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  1. How pathetic that they couldn't get enough clearance to put tiny Spike through the table. I don't know if they are pathetic because they didn't get the clearance or if it is just idiotic to try to throw him that far in the first damn place. With that said, one of my guiltiest wrestling pleasures is the Mike Awesome vs. Spike Dudley title fight when Awesome essentially just threw him around like a rag doll the entire match. Spike said in a shoot interview they practiced this spot for two hours before the show and was insanely pissed they still managed to screw it up.
  2. Man, I had no idea Obama had so much ink. Obama meets 90s Scott Steiner.
  3. I cannot like this post enough as dorky as it makes me to admit it. A couple wins over some tanks like Sheamus or Barrett could have him main eventing on Superstars in no time.
  4. Fixed. Sandman's lips are turning blue daddy. Looks like he did the last time I saw him on one of those worlds whackiest video shows completely trashing someone's wedding while attempting to sing from atop a table.
  5. It wouldn't surprise me if Triple H gave the okay for the VKM stuff too. It seems awfully weird that they'd patch things up so quickly. Or no one watches TNA.
  6. Who's the guy with Foley? Its the lost Wyatt and Eric Young if he shaved.
  7. Tna's suicide prevention phone number is actually a direct number to the WWE performance center? Explains James Storm 100%.
  8. According to Bret on the law, The DVD is going to be complete bullshit because of Martha's meddling.
  9. Take in to account the story about the Bella's blackballing Maria for spreading the story about the Bella twins night in the Jacuzzi with one Mr. Johnny Ace during their initial run and this picture...well I don't really have words or anything really just...wow.
  10. He belts out Roxanne when he hits the inverted ddt.
  11. You mean that shirt wasn't WWE's way of showing the subtle bonds between Bradshaw and Faarooq? I always pictured JBL and Ron Simmons as gay lovers who opened up a protection agency and because they're so close it's okay to share the profits by spending their money on beer and cigars. The cigars are for their oral fixations with a phallic object. Damn.
  12. Like any other similar problem ever they won't do anything about it till someone that they think matters points it out.
  13. So fans paying to give their booking ideas to Al Snow?
  14. Now I have go back to the collective at lunch and come up with parody lyrics set to Arab Money.... The only Black billionaire of note is Dr. Dre so I call bullshit on this. "Say what?" Black billionaire guy... My bad for the omission. You can clearly tell by the shade of Oprah's skin that she's not 100% black, she's got some european in there. You are the winner of all that their is to win sir.
  15. Anyone else see the women's portion of the preshow? Two losers in the crowd chanting "Sasha's ugly" after she finishes talking and then just before it ends one man musters a "No she's not". I knows she's a heel and all but im still a bit confused by it.
  16. So Undertaker gets his revenge at SS and it leads to something post match setting up Sting/Taker at Mania? One can dream. Enjoyed cena/Owens but whoever said they needed to have a brawl I agree but woulda took the involvement of a table or anything to keep it from what it was which was basically every pro wrestling move ever leading to the finish.
  17. He got rid of the singlet after Chris Jericho, who is the last person you ever want to take fashion advice from, said it looked terrible when they were a tag team. Him coming out looking like a bald roadblock is suppose to better in Jericho's mind.
  18. He has been pretty good in Lucha Underground and his pre Pepe days in Wcw were good in my memories of them.
  19. For a second I thought this was something I missed on LU.
  20. That caption might have fit if it was one of the writers in the picture or Vince.
  21. Billion likes to this. I'd have actually bought Karen's acting if she didn't do almost the same thing although it went more like- Gfw future tna rear view Sonjay Dutt Tna rearview gfw future king of the mountain tna rearview gfw future. If AJ styles came in next week and put himself in the match all while just talking about RoH, New Japan and the Bullet Club for an entire promo I would not be surprised at this point. Also can't wait for MVP to just retire.So bitter now.
  22. Not really. From accounts like the "what a gay bitch!" story and just hearing about how he came up, the guy more than likely had some pretty bad issues before you factor in the concussions. I'm no Sidney M. Basil but he always struck me as a short, angry nutcase. Did the concussions and brain damage push him over the edge? Sure, but he was already partway there IMO. Mostly this though I never heard that "story". All the steroid nonsense at the time and the fact that Benoit was at one time the biggest wrestling internet darling ever had a lot of people looking for an out for their hero and concussions became that.
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