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  1. My first reading was some sort of Logan's Run age-based cancellation. I'll be honest, if every skeezy person in wrestling is cancelled, we'll probably be down to an hour a week total.
  2. Isn't that the crash that was inches away from knocking out the power to the arena?
  3. I am amazed that this board has an entire thread devoted to WCW C-show memories, but so many people don't see the value in Shawn Spears. They may have tried to push him too high up the card out of the gate, but I think he's one of the MVPs of Dark. I'm also invested in the Peter Avalon/Brandon Cutler "Worst of AEW" feud.
  4. Even if you don't count TNA or WWA, Jarrett won the WCW World Title 4 times.
  5. Curt Hennig only start wrestling a year after Hogan, didn't he? He was good-looking, had charisma, wasn't Southern...
  6. I think there was a similar (lack of) care when one of the Villanos suffered a neck injury in a tag match with Raven and Kanyon. Raven was pretty much the only one caring for the guy IIRC.
  7. Okay, I'm not sure I can parse the grammar in all of this, but I have to pull up short here. Are you saying that anyone who wrestles for a World Title at Mania is a first-ballot Hall of Famer? Guys like Alberto del Rio? The Miz? JBL? Jack Swagger? What about guys like Slaughter or Sid? I'm not arguing for or against Harper's relative merits, but the idea that wrestling for the world title at Mania has this much weight behind it just blows my mind.
  8. I'm confused by the argument that AEW shouldn't hire someone because Vince didn't want him enough to keep him. By that logic, they couldn't hire anyone, because anyone who qualified would be under contract. I understand the concern of AEW turning into "WWE cast-off land". That's part of what did TNA in, both in the short term and the long. But I think AEW is in a much better place, both creatively and popularity-wise, than TNA ever was. Should they hire everyone who gets released? No. Should they hire anyone right this minute, when everything is in flux? Maybe not. But I would argue "Guy
  9. Sign both Gulak and Ryder. Give them a programme together. Watch the $$$ roll in.
  10. Two posts earlier: There you go. I guess the argument could be that Hardy is an unproven property at this stage in the game? Not every match has to be based around a feud, even on PPV. I'd say that mindset is an overall negative, since it really reduces the options and results in stale match-ups as people wrestle the same match week after week. I also don't see why the MITB being pretaped means no cash in tonight. I could see the MITB going on last, which obviously would preclude a cash-in, but being pretaped doesn't mean anything in and of itself.
  11. "Lethal Lothario" should've been a Jay Lethal/Jose Lothario pairing. There's no other excuse for that phrase.
  12. I just want to apologize to everyone I let down. My friends, my family, and especially the fans.
  13. Is Jinder Mahal still with the company? I haven't seen him mentioned in a dog's age. Not that I'm complaining.
  14. I like Cutler, personally. Although he should have a gimmicked d20 if he's going to keep making skill checks before matches.
  15. How about Jesse Sorensen's getting screwed over by TNA? Breaks his neck on their watch, they promise to pay his medical bills then don't, give him a job to keep him from suing, then release him once the statute of limitations is up. Or they could do a more general TNA show with that, Jeff Hardy in no condition to perform, etc.
  16. There was a time when Zack Ryder stood in the ring with CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, and he was the one that got the chants. That was, what, nine years ago? Then the WWE decided to have Kane pull an entire deck's worth of his punk cards, and have his love interest try to cuckold him with John Cena. But he stuck with it and got almost a decade more of employment out of it. Hopefully the Major Brothers land on their feet when this is all over.
  17. Could "on air talent but not on the roster" be Hunter?
  18. Jim Johnston is legit one of the underrated musical creators of the 80s, if you ask me. He should be opening for John Carpenter.
  19. But real MMA-type events rarely have open weight divisions, because size is a factor to some extent. Also, being good in a shoot fight and being a good pro wrestler are two very different things.
  20. Whenever I read "McDevitt" I imagine Finn Balor arguing in court.
  21. Why would you want them to get a big pop beating up the face of the company (Cody)? Isn't that the opposite of what you should want?
  22. Hey man, I never said I wasn't a fan of stables. Dig some of them. Others are bad. But I'd rather they put together a stable that has its own reason to be a stable, rather than just try to rehash Wrestling's Greatest Hits. Especially trying to shoehorn people into recreating a stable so inextricably linked to specific personalities. Is Archer really a Ric Flair type? I'd rather see him as himself than try to play somebody else. Maybe a better comparison than suggesting a new nWo would have been "people who suggest a Montreal Screwjob angle".
  23. People who suggest a New Horsemen are only a half-step above people who suggest a new nWo.
  24. Featuring Heavy Machinery cosplay and Children's Birthday Party Undertaker Impersonator! Imagine how disgusting those beards must get during a match.
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