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  1. Cena's promo seems to suggest that he thinks Reigns is more or less the same guy he was a few years ago. It'll be interesting to see how they approach the story on Smackdown on Friday. The 6-man tag was fine. Elias vs Ryker wasn't. Separating Reginald from the women's division was needed, him mixing it up with the 24/7 crowd should be fun. Looking forward to how they build to Sheamus-Priest. Lashley-Lee have good chemistry. Hopefully they get a full program down the road. Goldberg's return was expected. I'm pretty neutral on it. Nikki's championship win is a case of someone betting on themselves and getting Vince to see their POV. Good for her. Who knows how long they run with it, but it has a chance of being something kids can get into. As for Karrion Kross: Even beyond being average for a brand built on work rate, Kross winning the NXT title from a newly-crowned Keith Lee left a bitter taste in many fans' mouths. He was the bull in the china shop. He then loses whatever steam he had because of a shoulder injury. They should have sent him to RAW as soon as he was cleared. Instead, he went back to NXT and beat Finn Balor, who had done strong work as champ. Kross's current presentation is bad, and I'm not talking about taking away Scarlett. I have no clue who he's supposed to be. Is he a doomsday demon or a gladiator-warrior abandoned by his army? That he had so many dark/trial matches was a red flag, IMO. Everyone else did 1-2 matches. He had 3-4, which makes me think they were trying to overly prep him. If you watch NXT, you've seen him get verbally geeked out by half the roster. There's nothing substantial about him beyond Scarlett and a decent entrance theme. His size, a plus in NXT, doesn't stand out next to guys like Lashley and McIntyre. His voice isn't intimidating. His overall look is fine, but nothing special. He's the epitome of JAG, even if he had won the match against Jeff. They clearly are going to try with him for a bit. Maybe they have Scarlett 'rescue' him similar to what Zelina Vega did with Andrade in NXT. But I think the writing's on the wall with him. Triple H covered Kross's flaws, but they were always going to be a liability on RAW or SD. There's no true spark with him.
  2. Possibly. I had someone mention that the Atlanta area **MAY** moving toward some version of a lockdown. Considering that the show was two months away, poor ticket sales doesn't seem likely.
  3. I still think EC3 pissed off someone backstage. Even if Vince isn't interested in a wrestler, they'll get 4-5 weeks of a 'push' as a courtesy. EC3 didn't get that.
  4. If those two aren't RAW/SD ready, then no one in NXT is. Shotzi has a distinct look, devil may care persona, and built-in merchandise opportunities with her tank/helmet. She's Jeff Hardy with XX chromosomes. I think WWE's general fanbase will like her. Bronson has a Godzilla motif going and while he overlaps Otis in terms of size/body type, Bronson feels more polished. At worst, someone mentions his Samoan background to Vince and they put him with Roman/The Bloodline as a hanger-on. As far as who would do well with a callup: Toni Storm: She's doing nothing in NXT. She's coming along decently with her promos and she has an overall look VInce should like. See what she can do on SD. Kyle O'Reilly: I agree with @caley, KOR is showing more personality. His quirkiness will endear him to a lot of fans. The actual wrestling obviously isn't a problem. I think he stays in NXT for a while yet, but it feels like he'd at least slot into a Zayn/KO upper-midcard spot if called. LA Knight: Decent size, can talk, and likely can pull off whatever comedy stuff they give him. Would give them another midcard heel to work with. Grizzled Young Veterans: A wildcard, but I think they could it. Gibson is a good promo and can get heat to where fans will want to see them get beat. With Grimes, it comes down to how far they lean into the hillbilly thing. NXT has found the sweet spot for him. But who knows how far Vince would want to take it. As for Kross? I find myself wavering between 'maybe he'll do OK' and him crashing/burning in a year. I thought Balor went above and beyond making him look good in their matches. He needs to better define his character. He wears gladiator trunks and street clothes resembling a blackjack dealer, but Scarlett still feels like a possessed siren. I get mixed signals from them. A lot hinges on getting his presentation just right. His match on Main Event didn't give me much hope. I can see Vince and Prichard falling for Scarlett and separating the two, not even in some weird attempt to break them up personally, but that she might simply do better managing another wrestler. They have to let her start talking, though. There will be no in between for Kross. Either he's a complete hit or a big miss.
  5. A fair point. We know unionizing isn't likely to happen soon. Their best bet is everyone to pay into an account that a wrestler can request a payment from when it's time for a new contract and they need a lawyer. Can they get the majority on board for that? Who knows.
  6. As I understand it, top WWE wrestlers do have agents/lawyers to negotiate their contracts. I'm pretty sure AJ Styles used one for his last deal. Also, I think it was Meltzer who indicated that a few have 'no cut' clauses, because it was indicated that Strowman probably could have gotten that clause but didn't think about it, which ties into having an agent handle your business. Those same few wrestlers also have perks such as private tour buses, paid accommodations, etc. The divide between the precious few deemed important in WWE vs everyone else will continue. Vince will keep the top handful happy with large downside guarantees, bigger percentages from merch sales, time off, etc. The rest need to look at that and be ready to fight for better deals. They won't get a main eventer's package, but someone working on your behalf will be better for them in the long run.
  7. Several of us who were commenting regularly stopped because we got tired of the name-calling and being told how dumb we were for following WWE.
