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  1. I can't lie, the Brawl for All theme is legit. They even reused it for Ezekiel Jackson it's so catchy. I'd like to have seen CFO$ take on a new theme.
  2. Imagine the Nexus squashing themselves instead of being fed to Cena at SummerSlam.
  3. Vince would have been so disappointed in Shelton's performance in Brawl for All 2: The Quickening...
  4. Gargano vs Ciampa is the Eddie Edwards/Davey Richards suplex gif having gained sentience.
  5. What about his cage match vs Big Boss Man from Saturday Night's Main Event?
  6. Great, Jacques Derrida goes to Wrestlemania, just what my high school English teacher always wanted.
  7. I doubt most of those watching knew that was how Benoit hung himself. I thought they could have done without the spot but they could have done without most of that match so... I was more curious how meetings go in the boardroom with the cage wall hanging over it and if they'd built the performance center in the early 90s would it have been the old blue bars instead?
  8. I watched BattleBowl 1993 after Wrestlemania ended. Aside warning people not to watch this the best part was during Steamboat/Regal vs Orndorff/Shockmaster when Schiavone and Ventura are talking about Regal beating Steamboat who had beat Orndorff for the TV title. Ventura says something to the effect of "Shockmaster lost to a wall. No walls in this match"!"
  9. Night 1 was better. The main matches on night 2 under delivered or were Edge-Orton, forever, FOREVER, a benchmark on overindulgence despite the firefly funhouse match. Dug nWo Cena though. Motn was Ripley-Flair. MotW was Owens-Rollins.
  10. I have a feeling it's a love it or hate it situation. People either liked it for the cheesiness or hated it for the same reason. I am curious how tonight's match plays out given things like House of Horrors and Wyatt's match at Wrestlemania 33 failed to illicit anything but scorn. But I can't imagine I'll get much out of it since I didn't like Styles-Undertaker.
  11. I will be watching Hart Foundation vs LOD/Ken Shamrock/Goldust/Steve Austin from Canadian Stampede. I almost picked the iron man match from Wrestlemania 12 but I have a feeling I won't enjoy it.
  12. I thought Final Deletion worked better because the Hardys are crazy and had already had multiple crazy matches. The promos leading up to this were more serious in tone. I wish Taker would just retire if this is all he can do.
  13. I don't want to sound like Cornette but it wasn't silly fun to me just silly. My dad has covid-19 as of yesterday morning and I gave him my network credentials to watch Mania along with me. He wasn't a fan of the Boneyard match and I vividly remember watching Orton vs Taker at Wrestlemania 21 with him. I'm disappointed and frustrated right now.
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