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  1. Look, I don't think you know what sideburns are...
  2. Is no one going to mention the fact that this board banned CM Punk?
  3. I made the terrible, awful decision to download Nextdoor. 2 months I've learned my neighbors are all super racist. So I deleted it. In fact I should probably delete all social media and rely on this board for all my news.
  4. I have to ask though, will cinematic matches go away whenever live crowds can return? Or will wrestlers like Undertaker who can't work a in ring match be doing those? It is hard to compare cinematic matches to normal matches as well. Edge-Orton could re shoot a spot or exchange as needed. How then do you compare?
  5. My issue is matches like Wyatt-Cena are more vignettes than a match. I'm fine with a cinematic match like Shamrock-Callihan where they'd do something similar with a crowd. Viking Raiders-Street Profits is how I feel most come across as. This will be debated for decades with fans though.
  6. I would tend to discount any cinematic matches because I feel they tend to be more Looney Tunes-esque. I'm re-subscribing to NJPW World to watch some of their stuff too. I think this year has actually produced some good matches around the wrestling world, getting forced to work with all these restrictions I feel has made some get very creative. Was Fujita-Shiozaki the one where they stood in the ring for 20 minutes?
  7. Since we are more than halfway through the year, what are on people's shortlist for best matches this year? Props to @The Naturalfor his WWE match of the year list, used it to catch up on the year on their side of things.
  8. Wait a minute, are you really saying that I’m not a Twitter user? You’re saying that I’m not good enough, aren’t you?
  9. I always liked Magnum because no one can find the entrance and I can ride it five times in 15 minutes.
  10. I don't blame them for turning her down. She really screwed up her major push with all the twitter drama/allegations. She isn't worth the money, she isn't going to draw people in for one show.
  11. Yeah, that seems like a terrible terrible idea. I believe it.
  12. Thought oc should have won that one. Besides the 8 man tag the show was just there for me.
  13. I've been binge watching Impact, I really have enjoyed their show a lot more than AEW and WWE during this. Thinking I'll get Slammiversary. If it's Super Eric returning to challenge Moose then I'm fine with it. He can revert to Eric Young right after. I'm hoping it's EC3 in the main event.
  14. @The Man Known as Dan, I peeked at the best of the 80s subforum for your match. I looked through best of 80s lucha and figured, who am I to doubt El Dandy?
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