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  1. I wanted to post this on the old board. Tremendous stuff.
  2. It was that weird T-Bone suplex gimmick.
  3. That isn't QUITE the case with me. I just stopped watching because I thought it was awful lol. I started wrestling 10 years ago and just recently gave up on it. In regards to your argument, I agree. It's dumb to stop watching it just because you are in the business yourself. If that is your only reason, then you were probably never truly a fan.
  4. I had a conversation with one of my younger contemporaries in the business, and she didn't understand how someone in wrestling could NOT watch wrestling(which is me in this case, obvi). I had a hard time explaining that I treat it like any other tv show or movie. If I think it sucks, I don't watch it. I'm close to a year removed from watching any American wrestling, save for a show here and there, just to test the water and see if it is safe to dive back in. So far, nothing has really brought me back. This made me wonder, am I missing something? My local friends seem to really be enjoyi
  5. Summer League basketball is......something. Don't expect defense lol
  6. Believe it or not, I'm cautiously optimistic about the Monta deal. Yeah, I would have rather had Iggy, or Dwight, or CP3, or Evans, or Al Jefferson, but we needed a scorer, and I think Carlisle will get something good from him. Honestly, we had to make a deal for a scorer SOMEWHERE, and this is what was available. I do agree that it's alot of money, which I would have saved for a big fish next year, but it's becoming apparent that the big fish aren't going to Dallas right now. I'm much more upset about the Larkin injury, but he'll be back in time for the opener. I like the idea of a start
  7. What's it like Jae? Being optimistic about your team's future?
  8. I honestly think the Nets taking all of these guys was meant to give Kidd some solid veterans in his first season. They are a second round team at best, but they'll make J. Kidd look decent in his first coaching season.
  9. Of all of Dwight's suitors, I think Golden State would have been his best chance of actually, you know, winning a championship. Houston is still in the process of gutting their team because of him, and after last season, I would be dying to keep Asik. Dallas having to eat free agent table scraps is "friend zoned by the love of your life" levels of depressing. Literally just a read a story that we were an hour away from signing Iggy. I hate life.
  10. I just wanted to let you all know that I didn't off myself after the horrendous Mavs offseason.
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