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  1. I just want to echo @The Natural and @BobbyWhioux: Big Gold and the winged eagle are the best belts ever and can't be topped.
  2. I love Shayna's "aw FUCK" look in this picture. Rhea Ripley is a god damn STAR and if she doesn't take the belt off Shayna asap then I don't know what we are doing anymore. It's going to take an act of god to keep Io as a heel at this point as scary talented as she is, especially with stuff like that insane moonsault. Why would I want to boo her? But Dakota Kai went all in on her turn and it was GREAT. Like @Sky Blue Sam said, no one ever touches Regal, so when she did, she looked like an even bigger asshole and it was tremendous. You can spin so many feuds based off that turn alone. This was the match of the night and as much as I love all the guys involved in the men's wargames(can we get more of Keith Lee just fucking WRECKING dudes, by the way), this should have been the main event
  3. See, what makes Joker work is that it's really not a "Joker" movie. You have references to Thomas Wayne and such, but that's not what the movie is about. If you make a sequel, someone along the way will pressure it to be more like the comics and try to blend this with the guy we know in the books. Arthur Fleck's descent into madness was a fascinating story, but I can't see Arthur Fleck in the criminal world as being something I would want to see
  4. And at some point Crowbar even had Daffney dressed up in 70s gear! And this is where I feel like I'm crazy, cause I remember a story where Crowbar had the hots for Daffney, but she friend zoned him, then started dating a dude that looked just like him(the name Ashley Hudson jumps out). None of this has shown up on any episodes I've watched, but we got Crowbar in bell bottoms. Fuck, I think I might be high
  5. Chris Jericho, king of ad segues, killed me on this one. "Well, Cass, we know you felt like you were on your way out and tying up loose ends before you drank yourself to death. I want to talk about that but before I do, let's talk about how to save you money on Black Friday shopping!"
  6. So, random question here. Watching Old WCW Thunder(it's REALLY hard to keep yourself entertained working night shift)and Mike Awesome and Crowbar come out as Those 70s Guys. I have absolutely no memory of this or how we got here. How did they end up teaming and why were they both 70s guys?
  7. God, can we PLEASE get them back in NXT? Are they doing anything on the main roster that is so important we couldn’t have them back in the one show where they actually were over and get to do shit like this match on the regular?
  8. If we have to do this brand supremacy bullshit, then it should have been WWE vs NXT, not the three shows against each other. Raw and Smackdown band together because they are tired of hearing how much better these assholes on the developmental brand blow them out of the water, and NXT wants to show that they are more then just the C show. We are the A show, we are the main roster now. You don’t like it? FIGHT. Is it perfect? Hell no. But at least there would be some reason, even if it’s a flimsy one, why these guys are fighting. And since we have to do qualifying matches for everything these days, you could do worse then Raw and Smackdown guys vying for the right to compete on a combined team to take on NXT. But all of this only works if we keep the t-shirts. The t-shirts are the most important thing
  9. Ok, suckas gots to know. Who the hell is the (I assume)Monica Lewinsky look alike? Is this when 'Wood(didn't he try to get that to stick as a nickname?) was running for president?
  10. This thing would have been a bad episode of Raw at the time. Play a drinking game with the breaks in the Owen and Bulldog match and you'd be hurting. Heavenly Bodies clearly had run out of fucks to give. Yoko squashing jobbers dead and Billy Gunn's silly ass mullet were a sight to behold and....that's it.
  11. You have to give credit to Stevens. This man goes all out to be completely unlikeable and look like a complete fool. None of this cool heel shit here, this asshole comes out in flesh colored trunks and won't let people make eye contact with him. It's so ridiculous and I just want to slap the shit out of him. Good work to you, sir
  12. @HarryArchieGus your point about how it feels good to support this company for the things they do right cannot be liked enough. AEW has a ton of goodwill they have built up in their short existence for the simple reason that this company does not make you feel like they actively hate you or think you are stupid like WWE main roster shows do. Its amazing how when you book babyfaces not to be utter geeks that we the fans can get invested in them. I could not give two shits about Cody in the WWE but I actively look forward to what he's doing here. Jurassic Express would have lasted maybe 5 minutes before Luchasaurus turned on Jungle Boy, but the people got behind them and they are stars in the making. Goodwill goes a long way and AEW has it so far
  13. Tyler Bate and Trent Seven are both so damn great and their match against Undisputed Era was on of my favorite NXT TV matches. I know Ohno is never going to amount to anything more then what he is now but the guy is still great and as long as he's putting on matches like this it's ok by me. I loved his cocky look when Bate was trying to German him like "Are you fucking kidding me" turn to utter shock that he was being lifted and about to be dropped on his head. I hope Tyler stays far far away from the main roster. And since you mentioned it, can we get Gable on a plane over to the UK asap???
