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  1. OK, this is coming from a dopey white guy, but why am I supposed to be hating on Jade Cargill? Strong (and not just physically) black woman who knows her worth and doesn't want anyone taking anything she's earned away from her. Why should I be booing this?
  2. JD Drake needs to change his hair color, the white 'do makes him look like Old Kevin Owens.
  3. If you have the Switch Online app on your phone, check in every day to collect Nook Points, which can be redeemed for in-game items such as photos for Tom Nook, Isabelle, and Timmy & Tommy. Other items are a phone case, leaf icon door plate, and island poster. I wonder if they'll add to the items? Any way, 1st check in gets you 20 points, with subsequent check ins getting you 10. Point redemptions are only once per day.
  4. Bunny Day isn't going away, in fact new items will be available to purchase in the Cranny.
  5. I only have brown. Anything else you want me to check on?
  6. You're welcome! Did I install both the aqua & white versions? To get it to go away you need to replace it with another design. Shamrock Wand is new and completes the Leprechaun outfit (hat, suit, glasses, shoes) you can get from Able's. Would you mind mailing me 2? I can send bells/item in return.
  7. If not for the Clones, I think the Battle Droids were the low-key MVPs of the series. Consistently supplied laughs, and even some "awe " moments when they get cut down unexpectedly & let out a plaintive "why?"
  8. There are 15 DIYs. You'll know you have them all when the snowboy only gives you a large snowflake for creating him.
  9. I have all the snowfolk DIYs, so now I'm just gonna fuck around with the body types. Made 1 today with normal bottom size but the smallest size top. You need to at least get the size to where you are pushing the snowball, you can't use the kicking size. First words out of his mouth were "What. Is. Going. On." He then proceeds to shit talk my skills, asking if maybe I wasn't wearing gloves. On tap will be smallest bottom with biggest top, as well as baby snowman, i.e. top & bottom the smallest sizes.
  10. Bottom should be as tall as the top of your eyes (i.e. as big as they get), top should be as tall as the top of your ears.
  11. I just found this out last week, but if you go to Harv's island & bring in your villagers you'll then be able to buy their posters from the Nook kiosk.
  12. I'm gonna venture a guess and say he's been living undercover amongst the Tusken Raiders - in the shot of him at the end of the episode he's carrying a gaffi stick with the other weapons on his back.
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