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  1. Brawl for All 2: The Quickening Except there should never even been one.
  2. WWE killing the vibe on a good thing is their booking in a nutshell. On a unmentioned note, I really enjoyed Gargano winning the NXT title from Cole at Takeover. Also Homicide beating Bryan Danielson/Daniel Bryan. Christian beating Jarrett in TNA/Impact was a great moment.
  3. https://youtu.be/UOt6kIMCRJc I'm marking out, bro!
  4. This is all I think of when I hear Davey Richards.
  5. This ends bad. MLB won't cancel until it has no other choice.
  6. It's been a while since we had the throw your opponent in the river/lake/ocean stipulation.
  7. Scrap the season before players and coaches start dying. State of Texas had 1000 deaths in 6 days. Mannfred is going to kill the sport figuratively and literally.
  8. At least the piped in cheers aren't too distracting. I thought going into it that it would be fake and jarring.
  9. My coworker just told me about that Jim Leyland clip, it's great. This is going to be a weird season because the Tigers currently have a winning record and I feel the need to mention it before we blow it.
  10. Enjoyed EVIL-Hiromu, I actually thought for a second Hiromu might pull it off. Those near falls were great. Shingo-Desperado was my match of the night though. NO MORE BELTS. The current set up of IWGP/IC duo title, NEVER openweight, jr championship, iwgp tag championship, Jr tag championship, never openweight trio championship and the pointless iwgp us title. That alone is a lot.
  11. It has felt like WWE is in a holding pattern since the pandemic shut everything down but this is also a slight reckoning for their booking style. They've had no competition and floundered. Slammiversary felt like a far bigger deal this weekend and Impact is a shadow of what it was. These finishes are so bad, especially back to back.
  12. This was okay, so many odd finishes. Apollo didn't pass his "physicsl", okay WWE. I'm gonna get that eye, Rey! I did buy that Dolph would literally need all those stips to somewhat level things to where he could wrestle Drew 1 on 1, so props.
  13. Kinda glad there wasn't a crowd, Rich Swann would have got a mixed response. Really shouldn't have shown him earlier. Felt flat for a return. Curious how Bound for Glory pans out now.
  14. Show was good not great. Best match to me was probably the main event. Several somewhat unexpected results to me. Loved Ethan Page using the absence of a audience to shit talk. Would have liked Callihan and him bantering more. Sloppy production hurt the show at times and my stream died right before
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