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  1. The Acclaimed are toned down on Dynamite compared to Dark. They definitely have been told what they can't say on TV. Caster has been hit or miss with his raps, I like his dynamite stuff better since it's more creative. The Duke Lacrosse thing was more about a railroading attempt/false accusation than a rape thing to me. it was clear they were trying to make their opponents frauds , it just came out a lot different than I think it was intended. Hopefully the smoke gets them to rein it in some, I do like the Acclaimed, they're a good heel team that does things well, and they're over.
  2. The funny thing is a lot of western NJPW fans are mad at EVIL right now (for reasons other than being a shitty Memphis heel), he apparently used a gay slur on Shingo recently. Caster's raps got him over, Caster and Bowens are greater than the sum of their parts, they're a much better version of the NAO. I do think we're getting a full video on the Blondes since that is going to be built up. That said, I'll take Caster's in-character cringe over the Blondes IRL cringe any day of the week
  3. I think this is going to be the pre-show match or 2nd match on the PPV as a tag eliminator.
  4. The Acclaimed aren't big enough stars to get away with anything that would cross the line. If they're told to stop it, they will. They probably would need a talking to at most- the Biles stuff was in bad taste to me, the rest of it was fine and within the bounds of the gimmick.
  5. The only time the Acclaimed were faces was one match vs MJF and Jericho. The problem is people love the Acclaimed too much for them to stay heel.
  6. We're not going to lockdowns unless Delta hits a 5% lethality rate or something. Mask mandates will likely return for a bit (and already have in safe blue areas), but we're reopened, even if it's a new normal, I don't see us closing down again, especially since the vaccine is widely avaliable and makes COVID about as risky as the flu to vaccinated folks. (The flu can still kill you too) I could see attendance taking a hit if people get scared, while Delta is raging I don't want to travel to any big events/shows , and I am looking at cancelling the thing I was planning in November, which saddens me, but I get a few more months to work on myself which is good. BTW- please get vaccinated if you haven't! Japan might shutdown briefly, but I think they'll reopen once they get a good amount of vaccinations- vaxxing has picked up in Japan, and I think all the NJPW and DDT/TJPW folks have gotten their first doses at least.
  7. Just saw AEW got a TV deal with India just now. https://lockerroom.in/blog/view/AEW-India-Eurosport
  8. How about Miro/Hangman, perhaps as a trilogy. I kinda think Hangman holding the TNT belt for a good while, then challenging Kenny again as he rebuilds confidence would work.
  9. I do think there would be a real risk if Page beat Omega at all out that his reign would be overshadowed by Punk/Bryan, ironically CM Punking page where Punk's WWE reign was treated as midcard even though he held the belt for a year.
  10. I'd be fine with Omega losing to someone else, then Page beats that someone, but has impostor syndrome because he didn't beat Omega.
  11. I'd want that Freya woman they used on Dark once. She'd be a good bodyguard type.
  12. Right now AEW has a lot of younger acts who could do more with Jericho's spot than what Jericho is doing with it. Jericho's next act needs to be getting Sammy over. MJF doesn't have a good history with loser leaves matches- though his MLW one was killer and convinced me MJF could put the working boots on when needed.
  13. We're going to get a top rope Judas effect.
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