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  1. To be fair, he didn't say 'which' December. So which one were ya, Jimmy Bower or Chris Lovey?
  2. Meanwhile in Ottawa, Eugene Melnyk is mulling whether Karlsson would prefer a $25 or $50 Sears gift card as a bonus.
  3. Huh, thought Jerry Lynn retired.
  4. Looks like 2002 shows are going up on Honor Club. They just added The Era of Honor Begins. Strangely the opening segment with Da Hit Squad and the Christopher Street Connection is missing. No entrances either which has to mean that the delay in getting the old shows up was either removing all the music or removing all traces of the CSC.
  5. *puts hands in pockets, kicks nearby stone* Stupid title...
  6. Daniel Bryan's dragon screws and heel hooks look very hurty. Wish Usos vs Good Brothers got more time. Kofi springing off of Cesaro was pretty nuts. Sonya is pretty damn tough and I can't wait for Bryan vs Joe next week. Oh and Kevin Bennett from SMASH wrestling did a great job getting the shit kicked out of him by Almas.
  7. Gulak broke out the CHIKARA special, Kendrick was great on commentary ("Why didn't he just walk over and dropkick him?") and Itami and Tozawa beat the piss out of each other. Good job 205.
  8. Yeah I'm cheating. For an actual movie:
  9. Well, yeah that too. A fantastic spectacle then Andre gets his own elbow pad...
  10. Magnum vs Tully I Quit. Clear good guy, clear bad guy, blood and violence, good guy overcomes odds to win.
  11. Phew, thank goodness. *Takes silver bullets out of gun, leaves 1 just in case*
  12. I'm just waiting for an indy guy to name himself "Al Lynn".
  13. ....I take it you've never done security at an Irish bar. *Shudders* Congrats to Peyton Royce on making it to SD. Pretty much seals it that Dillinger is going to Raw now, right?
  14. I can't decide what part is my favorite between the kid's "I'm gonna fuck you up" stance with Trent begging off or the kid hooking the leg.
  15. I don't even like Brody but the green background moves so I kept it.
  16. I used up my 1 Rasslin show per month budget on Destiny bringing in British Strong Style but this should be crazy go nuts if it even happens.
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