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  1. That kid in the Simmons video might be my favorite fan reaction ever. He is ready to explode he is so god damn happy. Our weird current era aside, that’s one of the biggest things missing from the modern era. Moments that just make you so fucking happy that “my guy” finally won, or that fucking prick that I absolutely hate got his ass kicked. They still happen. I felt it when I was there live when Bryan won at mania 30. But I’d be hard pressed to think of another since then. We need more moments like that kid and less “this is awesome”
  2. As much as I would have wanted to see that, I loved his call of "RUMBLE YOUNG MAN, RUMBLE" while the kid was going apeshit. Maybe he has at some point, but I almost feel like Joe needs to address why he's commentating now and why he's not involved. Since when the never ending Monday Night Messiah angle started, he got involved physically and stood up to Seth. Then he disappears and comes back to commentating. At least throw something out like "the powers that be said I can't touch anybody. My job is to talk now." Something.
  3. That is a name I never got. I assume you want to pay homage to his uncle? NAME THE KID BARRY. No wonder the dude is such a weirdo
  4. I would rather watch three hours of this then literally anything that happened on Raw this week
  5. who the fuck is griff garrison might be brodie's greatest contribution to wrestling.
  6. I hope the Shane vs Scorpio match on Matter of Respect is as good as I remember it. Which show was it where Cactus shows up to fight Shane and has had too much to drink at a wedding and is in "no condition to perform" and Shane kicks his ass anyway?
  7. So according to WOL, there was a version filmed with a prosthetic eye that was actually shown. If what we saw is the version Vince signed off on and said "This. This is good shit. Put this on my television." HOW BAD WAS THE ORIGINAL SHOT? Jesus this whole feud is so stupid
  8. I'm all in on The Hurt Business and Lashley is finally looking like a world beater. Bonus for finally finding Shelton something to do. Who the hell would have thought MVP randomly showing up at the Royal Rumble would lead to him being one of the highlights of Raw? And the underrated moment of the night had to be Lashley choking Ricochet and Alexander only for Ali to come barreling over the top rope and knock the shit out of Lashley. Great six mand and give me more of this. And please never break up heel Sasha and Bayley. They are awesome together and as much as I like them both we will never hit the highs of the Takeover matches again. This is gold. Keep it up
  9. great episode of How Did This Get Made.
  10. Was this when he was trying to get the world shittiest arm submission over? I remember him having a move called the Barely Legal which the announcers sold like he was going to tear some poor son of a bitch's arm off but it just looked like he was bending the arm ever so gently. This always used to make me laugh my ass off but I can't remember what point in time this happened
  11. This. This is why I love Big Dave. Anyone else(and I include me)wears that outfit and you are officially a thundering douchebag. Big Dave ROCKS that shit and dares you to say otherwise. Ill bet my house he's wearing skinny jeans and wingtips and looks better then I ever will on my best day. hats off to you, super duper dave batista!
  12. Man, Alexa is brave as hell for doing this. The wave of creepers asking to see her feet or some other bizarre shit is going to be off the charts. And something tells me the "Face Fuck me, Finn" lady is counting out the dollars for Mr. Reigns.
  13. @For Great Justice has a great point. I don't know how you can shake up where we are right now. Because the show itself was not bad. If you took this exact show and had it in front of a real audience I think it would be better received. A large part of the problem is that these empty arena shows just feel weird no matter what they do. Sasha and Bayley are working their asses off. Drew is coming off like a god damn BOSS and is making the most of what he's been given. Bobby Lashley needs to be giving MVP half his check, cause Montel is dragging him kicking and screaming towards finally being interesting. You can't really tell what's working and what's not since there isn't a real crowd. Plus you have the senile old nutjob with the attention span of a fruit fly changing things at will. And this senile old fool relies on a guy pushing 60 who has lived through multiple heart attacks. I don't know who this person is or where they are but WWE badly needs a fresh mindset and new ideas in creative. There is 100% a place for Bruce but I don't think head of everything is it. Say what you will about the AEW boys but they are at least younger and more open to fresh ideas. No, they aren't always good ones but they are DIFFERENT. We need different.
  14. Is this the most useless "run" anyone has ever had? Dude comes in for a two minute tapout and never seen again. I know he was hurt and all but WOW
  15. Could someone send me in the direction of that video? Just because I'm curious how that would even work?
  16. Batman Forever did give us the all time great real life Tommy Lee Jones quote that he "Could not sanction your buffoonery" to Carrey. I can't stop laughing just thinking of that conversation
  17. I loved the hell out of that Wardlow squash. Dude just mauled that poor bastard from the word go and looked like a damn beast the entire time. He's another Hager esque dude that doesn't need to be wrestling 30 minutes a shot. Just kill fuckers dead for 3-5 minutes and we all win
  18. So, the Viking Raiders thing......What the hell was the point? Are we supposed to laugh at these goofs driving around with a huge leg of meat and helmets? Did they reach into the box of gimmicks and get the comedy gimmick Revival was going to be saddled with? I'm not saying they have to be badasses and win every match. But I just can't fathom how that was filmed, everyone involved looked back at what they shot and said "yep, this is gold. Put this on television ASAP!" Such good shit, indeed
  19. (1)so do we know the legit reason Finn missed the show? (2)The whole Drake thing is weird. I get using real life situation into a story when dude has sympathy and all, but is there really a point unless he ends up winning? I know we are talking about a company who loves to kick people while they are down, but "Yeah, you're fired. But you still get to compete in this tournament. What? You lost again? Fuck, that blows, brah. Best of luck in your future endevors!" is some bad story telling
  20. All I have to say after watching these videos is that this woman is a treasure that must be protected at all costs
  21. So, as a Kentucky boy and a long time USWA mark it pains me to say this, but never put Lawler on commentary ever again. He’s not funny, he adds nothing and it’s just not a good look for the old white guy to be making jokes like “Raman noodle moonsault”. He shouldn’t be traveling right now anyway but we got to use him, talking head on network or something.
  22. I think the biggest crime of the Netflix shows going by the way side is the loss of Daredevil, specifically D'Onofrio and Cox. They were both so, so good and it sucks that two such amazing portrayals aren't going to interact with all the other characters established in the MCU. I can understand that you can't bring everyone back, but if there is a way to work those two into a future project, PLEASE make it happen, Mr. Mouse
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