe on the next show.
  10. Chicano vs Xivant and Orlando "Epico" Colon vs Eli Drake from WWC tv.
  11. Saturday's WWC tv. Featuring Primo vs Gilbert and Doom Patrol( COLD and Death Warrant) vs Freedom clan( 2 guys from Santino's school in Canada). Also more build to the Primo vs Epico feud.
  12. So tonight on TNT, they aired a special on All Out going over the main matches. Mostly Cody/Spears and Hangman/Jericho. I have only seen like one AEW match so I'm not that plugged into the angles and stuff. I thought they did a great job on Cody vs Spears. The Spears interview with JR was really good. I had my doubts after the chair shot that they could tell the story but I was wrong and they hit a home run with the backstory. And it's great that Tully Blanchard will be on tv in 2019. I thought the Hangman stuff was pretty laughable. I know people here hate Seth Rollins but I sensed a lot of similarities between the two. Hangman's interview was very Seth like and just sounded fake. I'm guessing he's winning the title which I guess is better than Omega winning it. Speaking of Omega, I thought out of all the executive vice presidents, he sounded the best and most professional. I"m sad that he vs Mox isn't happening because they did a decent job building to that. The bucks looked the opposite of professional and looked like little kids that found money to run a promotion. Overall, I think they did a good job building to the ppv but I'll wait till the tv starts to watch the company.
  13. Abdullah the Butcher(wearing the Big Gold Belt and a babyface) vs Big Hages aka Emory Hale managed by Jimmy Hart from Septiembre Negro 2001. This was during the WWC vs XWF feud.
  14. This week's WWC tv started airing matches from last weekend's Anniversaro 2019 3 night event. First up is Orlando "Epico" Colon and Carlito vs Eli Drake and Precious One Gilbert
  15. Gargano going from feuding with Cole to feuding with Shane Thorne is a big step down. I guess it's to prepare for him feuding with Davari on 205. I didn't go to the tapings but it looks like I didn't miss much. Way too much Shayna for my liking. Rhea/Shayna is at least a fresh match.
  16. The Scenic City Intervational is next Friday and saturday in Chattanooga. The field this year is pretty good mix of local guys and bigger names:
  17. Dominick Dijakovic returned to NXT tonight at the Cocoa Beach house show. He looked good. I wonder if they are going to continue his feud with Keith Lee. Although, the announcer mentioned Lee was angry at the Breakout tourney guys so who knows? The Cocoa show was fun with a really good Dream/Roddy match.I also finally saw the Robert Stone Outliers gimmick after hearing about it for months. If that's not a Tony Khan parody gimmick, I don't know what is. It's hilarious though. He's got the look down.
  18. I really enjoyed Shotzi vs Brandi. They actually fought like it was a street fight and that dive by shotzi was nuts. I used to see Brandi on local indie shows here and she's gotten better. She was easily the best part of the Briggs vs Green match. I just don't see what the big deal is about Briggs except for his height. Rest of the show was good. I truly hope Kingston gets signed after the year is over. He's so good on the mic and could help the green guys in NXT out alot. Like Babatunde. Gulak/Riddle and Cole/Tozawa delivered. The Heyman cameo actually surprised me.
  19. Here's Primo and Epico teaming up in WWC from last month vs Mighty Ursus and Pedro Portillo III
  20. The incident i'm thinking of is some trainee getting injured and Goodman having to move to Florida till the heat died down. They are back in New York in August with the Rock N roll express. Fun show tonight. They drew a big crowd that started to leave after the 3rd hour. It started at 7:30 and didn't end till 11:30 with no intermission. Classic Goodman. They had some no shows(James Storm, Manny Fernandez) so they switched the card around. My favorite match was Teddy Hart vs Ricky Martinez. Hardly anyone knew who Teddy was but he won over the crowd at the end. Shane Douglas wrestled and didn't look too bad. Got weird when he started announcing the Triple threat and mentioned Chris Benoit. Scott Steiner was also there and he's sad to watch. Can barely walk. Vordell/Maff wasn't bad but the finish was disappointing. They went outside in the pitch black and it ended with Maff getting locked in a trunk and driven off by Bruce Santee.
  21. Yes except they don't use ticket sellers anymore since the incident in New York. Now they just use Pablo Marquez's students to sit in the back and heckle guys and start chants.
  22. With AEW running Daytona beach tomorrow night, Frank Goodman is having a show in Orlando under the USA Pro banner. It's headlined by Teddy Hart vs Harry Smith along with guys like Scott Steiner, Shane Douglas, Jack Swagger, and a bunch of other guys. I'll be at the show and its mostly sold out. The match I'm most looking forward to is the DVDVR offer match: Vordell Walker vs Dan Maff.
  23. Putting Charlotte in the main event of mania instead of doing Becky vs Ronda should have given you that idea.
  24. This might be one of the best themes for a mediocre wrestler ever:
  25. If you ever wanted to see Jon Moxley doing a New Zealand Militia gimmick in Puerto Rico in 2007, this is for you: Also here's Ray Gonzalez vs Doink The clown from Aniversario 1993 in WWC. I beileve Doink is Steve Keirn here:
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