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  1. NJPW helped him out as well, he slowly developed a character a bit over there, though AEW gave him the chance to flesh it out fully. I wonder how NJPW Hangman would have turned out- prob ended up Tanahashi's protoge Painmaker was fine vs Darby. I kinda saw Painmaker back then as NJPW Jericho instead of AEW Jericho, so him going rougher on Darby made sense given Darby got in his business. I don't see Jericho as a credible deathmatch guy, though he surprised me there. Then again, even Flair did a solid deathmatch a couple of times.
  2. Knox was fine in LU as well, but the rules were cared about even less there.
  3. Rosa would be better choice. I'm not sure Leyla could lead Paige around. Rosa and Emi are the best carriers in the women's division. I do want to see PVZ try her hand at this though.
  4. You wouldn't even have to turn Mox long-term heel. Just have Mox see Hangman as an unworthy champion, not mentally tough enough, and leads to a battle for respect in a hardcore match. Ends with a handshake and Mox goes back face. Beating Omega makes you champ. Beating Mox makes you in AEW.
  5. Well. given what MOTY did to Archer, Minoru might not be happy with Lambert himself. You don't get angrier wrestling grandpa than Minoru Suzuki.
  6. I suspect this is going to be the Bret vs Shaun of modern day tag wrestling. I'm team Bret as I was in the early 90s.
  7. I'd want Josh Woods stretching Sammy.
  8. I wish AEW had more matches in the style of Punk/Garcia. Garcia's great and will do great if he goes with AEW, but he really feels more like a ROH/NJPW type of guy in how he is.
  9. LU's trios title was pretty good. WCCW 6-man was good due to VE's/Freebirds ROH 6-man is a tertiary belt, but at least isn't useless.
  10. The stipulation was he loses his title shot, not that he could never challenge. The never challenge stip was for the Dark Order and tag belts, and only applied to Bucks.
  11. Shida/Deeb deivered Hangman as Joker was best answer Loved Anna keeping the Order in line Loved even more Paige Van Zant's outfit tonight. Definitely cute! Only thing I've enjoyed of the American Top Team stuff so far. Hopefully The Acclaimed win the belts, they won't though. Liked Malakai/Martin. He's never going to live long enough to drink, is he? Liked Sammy/Fish MJF and Darby stuff blah. Garcia/Punk will be nice on Rampage.
  12. I genuinely have a soft spot for the Acclaimed, even with the hokey rap. I get a NAO vibe out of them, but better.
  13. Ah, I guess I've curated things enough where I just don't run into those folks much anywhere I go. I get lots of support , boude, and raclette instead. ^_^
  14. Are you using one of those blockbots? I can't imagine interacting with 20000 folks, let alone blocking. I think I have about 50 blocks on mine, most of which were random hateful bigots I ended up reporting. Then again, Twitter for me is like 100 folks I follow, none of it wrestling related, largely friends/folks I met through another hobby. Going Kojima on folks works too. Fully agree with not tolerating bigots. I have it horrible with my mom who constantly tries to call me closeminded for not accepting or tolerating her views (she's gone down the wrong path, and it's too late for her to learn her left and right hand turn signals) I have to keep just about everything about myself secret from her, which is awful.
  15. He turned down working for WWF and went back to Europe. He didn't need the money- he had JBL-like success on his investments.
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