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  1. WFTDA just posted this weekend final! http://wftda.tv/archives/2014-wftda-championships/rose-city-rollers-vs-gotham-girls-roller-derby/
  2. The energy in the building was unbelievable for the Gotham/Rose game. One of the loudest derby crowds I've ever heard. I was there this weekend and you're spot on with it being one of the loudest crowds in history, Rose got the ball rolling with their amazing intro and Gotham followed it up with a pretty bad ass one too, the whole arena doing the flying motion for Scald Eagle was also really cool. Last nights final was hands down the best bout in the short history of the sport but the whole weekend was filled with amazing bouts and moments, when WFTDA puts everything up on YouTube watch as much as you can.
  3. It was #3 but very very close with the Piper - Adonis "retirement" hair match.
  4. If we wanna do Rocky IV..... Apollo is the heel, not Drago. His insistence on showing up Drago - who just wants a chance to ply his trade - is what led to his demise. His only babyface traits are that he's American and we know him from the other movies. But taken by itself, he's clearly the heel.. It was hard enough to believe that two caucasian men were competing for the heavyweight boxing title at the tiume, but not now Eastern Europe and Russia has had some badass representation in the boxing world lately. It wasn't a title fight, Rocky vacated his title so he could go fight Drago in Moscow. It's mentioned briefly in the press conference scene and again at the start of Rocky V, when the Don King style promoter tries to set-up a fight with Rocky and new champ Union Kane.
  5. If the bracket holds this weekend the London-Texas bout Sunday night should be a classic. Both have transfers that can make a big difference, Texas picked up Team USA member Trauma from KC and London picked up Kid Block from Tiger Bay. I saw Kid Block play at ECDX for Tiger Bay and she was really impressive, totally dominated every bout she was in that weekend, she's also going to represent England at the World Cup. In other derby news, I'm going to be one of the coaches of Team Greece for the World Cup! http://www.gofundme.com/teamgreece14
  6. He isn't going to be fired for how he initially handled the scandal, it's going to be due to all of his bumbling the past few days and not having this whole thing go away quickly and quietly. If you just spent $1.4 Billion buying the Buffalo Bills do you want Roger Goodell at your side trying to get taxpayers to pay for a new stadium? if you own the 31 other teams in the NFL do you want Roger Goodell at the wheel when it come to the Los Angeles situation? The smart owners know that an expansion team will bring them a insane amount of money in expansion fees, do you want that golden goose killed via the Raiders or Rams moving there when their leases are up after next season? Do you want the Chargers mucking things up with their claims of territorial rights to LA? Do you want him as the face of the league trying to get taxpayers and investors to build a stadium at minimal cost to the league and potential owner? I could go on and on. Goodell hasn't worked anywhere but the NFL and he got the internship because his father was a powerful political figure in New York, he doesn't have the public realtions background like Pete Rozelle or law background of Paul Tagliabue. He's a rich kid who had the connections and kissed enough ass to get where he is, he's disposable to the owners.
  7. While Art Rooney hasn't been known for his pettiness, I can't imagine Ravens fans are going to be happy to see him involved. And well not sure anyone is happy for Mara after he stooged the Cowboys and Redskins on that salary cap issue Rooney and Mara are the only two owners respected enough by the media and other owners to oversee this investigation and they'll be the ones who decide if Godell stays or goes. I doubt many people will buy two owners, no matter how well they are respected, to oversee an independent investigation. October is shaping up to be a very difficult and uncomfortable month for the NFL. \/\/\/ While they are good names it is not like we are getting an independent investigation. This was another misstep. The 32 NFL owners are Goodell's boss and the two most respected and powerful owners are the one's overseeing it, what other route could they have taken. This investigation is just a formality so they have a reason to fire him come the owners meeting next month, it's going to be like the scene at the end of Casino when all the old mobsters decided who lives or dies and Goodell will have the same fate as Alan King's character.
  8. While Art Rooney hasn't been known for his pettiness, I can't imagine Ravens fans are going to be happy to see him involved. And well not sure anyone is happy for Mara after he stooged the Cowboys and Redskins on that salary cap issue Rooney and Mara are the only two owners respected enough by the media and other owners to oversee this investigation and they'll be the ones who decide if Godell stays or goes.
  9. I feel stupid for asking this but who is the dude across from The Golden Boy? Willie Gilzenberg who was the WWWF president in the 60's and 70's, I think he also owned a small percentage of the promotion. Vince Sr. Is sitting across from Jr. & Linda.
  10. I am disappointed they didn't somehow have the Goldberger with bacon. Don't be that disappointed his burger includes two different cheeses, remember meat and dairy together is a big no no for people keeping kosher.
  11. They also had astro-turf from the late 60's to early 90's.
  12. St. Elsewhere was another example of a show with low ratings, but high ad revenue because of the kind of viewers it attracts. WWE does better ratings than NASCAR, you would think that they could use that as leverage. The WWE/NASCAR demographics have to be pretty similar, right? WWE's demos would be a lot younger compared to NASCAR.
  13. NBC cut out IOC President Thomas Bach's statement about discrimination. http://deadspin.com/nbc-edits-out-ioc-anti-discrimination-statement-from-op-1518727938
  14. What about Zachary "Old Rough & Ready" Tyler? Not to be that guy, but it was Zachary Taylor, and John Tyler.. Doh!
  15. What about Zachary "Old Rough & Ready" Tyler?
  16. The odds for the first score to be a safety were 60 to 1. I couldn't find first play from scrimmage is a safety odds, but it would most likely be 75 to 1 or 100 to 1.
  17. I maintain the Tuck Rule Coupon game is still the much bigger travesty. As shady as the calls were in Super Bowl XL the final score was still 21-10 which in many ways means it wasn't much worse than the recent Panthers/9ers Divisional game. All we really know is if all those shady calls don't go against the Seahawks, it's a close game with no real indicator of who wins. On the other hand, once Brady isn't bailed out by some archaic crock of shit rule after the strip/sack by Charles Woodson we know the Raiders kneel down, run the clock out and eliminate those assholes. So......Pot. Kettle. Black. People also forget Mike Holmgren's horrible clock management in Super Bowl XL.
  18. Mister TV

    30 For 30

    So I guess Tony Kornheiser is the Steve Lombardi of ESPN docs.
  19. There's wrestling at the Irish Center now! I grew up not to far from there and spent my summers swimming at the pool.
  20. Do you think when some campaign worker for Linda McMahon's oppenent brought up that this happened during a meeting no one believed them? It still blows my mind that they were doing stuff like this when the audience was still over 50% kids, tons of their merch was geared towards kids and their main advertisers were candy and video games.
  21. You must not have looked at ESPNEWS - BCS Film Room was one of the best original things ESPN has put together in years. I watched most a lot of the game on that channel, great concept they just needed to ditch Matt Millen who talked over people way to much. I hope they do something like it for Monday Night Football next season. Also, Paul Chryst speaks! As a Pitt fan all I've seen out of him was blank stares with the occasional coach cliche tossed in once and awhile.
  22. It looks like 61 year old d-line coach Larry Johnson has thrown his hat into the ring for the Penn State job, he's the only Paterno assistant left on the staff and seems to be the choice of the "Paterno People."
  23. And I assume the nutjobs at Happy Valley are busy trying to dig up the corpse of Joe Pa so he can coach the Littany Lions again...Go read some of the Penn State message boards and comment sections, it's amazing!
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