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  1. I would do this for every PPV. It got really confusing some nights (The Foley HIAC with JR screaming about him being "Broken in half" and sitting there going "What happened? Tell me what he did JR!") but then every once in a while it would come into reasonably clear picture and you'd get all excited before it went squiggly again.
  2. Man, my friend had satellite and taped Suprebrawl 91 and it was our first peek at WCW and we were all fascinated that there was another wrestling league and it had guys who had disappeared that we knew (Dustin Rhodes!), or guys we'd never seen who looked so huge (El Gigante!) but most of all that there was wrestling in Japan (my friend was part-Japanese so it REALLY blew him away) and even though we were kind of bored of the Flair-Fujinami match, we watched it over and over then bought one of he Apter mags and saw a photo of Jushin Liger and thought he was so incredibly cool. In 95, when
  3. Ultimate Warrior, Blue Blazer and Mr. Perfect. Warrior was the champ as I first started tuning in and I loved the sprinting, the bouncing off the ropes and the drawing power from the fans schtick. Plus he was taking on evil Iraqui Sgt. Slaughter at the time. I went back and rented previous WM VHS tapes and loved Blue Blazer so much because he did stuff I'd never seen before. Perfect just seemed like such an amazing guy and I know I wasn't supposed to like him but he always looked so much better than all the guys he was facing. He was my first heel I liked.
  4. You didn't like the transition into the DDT? I thought that was pretty swell, too. -- Weird show in that I enjoyed it and it flew past but when I go back and think about it match-by-match, there weren't really any blow-away segments. -Enjoyed the opener well enough. Not so much the post-match stuff. One of my least favourite wrestling tropes is 'heel puts face in submission hold, outside of a match, and face taps out to hold'. What is that?! Like if you got jumped on the street and someone tried to strangle you, would you tap the ground expecting a fictional referee to show up
  5. I was disappointed in the HIAC. With all the weapons stuff it was more like a (INSERT NAME) Street Fight than a HIAC match. There was really nothing to differentiate it from a random cage match except for the color of the cage and that big bump (Which was kinda ruined for me because of the weird angle it was shot from made it pretty obvious they were using some sort of crash pad). Plus I can't believe how little time it got, I think they rang the bell to start the match with about 15 minutes left in the hour. I was sort of expecting with hype and promos and recap they'd devote the whole seco
  6. I enjoy on how during the ads for the HIAC ppv, they give the screen a red tint when showing the old HIAC matches like "No, you're remembering wrong...the cage has ALWAYS been red."
  7. I would assume maybe that's the "change" Regal was talking about at the end of the PPV. I could see him coming in as a non-wrestler - commissioner, problem solver, announcer - then work the odd match when needed. That's probably best for his career and health at this point, though I selfishly wanted him in AEW (I haven't watched a single WWE show for most of this calendar year).
  8. It's so weird how he looks absolutely just like Arn Anderson's son but also simultaneously just like Tony Schiavone's son. This was such a weird segment, with the aforementioned "Brock...Anderson" which made people wonder if they couldn't get the rights to Brock Lesnar's actual name or something. Then proceed to bring out a completely non-threatening-looking guy who stumbled in off the golf course after a full day of trying to sell jet-ski rentals to tourists. Plus there was no real explanation of how he fits into the Nightmare Factory deal. Was he trained by Cody? By QT? QT seemed surpri
  9. "Breeeeet Hiiiiiitmannnnn Claaaaark" But it still felt like a big deal when you saw Buffer in the ring to announce the main event, even if the match almost never delivered. Does anyone remember the astronomical dollar figure that Buffer was making to (flub) those Nitro Main Events. I remember the number just blowing my mind when it was reported.
  10. Tune Out: -Chris Jericho: Up until late last year, I hadn't fast-forwarded anything (Though I usually watch while doing something else, so I do FF picture-in-picture because too small and there's no commentary to clue me in when to look up at important stuff) but last fall, around the time MJF joined the Inner Circle, Chris Jericho became complete tune-out for me. His promos, his town halls, his parleys, his celebrations etc. etc. His entrance with fans singing his music went from "Hey that's kinda neat, look how happy he is" to reminding me of whenever Hulk Hogan comes back to WWE and they
  11. AoP's relaunch was so obviously a Paul Heyman-backed production with the promos and Samoa Joe putting them over as dangerous on commentary, that it's no small wonder that it disappeared as fast as it did once they got hurt/Heyman was replaced. One can just imagine them wrecking guys in the ECW Arena for months on end. Heyman's philosophy has always been "hide the flaws" (i.e. get around AOP's weak promo skills by pretaping subtitled promos) when WWE's adage has been "Fire anyone with flaws". It's probably a necessary change in philosophy from running a struggling indy (Make the best of what y
  12. I still expect him to come back and get revenge for Kip Sabian! Then he and Brian Kuh double-team Miro until the AEW debut of Steve Wiebe!
  13. I still remember when they debuted, and I wasn't on the internet and I could not figure out what his name was and was genuinely fairly certain his name was "Joey Ass". And every week I'd listen close and go "Joey...Ass?" Little did I know, we'd actually eventually have a "Mr. Ass". Didn't he retire after he got released from WWE, too? I swear he'd previously retired, as well.
  14. I'm still a little baffled that he comes out to "Reach for the sky!" when that feels really synonymous with Jay Briscoe. Every time that theme kicks in, I go "Oh shit the Briscoes...oh...right". It would be like Joey Janela coming out to the sound of glass breaking...well maybe not quite.
  15. I would like to see Matt try to turn Angelico into his brother: getting him to dye and grow out his hair, paint his face, wear socks on his arms. Maybe teams up with him, drops down on all fours so that Angelico can run, jump on his back, then gingerly climb down and put an obscure lucha submission hold on his opponent.
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