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  1. The stream wouldn't work on my laptop or ps4, only on my phone. Weird lag and out of sync audio all night. Show was okay, nothing felt super important to me though. I feel like we're in the same spot as we were 4 months ago story wise.
  2. How many stars would you give the matches on the bachelorette? Did they do too many dives and other such outlaw bullshit?
  3. I'll reserve my predictions until we reach the A and B block finals. I don't think Moxley is beating Yano or White though. Him beating Yano eliminates so many people from winning really early.
  4. Trying to lose weight so only time I drink is if visiting friends of which I have few. So, rarely. Miss a cool IPA though.
  5. I need the Samoan Summit to descend into the Samoan version of the Championship Ascension Ceremony on Raw back in 2013.
  6. He needs a mustache painted lazily over to be Romero.
  7. Long con for the grand return of CP Munk.
  8. As someone who just started getting back into Japanese promotions I'm glad to see NOAH guys getting more attention. Kiyomiya is awesome.
  9. Never saw Cobb in LU but I was disappointed in him vs Ishii, he looked exhausted in a bad way near the end. Maybe he's better served in tags?
  10. Don't bother, there's better options out there that do more. My ps4 does everything my Roku did and much more. Roku is just cheap but you get what you pay for.
  11. I figure Moxley is losing to Naito, White and Robinson so this is the set up to all of that. I could see KENTA make the finals but not Moxley. KENTA has the Shibata/LA Dojo story going.
  12. This is the first G1 I've actively watched along with. Really looking forward to the next two shows. Finally caught up today. KENTA and Moxley got me interested, Naito, Ospreay and Ishii have got me to definitely stick around.
  13. Gritty and the Phillie Phanatic swap it.
  14. A chance for Jaxson Ryker, leader of the Forgotten Sons, to show his quality.
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