  14. LOVE this scene. "This is the really real world. There ain't no coming back" God, we could do a whole thread on just why that whole movie is fucking epic
  15. His tweet about how every Tuesday before Smackdown him and Vince lock each other in the old man's office, take their shirts off and have a push ups contest while screaming at each other might be the greatest thing ever on the twitter machine
  16. Did....did I just see Keanu Reeves as a talking tumbleweed? Am I having a stroke? Is this real life?
  17. Val Kilmer shouting "THERE'S A PECK WITH AN ACORN AND HE'S POINTING IT AT ME" is still the greatest line of that movie and arguably his greatest performance
  18. (1)I would totally buy this and (2)I really want to see what the huge tirade from Sami is
  19. -Shawn Spears is AEW's Dolph Ziggler. He's never going to be a real threat or do anything at the top of the card, but he's the perfect guy to have someone you want to move up a notch beat. He's a cromulant wrestler and fits in the mid card. He can make an up and coming babyface look good, eat a finisher or two and go about his business. -With the pay per view pricing, I can see the point that if you put on something people are excited enough to see, $50 isn't a big deal. But I can honestly say I REALLY wanted to watch Full Gear but that's too steep for me(damn kids of mine needing groceries and stuff for school and such). Granted, we are spoiled in the streaming network age but it feels like they could get a few more buys if they lowered the price maybe $10 or $15?
  20. Jesus Christ, hats off to both Io and Mia for that match. And I understand why they do it, but I HATE this trend where someone gets cut and we have to send all these people in to tend to the cut and stop the match dead. The toothpaste is out of the tube, but I wish we could remember that we are supposed to watching fighting here and sometimes blood can add to an already great match(I'm looking at you, super awesome Cody Rhodes vs Chris Jericho match from Full Gear) The shameless Bayley mark in me loved seeing her kick some ass and I love the new finisher. Its taking a minute, but she's slowly starting to find a heel groove. Evil prick Finn rules the world and mocking Gargano's neck injury as him being too much of a bitch to fight is some top level trolling. All in on Riddle vs Finn, bro
  21. Is it wrong to be both terrified and reminded that I need to settle down at the same time with this picture?
  22. That Baron Corbin....thing. Why are we doing this in 2019? I bought Rick Rude being suspended for making fun of Big Bossman's mom back in the day, but those were simpler times, damnit. And if we HAVE TO DO THIS, isn't the logical progression of having a dude in a suit that's hanging around with your douchebag heel be that someone surprises said heel by kicking his ass while in the suit and taking off the mask so that we the audience can have a good laugh with our smart babyface outsmarting this asshat? Seems like the kind of thing that a guy like Shorty G would be perfect for. Now that Bray is on the blue show with the blue belt, are we going to have stupid blue lights during his matches? I loved Bryan's reasoning that it takes someone already unstable to want to fight a lunatic like Bray. I hope we can eventually get back to the story they were building with Nakamura and Sami. Maybe they cost Bryan the SS match? I love all the collective members of the New Day but I am so god damn sick of them in tag team matches. Not even saying they need to split them up, but can't we do something different besides title win #345? and GIVE ME REVIVAL VS UNDISPUTED ERA, YOU COWARDS
  23. So, watching this show, we could really do a lot worse then have Ali and Gable be a full time tag team. They both have that underdog baby face appeals. And Ali’s awesome story of trying to show that Muslim does not equal bad person could fit in with Gable’s “embrace who you are” shtick. Hell, it’s not like either guy is really doing anything of note right now anyway
  24. I get the talking point of “violence for the sake of violence” but wasn’t that part of the point of the match itself? That if Kahn and the AEW powers that be wouldn’t sanction the match for fear of the level of violence then Moxley was going to give them blood and guts and then some just as a fuck you? Sure, the match could have been ten minutes shorter but to me it never felt like some of the worst garbage brawls we have seen over the years.
  25. Sweet Jesus, 5 vs 5 vs 5 is just too much. I get having the title matches being triple threat but do we REALLY need this? If we are trying to be nice and get everybody on the show, can't we do a battle royal or something? Or can't we just do a few dream matches with assorted Raw/Smackdown guys vs NXT guys? Do we really need Captain Douchebag trying to recruit anybody from RAW to help him?
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