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  1. Is it still in effect that Cody cannot challenge for the World title due to not beating Jericho? If so, then what you are suggesting makes a lot of sense to me!
  2. Would have been a great heel move, if Bayley would have then beat Renee to it and text "Your wife is pregnant, by the way! You're Welcome!" to Mox! To spoil Renee's surprise!
  3. Hey, shit needs to get in and Cage is on a tight schedule! I wonder if Cage would be athletic enough to stop something like a spinning cross body in mid air and back off from the sight of the elbow? That way both guys could get something out of that homage spot.
  4. This happened? Holy crap! Cody should have made Cage back off and cower in fear, by flashing the bionic elbow straight after that spot. Just as an icing on the cake, if you weeell!
  5. Yeah, some of the stuff regarding the Tully, Brainbusters-Demolition and that particular title change have been discussed here previously, but it only occured to me upon watching Colossal Connection win the titles, that Demolition's second title reign altogether was something of a back-up plan. What ened up being their 3rd reign only should have been their second, starting at WMVI. As a storyline, it worked out pretty well. Heenan panics, as Brainbusters lose the titles and hauls out Andre to desperately try and win them back. They do, but Andre is nearing the end of his career and Haku needs to carry the workload and Andre is mostly used as the big immovable lump that you cannot kick out from under. Demolition, embarrassed by their quick and decisive loss, level up upon the rematch and figure this out. When they lost the titles, Smash didn't tag in once, while in a match where they regained the belts, Andre didn't. So, Ax and Smash obviously figured some shit out between the matches. Heenan loses another title, loses his shit, fires Andre and gets slapped around. Andre gets to turn face and unofficially retire. Of course, this sparked something in Demolition, too! Maybe they thought, "phew, that was close" and got a third member and turned heel again, because they didn't want to feel overmatched like that again? Then LOD shows up and it's all down hill for Demos after that!
  6. I just watched the Demolition - Colossal Connection title change on Prime Time, which got me thinking: Was this title change only necessitated by Tully and Arn leaving? Was the original plan for Demolition to regain from Brainbusters at WMVI? Does anyone know if this was the case or not?
  7. Considering this was the last seconds of Virgil's honeymoon with the fans (he WAS very over from after WMVII through SummerSlam'91 until he lost the million$ title back to Dibiase) this is pretty damn awesome face team. Virgil still improved in the ring for about a year and then it all went down the shitter. It's kinda hard to believe this team actually lost, even if the decision itself was questionable at best. Obviously, the team they faced was very formidable, as well!
  8. I hear this a lot but, I've never experienced one of those 4 hour musicals, myself! ...and I assume the 4 hour long is reference to Viagra's effects.
  9. They are custom, so whichever you like, you can get. I don't have the direct link here, but either way they've got your ass covered! Don't worry !
  10. New batch of Prime Time just dropped y'all! ...it seems oddly christmas / survivor series themed batch from 89-92, but only a few episodes.
  11. Well, they at least used to do tours of Great Britain and Ireland, so even if one could possibly think that these two awesome places are one amazing place, anyone from the outside would (or at least ought to) pick up on these fundamental differences: One of these places uses Euro (like Finland does) as their currency, the other one uses Pound. One of these places considers 1 unit of alcohol to be 4cl (like Finland does) the other one 2,5cl! This is how I can tell if I'm in Ireland or Scotland, most of the time.
  12. Is Drew now 2 for 2 with WWE title opportunities? This was his first attempt to regain his title, right? He sure don't mess about! Also, holy shit!
  13. Why does this (combined with Just Drew's comments) suddenly make me think of season 2's biggest plot twist of Netflix's "You" -series? Are we sure Alexa's not just saying she didn't know who he was? After that show, I can never be sure of things like that.
  14. Yeah, my friend is going to be heartbroken over this, as well!
  15. Wow, that sucks for Scotty, then! Crush and bunch of others did ok shoot(?) lifting Yoko a tiny bit off the ground, but I guess the metal forearm shot to the forehead made Yoko leap into Luger's arms, instead of getting knocked out, like everyone else (including himself about every other time he got hit with it).
  16. Rik Mayall was the F'n best! The Young Ones and Bottom 4 eternity! ...and it seems like the New Statesman is something I need to be seeing stat, as well!
  17. I'm not saying it isn't, but does it always have to be sexual tension? Maybe they are just really not-good friends?
  18. I can totally see that too! Especially with the spoiler tag covering the lower half of Nash's face. Resemblance is eerie.
  19. Yeah, I've never actually seen even the original one, but if the title is a spoiler, that's a lot of spit. I would assume the point could have been established in less time than that. Kinda like those Cole-Gargano rematches.
  20. Yeah, especially as I've gotten older, more than 20 minutes does seem like chore to get and stay into throughout. It does happen, of course, but it seems like I do get more enjoyment out of watching a couple of 15 minute matches than a one 30 minute match, for example. Of course, if the quality is there, then even 30 minutes is doable.
  21. Yeah, well...good attention isn't always guaranteed. Especially considering that the original gif in question probably didn't garner what would be considered "good" attention in the first place. I just thought at this moment in time it would be quite appropriate. Well, not appropriate, but fitting.
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