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  1. Dark Elevation was really good this week. 5 matches. All of them entertaining in one way or another. 1) Leyla Hirsch and Riyo Mizunami team up and are a ton of fun. 2) FTR on Dark is always the best, and being matched up against a monster named Toa the Samoan Lion makes the best even better. 3) Emi Sakurai, which means Lulu pencil, who gets two big laughs out of me for her actions in the background. 4) QT vs 10, where QT gets a massive shiner. 5) No More BS vs three dudes, which is every bit as much fun as you might expect. Dark has a Fish opener, a Dragon main event, The debut of Too Fast Too Fuego, Riho, Kingston, Dante, a guy where the "R" in his surname is pronounced as an "H" who looks cool and can kick (though that match went WAY too long) and a negative One appearance! Do I need to point out that the Danielson match is pretty great? I do not. "Frankly my dear, do you think I give a damn?" That is a Rhett-orical question. DYNAMITE The Elite vs. The Dark Order Sammy Guevara vs Ethan Page for the TNT Title Serena Deeb vs Hikaru Shida in Round 1 of the TBS Tournament Mox vs 10 in the Eliminator Tournament Punk vs Fish! RAMPAGE Lio Rush & Dante Martin vs Sydals Dragon vs King (a classic match-up if ever there was one) in the Eliminator!! Probably there's more. Do we need more? That seems like enough, to be honest.
  2. The idea of bringing Randy Orton (and Charlotte Flair) into AEW was floated in the main October discussion thread, and there's an aspect of it that I'd like to discuss in more detail here. (My basic take is that AEW is unlikely to "move the needle" by bringing Orton in. I kind of buy into the narrative that a lot of the "WWE Universe" is just watching out of habit and/or they actual like WWE's specific booking and production and so on. I think that the number of people who watch WWE because of Orton and/or Charlotte, and would follow them to a different promotion, is likely to be negligible). I've said it before: I sincerely believe that growth, when it comes, will come organically and the main benefit of bringing more wrestlers into AEW is giving us, the fans, more great matches (which is something that I am very much in favour of)! So, assuming I am correct about that (and of course feel free to let me know how I am wrong, if that's what you think): Who in AEW would you really be excited to see against Randy Orton in the ring? In particular, is there anyone you'd rather see vs Orton than vs Bryan or vs Punk or vs Malakai or vs Christian? Or vs Darby or Sammy or Moxley or Kingston or Miro? Lance Archer or Fenix or Starks or Hobbs? How about: vs Griff or Silver or Bear Bronson or JD Drake or Wardlow or Garcia or Ethan Page? Or Toa the Samoan Lion, who was on Dark Elevation today and looks like a lot of fun? I personally would rather watch basically any of AEW's young top-card guys or on-the-rise middle card guys against a random opponent than Randy Orton. BUT I know I'm a really really low voter on Orton (and a very high voter on JD Drake, Bear Country, and many others). But there are already so many great potential match-ups on that AEW roster. My feeling is that Orton would do more to take time away from watching those matches than he would add to the list. That he'd take more off of AEW's table than he'd bring to it. But maybe that's just me. And I'm curious what other people think and I'd be happy to be convinced otherwise. Maybe Randy vs Cody would be interesting as a battle of second-generation stars who both feel disrespected by that fans? Maybe you could use a team-up with Randy to turn Christian or someone, if you want to make a new heel but the fans seem to really like the guy? Maybe Randy Orton vs Adam Page would be fun in the same way that Nick Gage vs Matt Cardona was?? Maybe Orton vs Kenny would obviously be miles better and way more entertaining than Kenny vs, say, John Silver and I'm just too dumb to see it? I'm not saying Orton couldn't have watchable matches with any of these guys, just that I don't think he would allow for better or more fun matches than what AEW already has (and, since I like most of the guys AEW already has, I'd much rather see them in the ring). Please let me know who you'd really like to see Orton have a match with in AEW (and why). Or, is it just his big name star power (which I honestly feel has close to zero value for the promotion at this point - but, again, I might be wrong) that would make him a good addition to the roster?
