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  1. Baylor in person (and as one of approximately 54 persons) is as nuts as you'd expect. Petty had (he's out already, of course) perhaps his least accurate game of the year, and Baylor even managed to cough the ball up once - and, of all things, punt twice. Still notched about 500 yards in the first half, of course. Granted, Kansas is the "easy" mode of automatic qualifier football (Uconn, maybe, could contest that); but it still looks like they're fucking with the sliders a little bit.
  2. Josh Freeman overthrowing people for 4 quarters = ratings.
  3. On the subject of female fronted metal bands, I've been listening to Oathbreaker's "Eros/Anteros" pretty much everyday for the last few weeks (along with Touche Amore's "Is Survived By", but I'm emo like that). Just another post-hardcore Belgian outfit with some tinges of black metal influence, floating around with some other stuff, probably. This is one of their more atmospheric tracks.
  4. The main event... man. Fuck anyone that bitches about whatever rating that segment gets.
  5. Having just returned from Kansas' 13-10 victory over Louisiana Tech, I assure you there are levels of football hell far deeper than Tennessee/Florida. And I have season tickets to precisely that most horrid circle. I'm just going to stare at this picture until I feel like life has meaning again.
  6. By far the best race photo I've ever been in. My first marathon win also, which certainly endears the picture to me further.
  7. Please. Also, I need a < 10 minute sprint with Shibata.
  8. Miz's dad seemed pretty content watching his son get butchered.
  9. Just busting your balls here, but talk about incongruity. ;P If you really enjoy it, more power to you. I would caution you, since this is a health thread and not just fitness, that extreme endurance running can have adverse effects for your long term health. Give it some thought is all if you plan on making the enduro runs a regular occurrence as opposed to a one time thing. No one runs marathons or ultras for health, that's for sure. And it certainly can compromise your long term health, if you attack events that you've not trained adequately for. But there is no evidence whatsoever that it does in 99.9% of cases, and certainly not in fit people without preexisting conditions. Tests of athletes in the days right after an ultra yield an expected amount of damage, but it goes away in a matter of weeks. In cases where long term heart scarring occurs, the athlete in question pushed themselves beyond their fitness, and got injured. It's like any other sport, in that regard. You invite an element of risk, but you can mitigate it, through proper training and an intelligent "game plan". Suffice it to say, my heart is in perfect condition, and my hormone levels are all in optimal ranges, even after having run six marathons/ultras in the last year. Hopefully I don't sound too defensive here. I'm not arguing your point per se. Certainly there are bucket listers who get themselves hurt, or people who exacerbate heart conditions that had not been previously detected. For that reason, I encourage everyone I run with to emphasize a steady progression, and never race above their training. I try and do everything I can to heed that advice myself. But you are fundamentally right, that if health is your only goal, I'd probably advise maxing out at 30 miles a week or so, and never racing marathons or longer.
  10. Finally jumping back on the new board, and I'm really happy this thread is back. My fitness introduction: I'm a runner, to the tune of about 70-100 miles a week. I really do enjoy that volume, which qualifies me for some pretty severe psychosis, probably. When racing, I prefer half marathons to 50 miles on trail, though I'll race as short as 5K. I've got a marathon next week, and hope to extend my racing past 50 miles later this fall at a 24 hour event or 100 miler. Anyway, direct ab work is somewhat overrated by most, at least how it's usually configured (CRUNCHES). Squats, deadlifts, sprints, tire flipping, sledge hammering, etc., all work the abs. Anything that requires torsional strength and/or core stability, basically. I'm also somewhat partial to planks, myself. I don't think crunches are awful or anything, just not really an efficient use of time.
  11. Because I hate myself, I'm going to see the start of the Jake Heaps ERA~! at KU this weekend. Because there are feelings of desperation and loss deeper than hate, I have season tickets. Help me, Andrew Wiggins. You're my only hope.
  12. As a Kansas fan, tonight was kind of a best case scenario. Yeah, we're shit, but I'm a miserable enough person to derive joy from the failings of my neighbors. It's nights like this I'm reminded why I don't delete my facebook account.
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