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  1. I've never stopped watching for a long period of time but I remember the first time I felt really uncomfortable about wrestling was when I was 15 and Steve Austin (a face) stunned Stacy Keibler (another face) because she didn't like beer. Made no sense and felt even more gross considering Austin was just a little over a year removed from his arrest.
  2. No kidding. All we need is for everyone to turn on Gregg and we're fully back in 2013.
  3. "Hey John! Daniel got cleared! You can have an opponent at Wrestlemania!" *remembers Summerslam 2013* "Uhhhh, thats great! But I'm sure the Undertaker will answer any day now." I just want Bryan vs Goldust.
  4. Or just swap out "Moolah Memorial" with "Rougeau Brothers" and make the trophy a set of golden mini US flags.
  5. How great would it have been if Cena had ran out, tossed Anderson for the final elimination and just proclaimed himself to be Braun's partner? I guess I'll take stupid Cena vs Taker instead.
  6. I just hope whomever put the hidden camera in the women's locker room is quickly caught and dealt with.
  7. Today I discovered that this existed: Terry Funk can choose whatever goddamn burger he wants.
  8. Matt would leave Bray in the lake too long and we'd get Husky Harris.
  9. The story was Vince took the Doomsday Device but Hawk barely touched him with the clothesline and a few guys caught Vince on the way down. Neidhart said that the Hart Foundation would have the balls to do their finish properly and Bret drunkenly agreed while thinking "What the fuck did I just say?" so when Jim picked Vince up in a big bear hug, Bret realized he had to do it in front of the boys after agreeing and gave him a shoot running clothesline. They were sprawled out on the floor then Vince slurred "You owe me a drink, Hitman." and they continued the night. The night ended with Davey Boy
  10. Primo will be 10 years on the main roster if he makes it to August. That's kind of shocking.
  11. Laurinaitis already did when Vince told him to sign Hogan.
  12. Weakest show of the reboot by far but still really good. Andrews-Tozawa was good, it just seemed like it took them a bit to get some chemistry going. Andrews winning was a surprise and they had some good stuff towards the end to make it more interesting. Nice to see the crowd into the "AH!" chant. Wish Tozawa won but I like Andrews. Really happy for Buddy Murphy. I was just thinking the other day how he is another guy in NXT who keeps getting passed by for the indy signings despite a ton of talent and how he might never make it out of NXT but now he's coming up and from the vibe of his pr
  13. All that needed was a quick follow up segment of Braun walking away backstage with the camera then panning to reveal a beaten up orchestra, bodies and instruments strewn everywhere.
  14. She Bop. I'm not very good at this.
  15. Not liking spousal abuse= snowflake stuff I liked you better when you were just TNA apologist guy.
  16. Wasn't Sid talking to Hall and Nash? Technically one man does have half the brain of two men.
  17. At this point, I'd be fine with them running a 16 man round robin all year with the Cruiserweight Championship not being decided until Wrestlemania 35 if it means getting matches like the past 2 shows weekly.
  18. Crews is starting to get it together. That's 2 matches in a row where I really wanted him to win despite liking his opposition much more. It just doesn't feel like a Raw until Drew Gulak takes a Lumbar Check. Then I know all is right in the world.
  19. Graves is better at commentary therefore he's in the right.
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