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  1. It's been fairly mediocre. Hoping the last few nights are solid at least. Team Yoshi vs Miyahara/Aoyogi was fun and I liked Jake Lee getting into with SUWAMA after their match. Team ECW is bad and Team BJPW has been tough at times too. I wish Tanaka had a different partner or we got some weird team of like Sekimoto/Tanaka clubbing people.
  2. This is from the 1993 Real World Tag League. I have trying to go back and watch some older AJPW tags as the ongoing Real World Tag League has been fairly disappointing. I am familiar with everyone in this match but I have seen nothing from Big Boss Man in Japan, curious how his style will translate. We are joined in progress with Kawada and Williams in the ring. Kawada's legs are targeted early on. Crowd seems split early on and Taue fairs little better against the bulk of the Americans. Bossman bounces off the ropes with a sick closed fist. A nasty slam to Kawada's shin on the guard rail
  3. Updated card: ROH World Television Title #1 Contendership Match Dak Draper vs. LSG vs. Tony Deppen vs. Josh Woods Singles Match Jay Briscoe vs. EC3 ROH Pure Title Match Jonathan Gresham (c) vs. ??? ROH World Six Man Tag Team Title Match MexiSquad (Bandido, Flamita & Rey Horus) (c) vs. Shane Taylor Promotions (Jasper Kaun, Moses Maddox & Shane Taylor) ROH World Tag Team Title Match Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham (c) vs. Mark Briscoe & ??? ROH World Television Title Match Dragon Lee (c) vs. Winner of 4 Way ROH World Title Match Rush
  4. I used cubsfan as well: http://www.thecubsfan.com/cmll/2020-motyc-list/
  5. Main event was okay, I think it was good not great. Not a fan of the screw job ending but it seems AEW has built up enough good will with their fans that no one is upset.
  6. Watched the latest episode, both matches were fun. I'm guessing Josh Woods will be Mark's tag partner? Because that's the ultimate bro team. The commentary team is so good. Their not perfect but I appreciate it sounding more MMA style, treating it as a combat sport. Adds to the new direction so much.
  7. Quick fantasy booking here but I think the MitB winner getting screwed in a loser leaves town match and returning through the crowd to cash in on the heel later could work but not if WWE writes it. Similar to Summer of Punk. Fantasy booking idea aside it's limited by their lack of creativity.
  8. I expect nothing less than 10,000 words on the even more longer and awful Rock segment at Wrestlemania 32. Everything after the opening ladder match is a blurry slog though.
  9. So I got around to watching the two singles titles matches. Go-Nakajima is easily up there, motyc. Just brutal, one botch prevents it from perfection from some perhaps. Nakajima's look of fear after Go survived the diamond buster was great. I think Go was actually counted out, Nakajima was robbed. The commentary team did a good job, I thought their soccer/football approach suited current NOAH well
  10. I've been searching for that clip for forever! Thanks @Edwin!
  11. Since his return in 2012 I think this is the longest we've gone without a Brock Lesnar match. I can't see him returning until there are 100% capacity crowds. AEW announced a video game(s!) so there is finally competition for WWE 2K, much needed after the last bug ridden mess. Kento Miyahara tied the record for most Triple Crown defenses in a reign.
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