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  1. I'm actually hoping Pinnacle wins again, and Inner Circle breaks up. Would be best for PnP and Sammy, and I don't care about Jericho or Hager.
  2. Aren't the upcoming summer shows full capacity? The shirt is the property, not the person wearing it. NFL teams used to do this all the time, it's a riff off that. And yeah, Max Caster is the king of Dark. Just so much fun watching him rip into jobbers. Just wish he and Bowens would rip off some MX doubleteams.
  3. someone send Hiromu over to DDP.
  4. Limelight's going to get a full time contract either from AEW (and I think he's one of the signed but not publicly so guys), or NJPW, where he's also been killing it on strong. He's not going to be hurting when this is done. As for Dark success stories- we already have them: Powerhouse Hobbs, the Acclaimed, Bear Country, Tay Conti.
  5. Miro can survive being done is by his own hubris. That's how he should be losing when he does lose, either his temper or his cockiness gets him rolled up or flash finished.
  6. Looking like NJPW's covid problem is now a lot worse- might be up to 9 now. So far only mild symptoms on everyone.
  7. I like junior titles. I can buy smaller guys occasionally beating bigger ones. Would someone like Rey or Liger have had as good a career without a junior division?
  8. I think she makes more doing that than she did working MLW.
  9. I had it as they hated MJF so much that they wanted to incapacitate the other guys, just so they could punish MJF as much as possible, and that's what cost them. I mean really, FTR/Wardlow/Spears they have beef with primarily because they're with MJF.
  10. I'm wondering where does everyone go from here? I feel like it was too early for this, as these guys kinda have to feud with each other for a few more months. Hopefully it leads to Sammy being pushed to eventually take the TNT off of Miro in about six months after making MJF pay. MJF kinda needs to go for gold against, but heel vs heel?
  11. I think El Phantasmo has done one of those. As for the WWE stuff, I think many of us have been so disappointed for so long we can't even bring ourselves to hate WWE anymore- we've just grown completely indifferent to it- and that is worse for WWE.
  12. AEW isn't lacking in good babyface women- Tay, Anna when she comes back could be a face easily, Riho, Shida's a good face, Ryo, and Rosa.
  13. They don't need her, they have enough great talent. Daga isn't really needed either- nothing against him, but he wouldn't add much to AEW.
  14. I mean if they needed a lawyer, the Texas Law Hawk is closer and would have a more entertaining gimmick.
  15. They should be able to get crowds after June 15th due to loosening of restrictions then.
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