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  1. I don't think it's as much of an issue that you can't connect Brodie to Uno and Grayson, it's that it feels like a completely different gimmick now. Everything with Uno, the creepers and the build up to Brodie's reveal was more of a cult. Now that we know who the exhaulted one is, it feel like a mafia gimmick almost. Which to me is fine. One of the things most universally panned in the entire run of AEW has been the dark order. And we can say what we want about this company, they are more willing then Mr McBoss and friends to change things up when something isn't working. Brodie is clearly working the kinks of this character out. AEW shows that it's ok to have faith in them to at least try and change a story for the better
  2. If there was ever a guy who had the chance to fill the giant shoes Jesse Ventura left behind, it is Chris Jericho
  3. I'm not opposed to Ronda coming back. As much of a god damn weirdo as she is in real life, she's arguably one of the best rookies to come down the pike in a long time. And there's still money to be made with her having unfinished business with Becky and such(if I had my way, rip off the Rocky movies. Becky=Rocky, Shayna=Clubber Lang, Ronda=Creed). But for FUCK'S SAKE, I am so tired of the Russo esque "all of this other bullshit is fake, I'm real" that keeps finding it's way back into wrestling. You can promote that the MMA crew have more street cred(like in Becky's promo where she talked about how "people like me don't beat trained killers like you")then your average wrestler but I don't give a fuck about who could beat who in a real fight. When I want to see real fights, I watch UFC. I'm just a jabroni mark without a life, but all I want is emotional investment in the two people fighting and a story that makes just a small bit of sense as to why they are fighting. People didn't like the boneyard match thinking Undertaker could legit beat Styles, they liked it because everyone involved embraced the over the top stupid of the entire concept and ran with it. It was different, and it used the "real" aspects in a way that made sense ("How old am I? What's my wife's name?") Go film another movie trailer about some giant tables with Dvon Dudley and shut up, Ronda
  4. As a Kentuckian who lives 15 minutes from the Ohio River, I can vouch for this
  5. I just want to second this. Phoenix elevates the movie through force of will, and the music and the look of the movie are top shelf. I understand that without the Joker/Batman references this movie probably doesn't get made, but I still think those were the weakest parts of the movie. I would have just rather see a movie about this guy and his descent into his own mental abyss and how that reflects on the world around him. He can still think he comes from rich stock, just don't make it Thomas Wayne. I will say, as much as I would rather see this movie sans comic references, I really like the idea of a DIFFERENT kind of comic book movie that they went for here. Its not your standard superhero(ok, villain) origin story, it's a different spin and I like the outside the box thinking.
  6. As you are a wise man who knows things, I must check this movie out
  7. Just out of curiosity, what did you see her in?
  8. (1)the whole "young enough" to carry the company line is dumb on their part because there is a difference between chronological age and TV age. Yeah, AJ is in his 40s but there's a good percentage of WWE fans who had never seen him before. He was fresh and new and more could have been done with him. Clearly no one learned anything from the Hogan/Savage/Hall/Nash etc jumps of the mid 90s and see how well the old men boosted the other side's business. (2)it's also so mind bogglingly stupid that it feels like no one there can see the point @joseph2112 brought up. You want Roman as your top guy, push the shit out of him. Fans boo him, turn him. WHAT THE HELL DO THEY THINK HAPPENED TO THE ROCK? We all booed the hell out of him, we got it out of our systems and realized Rock was awesome and everyone made stupid $$$. Is Roman going to be the next Rock? Hell, probably not, but why not see if he COULD be?
  9. I mean, my god this show is just two hours of nothing. Whether or not we like it or not(and I'm firmly in the not camp)I guess the samoans vs the king feud MUST CONTINUE. But y tho? Even if you were part of the contingent that booed the hell out of Roman, can we all admit he deserves better then this? Can we not find anything better for The Usos to do then throwing dog food? Can Baron Corbin just take a breather from TV for a while? I mean, this feud and all things about it are just DEATH. Otis/Mandy is entertaining but it feels like Otis loses IQ points and clothing by the week. Is he going to be able to form words by the time this date with Mandy happens? Bayley vs Naomi is at least a fresh matchup and finally gives Naomi something to do. That helmet she wore was so ridiculous it crossed over into awesome. I honestly cant remember the rest of the show.
