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  1. Is Lesnar jellicle enough to win this year?
  2. Cain dumping Brock before no. 3 even has their countdown on screen is what I imagine happens. Roman wins the Rumble to face The Fiend and Brock wrestles Cain at Mania.
  3. Glad to see Theory look good here. He was the lone bright spot for a while in Evolve. He has a punchable face. He'll be money as a chicken shit heel.
  4. I'm holding out hope Rowan's cage he keeps carrying around turns out like the movie Basket Case.
  5. Did anyone actually expect Miz to stand up for his family though?
  6. Did anyone actually expect Miz to stand up for his family though?
  7. I do want to say, Baron Corbin using a can of dog food as a weapon was kinda funny. I mean, there's tables, ladders, and chairs all around the ring but he hid a can of dog food under the ring to hit Roman with. However my complaint is no one used any of the KFC as a weapon. Sure, they smashed the table. Im talking gravy to the face or a power bomb reversed via drum stick to the eyes.
  8. Why that ending? My wife actually watched this show with me and I now fear my marriage going the way of Lana/Rusev.
  9. Just really thankful we aren't sitting through Roadblock: End of the Line IV
  10. This show is not worthy of roman numerals in the title. I see it has also befallen the usual afterthought planning of no matches announced 2 weeks out.
  11. Hopefully the Fiend doesn't feud with Big Show. Im scared what will happen to Big Show's personality.
  12. Time to ignore the family and watch classic Survivor Series. Oh and that Impact episode where Kurt Angle hosted Thanksgiving.
  13. Unpopular opinion time: Michael Cole isn't a bad announcer. He just calls matches how Vince likes them to be. I felt his commentary for Bryan/Orton/Batista and Team Cena/ Team HHH in 2014 are good examples of him actually selling the match well.
  14. Are there any good chest tattoos? Not knocking tattoos in general mind you.
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