  8. So in one episode, they had: Lashley break up with The Hurt Business, despite being the best thing on the show Lashley beat up Alexander and Benjamin A continued bounty on Drew's head McIntyre chump most of the entire locker room, despite hardly anyone looking to collect on the bounty McIntyre beat both Ricochet and Ali, after winning a handicap match last week Corbin come over from SmackDown to help Lashley take down McIntyre All of this to seemingly present Lashley as a super baddie so Drew can get cheered at WM. (holds nose)
  9. This, in a nutshell, is why trying to have a reasonable discussion on these topics is a waste of time.
  10. So Piper doing blackface in 1990 was some bygone era? Vince dropping the n-bomb in 2005 happened during the good old days?
  11. Nia and Shayna have been on all three shows in the past couple of weeks. Nia is at least Q-Anon adjacent and has said she didn't think she needs the vaccine as the body is designed to heal itself.
  12. Most of this show felt like almost everything went five minutes too long. And there was way too much interference throughout the night. The preshow match was good. Maki Itoh got a bigger pop than the other two surprises. Thunder Rosa is awesome. Bucks/Jericho-MJF didn't feel like the teams were on the same page. The match overstayed its welcome. I'm beyond the Bucks playing tough guys. They want to avenge their father--by having any other match they do flipping instead of fighting when the story calls for the latter. They did set up for the Inner Circle breakup on Wednesday if they want to do it. The Casino Tag Team Royale had too many bodies to keep up, but there were some quality spots. QT Marshall went heel, and I found myself shrugging. The Evil Uno-Marko Stunt spot was hilariously bad. Jungle Boy looked good throughout. Bucks vs Death Triangle should be entertaining. Shida vs Ryo had a lot going on. Good striking/kicks and they did a solid job of telling their story but again, it went too long. Setting up a six-woman tag for Dynamite was fine. Miro-Sabian/OC-Chuck happened. Lasted eight minutes and somehow that was too much time. Let's forget it happened and not speak of it again. I don't care about them rebuilding Miro. Page/Hardy was fine enough. I think they made it something respectable toward the end. But it could have easily been done on an episode of Dyanmite. Tell me if I've said this already, but it was too long! Dark Order coming in worked here, probably the one time during the night where interference made sense for me. The ladder match was (holds nose). Ethan Page as the surprise was lukewarm. There was no flow with this match and having no flyers hurt a lot. Archer stuck in the ladder was offensive in how he just laid there, waiting for the next spot. Cody doing the super-resilient babyface spot was rightfully booed. Go to the back and THEN do the run-in. Being on camera the whole time was ridiculous. Had guys killing themselves and get no shine because we had to ask "What about Cody?" seemingly forever. Scorpio Sky won a gold Lifesaver which was a dumb brass ring joke. A total mess. Christian being the new AEW guy is fine. They would have been better off not announcing the 'big name' beforehand, but it's OK. There are a lot of matches there for him. But within two weeks, they've brought in Christian, Paul Wight, and Ethan Page. None of them are going to set AEW on fire. They're already short on time for the women and younger guys. I realize they're expanding their YT presence and eventually will have a second TV show. So is it a matter of splitting the roster or spreading out the veterans? Who are they going to hold off on PPVs for Sting, Christian, Jericho, Matt Hardy et al? Even Wight and Taz need focus as big-name commentators, especially with Taz being in charge of a faction. Finding a balance seems tough. The street fight was beautifully shot. It felt like a scene from Sin City. Half expected Batman to swoop in. They had a clear jump cut when "Sting" did a sunset flip that was a body double. Bringing in Sting so early, it felt anticlimactic. My biggest gripe is the commentary. It wasn't necessary. Just stick with the music. Well done as far as cinematic matches go. The main event! The match was presented as properly dangerous. I liked Mox's Onita-inspired jacket. They beat the stuffing out of each other. Mox kicking the wire to break up the One-Winged Angel was cool, as was the loaded bat spot. The barbed-wire ring was so-so. Needed to take down the ring ropes to give a better look, but it wasn't too bad. The explosives on the floor were laughable and was where the match started to wane for me. The Good Brothers coming out was expected, but eyerolling. Like someone (Goodyear, maybe?) mentioned, why didn't Mox better prepare for that? Kingston coming out to save Mox was FANTASTIC. Had the explosion gone off as planned, it would have been incredible. But, oh boy. Stuff happens, no matter how much you plan. If it was indeed a dud explosive, that's too bad. But they got too cute for their own good. That can't be ignored. What are we supposed to do with this? Mox and Omega got cut up, dropped on their heads and electrocuted for nothing. Kingston looks like a goof trying to save his friend from a sparkler attack. Excalibur's commentary was a through-the-looking-glass moment. No one reasonable thinks AEW will go into the tank over it. But my word, it's going to leave a bruise for the near future. I would say ignore it and move on. But they've talked about it during their post-show presser already. Maybe they can do something with it, but Khan kind of screwed that up with all his chatter that just adds to the confusion. A very messy show nearly top to bottom.
  13. Yeah. There is reason to be cautious about this. But for now, they seem to be doing OK.
  14. I'm not in the mood to overtake the thread with this and frankly, this conversation is going nowhere. Best to step aside.
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