  10. I think one of my favorite things about Walter is that his stuff doesn't look "pretty". Walter is not out there to steal the show, have a moment or put smiles on anyone's face. He's a monster who wants to hurt anyone who dares step up and challenge him. Nothing fancy, nothing over the top, just beating a man down because he wants to WIN. And as much as I love Tyler Bate, let him go visit Pete Dunne in USA NXT or stay here, but keep this man far, far away from the main roster. He's just so damn great and a top notch underdog babyface, but in a Shorty G world(hey,can you imagine THAT match?)he ain't amounting to anything on the main shows
  11. This is the thing that drives me crazy about Brock Lesnar. There are MULTIPLE interesting options and outcomes that one could go with for him being in the Rumble. But the powers that be have shown that when faced with an interesting option to go to for Brock, they immediately go in the opposite direction. We can all throw out stuff like "lolromanwinz" but "Brock Lesnar wins because FUCK YOU THAT"S WHY" has been Vince's go to answer for years now. I would love to be wrong and something new and exciting come out of this Rumble. I like Brock. I like having Brock around. But I don't care about WWE Champion Brock. I don't care about "the reigning, defending, UNDISPUTED...." interviews. I don't care about the spoilers from Heyman. Give me something new. Give me something I haven't see 500 times over the past few years.
  12. Already got my tickets for Louder then Life here in Louisville. Last year's Guns N Roses debacle aside, this festival has always been a blast to attend and can't wait to see Metallica both night.
  13. It's 3:30 in the morning and I'm trying desperately not to laugh as hard as I want to at this so I don't wake up the 20+ angry psych patients at work but this is all *****. Thank you
  14. "Don't FUCK with Querns" is quoted around my house much to the annoyance of my wife far too much.
  15. Late to the party but when you not only give us Tim Olyphantastic but he's in full Justified mode you officially have crossed the threshold into ultimate greatness. I love this show so damn much The "coup" that almost turned into the dance battle from West Side Story and Janet singing "It's simply the test' while Michael is playing the piano had me HOWLING. Can't wait to see where he go from here.
  16. For the record, I think Tessa is awesome in the ring and comes off like a legit star at all times. She's consistently one of the highlights of anytime I catch Impact. But, I just don't get where do we go from here with her as the world champion. Why do you even have a women's championship if your biggest star is challenging for the men's title? If her first feud is against Taya, what happens with the Knockout belt? I'm not against the idea of intergender wrestling on VERY rare occasions as a special attraction but when we get to title matches and world championships you just paint yourself into a corner. (Yes, I don't think Chyna should have ever been intercontinental champion). Asuka and Io Shirai are two of my favorite wrestlers right now but I don't want to see Asuka vs Brock or Io vs Bray. Her winning the belt(all the dumpster fire real like stuff removed)might be a great "in the moment" story but it just feels problematic as to where you go from here
  17. Wait, what? This is a thing? Has Sandman talked about this before because this sounds AMAZING
  18. Honestly I am stunned she would be involved with anything wrestling related. This episode and the Benoit episode are going to be must watches for me. Wonder who will be featured on the Benoit show
  19. Sweet Jesus, who did Swerve piss off to get such a crappy shirt? It's amazing the same people who make an awesome shirt like that Becky shirt The Natural posted can come up with...that.
  20. I don't think any of us are asking for him to be in a headlining spot, but god damn,if Liger isn't in the hall of fame then what the hell are we doing? How many guys on NXT, RAW, and Smackdown have been posting well deserved #thankyouliger moments on the social media machines? These damn kids today can't really wrap their heads around how important he is or how revolutionary he was but I know the first time I saw Jushin Liger vs Brian Pillman in WCW, eleven year old me was all "I NEED MORE OF THIS RIGHT THE HELL NOW" He's a no brainer to me and I can see Regal pushing for it. And he deserves it. Thank you, Liger
  21. So not only is there a shoe that is called My Feet are Killing Me, there is actually something called The Toe Bro? We are in the darkest of timelines
  22. Is it the best match ever? No. Is it mick's best match? No. But to a 19 year old punk college kid who looked up to and idolized mick foley since he attacked sting in wcw it was the most emotional match i had ever seen and one of my ultimate feel good moments in wrestling. And for all the shit i have given Michael Cole over the years, "hes been known as cactus jack, dude love and mankind. But tonight and forever mick foley will simply be known as wwf champion" was one of his best calls ever.
  23. Screw total divas. You stumbled on the next great reality show. Total Cena. John lectures the elderly about the hamper? It’s GOLD
  24. I think my favorite thing about the Cena-Nikki break up was when Cena announced that in order to get over Nikki and not feel as sad, he went out for scheduled social interaction with strangers every day for one hour. I think he even gave a specific time he did this. He's a strange lad, that John Cena
  25. I think the IIconics are great at their roles. They are not supposed to put on 5 star matches. They are perfect at the arrogant asshole characters they are supposed to be. Could their matches be better? Well yeah, but not every match needs to be wrestlemania main event worthy. Sometimes you need a couple of midcard assholes that the babyfaces can beat up to look good. Peyton and Billy fill those roles.
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