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  1. I loved The whole "Who is The Machine?" angle. WWE really blew it with Doug Basham when they called him up.
  2. I'm watching Kerry Von Erich vs Terry Gordy Lumberjack Match from 7/1/83 I think. And I'm thinking about how much coke was in the locker room that night after Terry Gordy comes walking to the ring looking stoned out of his gourd as they announce that Michael Hayes, who was originally scheduled to face Kerry, couldn't make due to "car trouble ". Which in my mind meant that he was probably more fucked up than Gordy. Then I look at who the lumberjacks are: Jake Roberts. Chris Adams, Buck Zumhoff, the Irwins, Skip Young. That's a fucking muderers row of sleazes and drug addicts. Someone should really develop a HBO-style series about World Class. *EDIT: forgot to post the match.
  3. Not to really argue you point, but I would say Randy Colley should have that designation.
  4. Cornette basically challenging Russo to an Empty Arena Match, and it's a hell of a promo:
  5. The Super Star Unit is oft forgotten. GAEA was the shit in '99.
  6. Then there was this: I'm guessing this was the inspiration for the Baby Doll angle in Mid-Atlantic.
  7. Why does Borash look like he's gasping for air on the surface of Mars???
  8. My highlight was actually at my house. I have an 8 year old daughter on the spectrum that I've tried to get to sit still and watch wrestling with me. Well, she did watch Takeover and all she talked about was Aska. Sunday morning I go into her room and she's recreating the women's match with her My Little Pony's...and Rainbow Dash was been officially been renamed...Aska.
  9. No shit. Watch the end of the Sullivan/Lewin vs Nelson Royal/Scott McGhee match at Starcade 83. McGhee drop kicks him into the corner and he pulls a fucking spike from his boot and has the most menacing look on as his face as he starts going towards McGhee before Lewin cuts him off and takes the spike from him. Hart was a scary dude at times.
  10. Opie: Gallagher, are you racist? Gallagher: ....why?
  11. No love for French-speaking Angle? "Je suis....FREAKING GOLD MEDAL!"
  12. Rip is a known loudmouth. Why people took that tweet and ran with it, I'll never know.
  13. So are we calling Rip Rogers a bad worker? Is this the thing now, that when vets voice their opinion on how the industry that gave them careers and fame, has changed drastically and they're sad/upset about it, is to tell them they're out of touch and don't know what what is really good??? I think it's time for me to migrate over to the Big Kids Table(PWO). I mean, most of y'all that post in the music forum regale old-school music, so it sounds silly when you gripe about old vets speaking up about not feeling today's product.
  14. You know, by looking at a few of these posts, some of you are at least proving his point regarding fans...
  15. I'll forever see Road Dog as Goldmember w/ better skin after today...
  16. And had one of the better entrance themes( the first one by Whoo Child).
  17. Can someone find a gif of Cesaro and Shaemus' entrance? I love it so...
  18. It's Eddie Gilbert. You can see the flames on his tights...plus I've seen this match.
  19. Caught a sneak peek and goddamn, was that the best Stan Lee cameo ever.
  20. So...is Cole throwing sharp digs at Booker a new thing?
  21. Yasssss!!!! I was figuring that would be his heel rationale. Well, that and the fact he made him miss Wrestlemania.
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