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  1. Going to 127. I enjoy Evolve for what it is at this point, NXT Lite. I for one don't mind Josh Briggs. When I went to Evolve 115 he absolutely killed some local guy, maybe it's just being there live. People were chanting for him to hit his finisher one more time, which he obliged.
  2. It would be a good idea to use actual on air NXT talent to draw fans and use the non-TV guys to fill out the card. Evolve has lost so much talent in the last year though. Their main event scene from a year ago is gone.
  3. I heard Shawn Michael's was mad when during the replay of Batista-HHH someone pointed at Batista's nose ring spot with a laser pointer. "That's gotta hurt!"
  4. Fell asleep right before Balor-Lashley. Everything up to Bryan-Kofi was good. Then I just died. Two nights or something needs to go. I'll catch the triple threat some other time.
  5. I made a non fan watch JJSB3 pt 2. He enjoyed LAX/Rock N Roll Express and then had no idea what was going on during the Clusterfuck. I also explained Joey Ryan's Penis Party show to him, he decisively is NOT a fan of Joey Ryan. I enjoyed Tanaka/Park for what it was. Haven't caught up on much else yet.
  6. I'm guessing Ricochet and Black are out of the equation. Cole vs Gargano vs Dream at least works with the storylines the last few months. Throw Riddle in to shake it up a bit.
  7. Meltzer and other sites reporting Ciampa will be undergoing neck surgery, out 6+ months. Hopefully he recovers fully and doesn't rush back. No idea what they do with the NXT title. Abeyance returns! I vote Adam Cole for champion. Seems pointless to have Gargano win it with Ciampa vacating.
  8. I think EC3 will do better on Raw than he did in NXT. His look and promos are perfect fits for that style. I actually didn't mind his face run in Impact but he excels at being a pompous prick.
  9. Just watched TLC the other night. I told myself to skip it after checking out post-Summerslam. I think everyone else here has already said all there is to say. This felt like a special episode of Raw in between big events, not a ppv. At least there's no rumble winner super telegraphed yet?
  10. We would have gotten Russo writing a bit where someone threatens Dynamite Kid with a fistful of quarters though. And then a roll of quarters on a poll match. Tony Schiavone would act like it's fucking murder to use them while Larry Zybisko or someone else shits all over it.
  11. I guess I should clarify somewhat, I've listened to Cornette talk about production during his tenure with ROH and about how to present a weekly show, I kinda agree on some of it. I've had people who watched wrestling before see some of the stuff he bitches about tell me "this is why I stopped watching". He clearly is not able to accept where wrestling is currently. He is stuck in this 80s mentality and is so over the top that he cannot be taken seriously. Basically I get his hate for Joey Ryan and think he's being a angry old man when he talks about NXT, PWG, etc.
  12. Jim Cornette has some good points at times but he makes it hard to take his side. Arquette is trying, the Nick Gage match was crazy and he didn't realize what exactly he was getting into. Jim needs to go back to wishing death on Kenny Omega and Joey Ryan.
  13. Vs WALTER and vs Riddle for GCW and vs LA Park for MLW are great crazy old man matches. If he does it all the time it would get dull but right now I enjoy his matches.
  14. Check out @roderickstrong’s Tweet: So looks like we're getting Roderick Strong vs. Fabian Aichner. Their match on NXT was solid.
  15. I'm gonna go in a different direction and rep PWG's old venue in Reseda. It wasn't beautiful but had that vibe. But i'm a big PWG fan. I also love the claustrophobic venues a lot of UK indies frequent. It's such a different look/feel when the fans are right up on the apron. I was watching some match on youtube, Jimmy Havoc vs Matt Riddle vs Keith Lee, the building had these big windows in the background. Also let's not forget the ECW Arena. Should of built this bingo hall out of toilet paper because there's nothing in it but shit!
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