  3. I think I understand the general sentiment of "if a star becomes available, you sign them" but I have to respectfully disagree. One reason is personal: I have never met Charlotte Flair or Randy Orton, but my sense is that I wouldn't want to work with either of them, work in a place where either are employed, or (perhaps most of all) be in charge of a work environment where either one is present. In Charlotte's case it's entirely down to the Kairi Sane incident. To me, that was such horrifically unprofessional and self-centred behaviour that I doubt I'll ever be able to move beyond it. Unforgivable. In Orton's case, it's down to the oft-repeated stories of him thinking it's hilarious to use other wrestler's bags as a toilet, and to stand around literally holding his dick in his hand while locker room etiquette dictates that the newcomer shake that same hand. Who needs the headaches? There's also a business reason: I sincerely believe that signing both Charlotte and Orton would not "move the needle" a single inch as far as AEW's same-day live TV viewership numbers are concerned. I can't imagine many members of the "WWE Universe" would follow them to AEW and I am certain that they won't draw more pro wrestling fans than Punk and Bryan. Business-wise, I don't think you'd be making a good investment just in terms of straight-up dollars spent vs dollars earned. That is without even considering the potential damage to morale and the reduced opportunities to elevate younger workers. Finally, I just think that the "WWE stink" is just WAY to strong on both of them. It's pretty far removed from Miro/Black/Soho situation where everyone could see they were being used badly. Orton and Charlotte have both been pushed relentlessly... In fact, I'd go so far as to say that I think AEW would lose more "hardcore" AEW fans than they could possibly recoup if they brought either or both of those wrestlers in, and pushed them right away. It's one of the very few things AEW could do that might turn me (and my many FITE-subscribing, merch-purchasing friends) away from AEW. tl/dr: I ain't fer it, I'm agin it.
  4. I think there was. You should write an angry letter to the promotion about that. Yes, I am suggesting that you send AEW some cross words.
  5. Dragon vs Dustin was really, really good. I'm starting to suspect that this Danielson kid might be pretty good.
  6. Cody v Malakai Eliminator Tournament: Bryan v Dustin, Kingston v Archer tbs Tournament: Penelope v Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby Soho Jungle Boy v Brandon Cutler! I can't believe they are giving Boy v Cutler away on free TV. First they put Tommy End in the ring instead of having him sit in a dark room, now they are hot-shotting this grudge match. It's like AEW is afraid of making money. Oh well. At least they're very very very likely to continue the streak of TV shows with white hot crowds and one or more genuinely great matches. I think Vegas has the over/under for great matches on this show set at 3.5
  7. It makes perfect sense if part of the plan in booking the tournament is to turn Mox to set him up as a challenger for the new anxious millennial champ down the road, which I think is likely. Mox heeling out on OC and then on American Dragon would probably be enough to get him booed. And it was pretty much a banana-peel finish after Hobbs physically dominating the lion's share of the match so I dont think it hurts Hobbs monster credentials all that much.
  8. According to his book: Bryan first saw the move performed by Muta at an NWA tournament called Future Shock '89 (Starrcade '89, in Atlanta. Presumably he watched it on video year later? He would have been 9 at the time). Muta wasn't using it as a finisher, but Bryan thought it might be cool to use it as one. He called it the "bridging chicken wing thing." He started using it in Memphis (in 2000), but only a few times as a finisher. He first heard the name "Cattle Mutilation" from Reckless Youth at the Super 8 (presumably 2001) which is where he started using it as his regular finisher. At first, he didn't know what Youth was referring to, and after it was explained to him he assumed he'd never hear the term again. Subsequently, Christopher Daniels also called the hold the "Cattle Mutilation" but Bryan didn't like the imagery and in his own mind kept calling it the "bridging chicken wing thing." He says that he continued to call it that until late 2002, when he finally accepted that everyone else in ROH called it the Cattle Mutilation and there was nothing he could do to change that.
  9. So, are you suggesting that we should Always Bet on
  10. That's a really excellent pro wrestling moment there. Well thought-out and very well-executed. When Black paused in thought I figured he was going to go back and hurt Dante some more. Then, just that slightest nod. And Martin's selling pain and exhaustion, but you know he saw it. That was enough. No need to be overly dramatic. Subtle (particularly by pro wrestling standards), but effective (by pretty much any reasonable standard). Camera work was really good, too.
  11. Obviously, we are all freaking out about this over here. I can now confirm, straight from the horse's mouth, it's true. You can't imagine how happy this makes me. I really hope he will work with Dotonbouri Pro (Kuuga) and Colega (Bodyguard) I super-duper hope he runs the old Delfin/Dotonbouri/Minami Move On Arena. That was the greatest place in the world to watch wrestling, drink, and have fun.
  12. Someone in pro wrestling should definitely steal the 10-count bit that starts around 3:30 here. The whole clip is one of my all-time favourite movie scenes.
  13. And now that we have definitive proof that a Dragon is stronger than a Fish, the next logical step for Bobby is to challenge Taz's son. Because Fish vs Hook is a natural rivalry.
  14. Tournament bracket announcement Anxious Millennial Hangman interview Dragon vs Fish Lucha Bros vs A Masked Team of Andrade's acquaintance Mox vs Wheeler Hogan (not.that one) vs Penelope Dante vs Malakai I have marked out so much today (Bryan vs MiSu, etc, plus the stuff I posted in the pics and merch threads). Hopefully i can still get it up tomorrow morning (my time) for Saturday Dynamite.
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