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  1. Night 1 was good. Ishii-Suzuki, I have nothing more to add really. Great match you'd expect these two to deliver. Suzuki has the best evil smirk. Okada-Ibushi was not at the level of their last two matches but it was still good. Okada feels kind of directionless during the pandemic era. I'd rather someone new win the G-1. Not sure what the big Dome main event is or what Okada does if he isn't in the main event.
  2. I was clearing out my spam folder today, found an invite to thunderdome from weeks ago. Darn, darn, darn.
  3. Facebook is so useless. If they didn't keep up with you before or after facebook, are they really friends?
  4. Yeah, kind of a bad time to look for a new job though. It is what it is.
  5. I work in a court in Detroit. Knowing all the history here I understand why it was said.
  6. My boss told me I should get a different job because I'm the wrong skin color to advance at where I work. As a nearing middle age white guy I'm just confused.
  7. My fed had a Kobashi-esque title reign by a VR Trooper. The Green Power Ranger finally defeated him in a rematch of a prior bout where he had wrestled as the White Ranger. He returned to his roots to finally win the big one. I think it may be in storage somewhere...
  8. Did you watch it on the AJPW streaming service or some other means?
  9. My wife and I are both ready to take some mental health days. We both deal with the public for most of our jobs and lately it has just gotten nasty. People are stressed and on edge so I understand where they are coming from. Still, it wears you down. But when I'm waking up 3 hours early each night worrying about the next day I know it's getting worse. My heart goes out to those struggling with child care. We do not have children yet and I can only imagine the challenges they go through. I feel helpless for those evicted or struggling to put food on the table.
  10. My first exposure to a lot of the roster of AEW was through Janela's shows. Who else would think to do PCO-Walter or Orange Cassidy against Taka and Minoru Suzki?
  11. It's wishful thinking on my part, especially after his match at Dominion this year... let me live the lie.
  12. I guess Yujiro is there for a easy night for guys? Like Yano? Otherwise I'd rather anyone else.
  13. Can't say I'm shocked. But like the wrestlers will do anything about it themselves so business as usual.
  14. I'm thinking it comes down to White/Okada and Sanada/EVIL. White beats Sanada. I'm avoiding any schedule announcements since the block finals spoil the final four.
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