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  1. You could argue Toni pulling her opponent's left leg back is forcing Toni's shoulders down. But even leaving that out, I'm pretty sure I've seen other double pins (or attempts) where all it took was being in contact with each other. Or regular pins where all it took was touching your opponent anywhere on their body for the ref to initiate the count. (I realize I'm being pedantic here, but also make sure your own shoulders aren't on the mat when a pin is being counted just to be safe!)
  2. Hey, can we get the male wrestlers to stop using "bitch" as the go-to insult for each other? Besides the misogyny and the overuse, Jade Cargill is over here using it to refer to herself in a positive/strong manner.
  3. Speaking of, they should've done something about the asshat who thought he was being clever with the "Allons Brandon" sign in the front row.
  4. Does The Bunny still have thumbtacks stuck in the bottom of her boots? Looked like 3-4 in one and 1-2 in the other.
  5. "The kingdom of heaven is at hand", indeed.
  6. Kapp'n can take you to an island where the rock gives you star fragments: https://kotaku.com/oh-snap-animal-crossing-rocks-can-give-you-star-fragme-1847995379
  7. Kinda disappointed we didn't get a "JOHN SILVER BAM-BAY" spot.
  8. I haven't played in many many months, but I see there's an update coming that is going to add Brewster & his cafe. I am wondering if they will also be adding back gyroids, as Brewster allowed you to store 1 of each gyroid in his cafe in the Wii's City Folk.
  9. It'll feel like I'm wearing nothing at all.
  10. That cannonoball tope suicida was fuckin' BOSS, hope someone gif'd that.
  11. OK, this is coming from a dopey white guy, but why am I supposed to be hating on Jade Cargill? Strong (and not just physically) black woman who knows her worth and doesn't want anyone taking anything she's earned away from her. Why should I be booing this?
  12. JD Drake needs to change his hair color, the white 'do makes him look like Old Kevin Owens.
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