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  1. I bought the PPV stream of the kickoff game and I thought that it was good fun (there was also an English commentary option, which was a bonus). Game highlights go up on their YouTube channel.
  2. Yes, in the original World League format before it was totally based in Europe. The Surge name is now being used by Stuttgart. Apart from having sold or negotiated the use of the old names there doesn't seem to be any overt NFL involvement in this league. Edit: Found a link, yes it's just a naming use agreement. https://www.americanfootballinternational.com/ex-nfl-europe-sea-devils-galaxy-naming-rights-secured-by-european-league-of-football/
  3. The European League is set to kick off this week. https://europeanleague.football/schedule Classic WLAF/NFL Europe/NFL Europa names have been resurrected including the Frankfurt Galaxy and Barcelona Dragons. (The Hamburg Sea Devils, Berlin Thunder and Cologne Centurions are also back but they're not exactly classic names). No London Monarchs or Amsterdam Admirals yet, but I live in hope.
  4. I feel Mac Jones is a riskier pick for BB's legacy than for Jones himself. If he doesn't pan out the "this is who you draft to replace Brady?!?!?" narrative will be huge. Also, all of these defensive backs entering the league as the sons of players who I'm sure only finished playing yesterday makes me feel incredibly old.
  5. In my fantasies the Patriots have already traded all of those 4th round picks for him. I mean, the 12 jersey is still available as far as I know.
  6. Yeah, I love Edelman but the Welker bashing and revisionism I've seen is just embarrassing for all concerned. Welker was preposterously productive for the Patriots.
  7. Good stuff from the Panthers Twitter people.
  8. They've signed as many on defence too! There's a Bill Belichick "...and I took that personally" meme that's no doubt already been made. The Patriots did have a lot of cash to spend to even get to the cap floor, which is now largely spent
  9. Really sticking to the old name must be alliterative to save a lot of reprinting. Big fan of Elkhounds (from those available) - Elkies for short, leaving you only one letter to Sharpie over on some other merch.
  10. He was the system all along Not quite the Arenaesque shootout I was hoping for.
  11. Unreal. That's caught and it's on every highlight compilation until the end of time.
  12. "He could be going for number 7 tonight" One second later... Snap sails over his head. Raymond James is built on cursed land and Nantz and Romo have found a way to tap directly into its energy?
  13. Bit of Fifty Shades just to keep everyone frisky for the second half. I don't want to use the word benefit, but a side effect of having a minimal crowd to work round means they have been able to do a lot more with the staging.
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