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  1. This is going to be the greatest thing I read on this board all day
  2. Honestly it's not a bad idea. I think the vast majority of people round these parts would prefer the old school style interviews(I know I would), but for better or worse it's not what current wwe wants or is going to put on the shows. Just giving them basic acting lessons can't hurt and really could help these 20 minute interview segments(on an unrelated note, why are we still doing those?)not be such dumpster fires half the time
  3. I believe this was on a Talk is Jericho episode, but apparently during his cup of coffee there, Freddie Prinze Jr says he did some acting exercises with the wrestlers, but no one was really into it at first, including John Cena openly shitting on the idea. And I really hope it's true Prinze actually told Miz at one point something to the effect of "Robert Downey Jr is unquestionably a better actor then me. He also does not give a fuck about you. I do."
  4. I have barely seen any of WALTER(love that Osperay match)but what I have seen I love. WALTER is so great because he just screams legit. This is a guy that doesn't care about entertaining the WWE universe and putting smiles on peoples faces. This big fucker wants to win matches and win championships and he will hurt you if you try to stop him. Same with Dunn. That title is so important to him and he is going to break your fingers if you try to take it away. Take all of my money and GIVE ME MORE
  5. You know the saying the whole is greater then the sum of its parts? This is the Shield. They accentuate the good in each other and they can all cover up their weaknesses. People WANT them to be together and be friends and everytime they are split up and feud it dies a quick death. The crowd doesn't want them apart. You can have them off doing their own things but still be aligned together. It's not rocket science, and it gives you an act you can split in three different directions if need be. By the way, this all can apply to the New Day too. Push Big E as a singles. Let Kofi and Xavier tag. Don't split them up totally.
  6. Dean vs Seth vs Lashley is going to be DEATH. I love Dean but my god this heel turn has completely wrecked him. That Chronicle special they did on him was such a perfect blend of the real person and the character and gave them so much ground to work with when he turned on Seth. And the brain trust decided that him wearing a gas mask and getting shots because people are diseased(god, it just sounds even dumber when you see it in writing). And Dean has clearly run out of fucks to give. Unmotivated Dean Ambrose is painful. Almost as painful as Bobby Lashley. How the fresh hell does a legit athletic freak and badass with a great real life story be SO GOD DAMN BORING. His matches involve him pointing at his ass while Lio Rush won't shut up. Why does "The Almighty" have a job again? We are relying on Seth to carry this thing. God help us all
  7. I have never seen a show before where the writers constantly come up with a plot line that feels like it has be the conclusion of the show, yet it not only extends the plot but gives it new life. Ted Danson is so damn good and his frustration with the committee(hey, paul scheer!) was tremendous
  8. God, that Oney vs Hideo match was fucking BRUTAL. I'm still pissed how short that was. Gargano and Kassius had a really underrated match towards the tail end of 2017(I think?). Kassius realized how much bigger he is then Johnny and just KICKED HIS ASS.
  9. This might be the most underrated match in the entire NXT run. On a sheer emotional level, Bayley vs Sasha in Brooklyn is(to me)the best women's match in NXT, but on a pure wrestling level this is right behind it
  10. It will always be my hill to die on that she should have beaten Asuka in the last woman standing match on that NXT episode. You could still promote Asuka as never submitting or being pinned once she got to the main roster, plus Nikki can be brought up as the only one who has ever beaten Asuka before. #justicefornikki
  11. Hindsight being what it is and all, Dexter really should have ended with season 4. Nothing ever came close to topping it. But that's another topic for another thread
  12. 100% agree and to me there's no reason Drew should not be the universal champion right now. It fits right in with his whole deal about how the locker room is complacent and no one can give him a challenge. He seems to check all the boxes and HE WOULD BE ON THE SHOW EVERY DAMN WEEK. Plus, he beat Dolph stupid in that cage match. Anyone who kicks Ziggler's ass Is a ok to me!
  13. God, anything like that could have salvaged that. You're the god damn monster among men! I don't want to see Braun delivering big eloquent monologues. The greatest thing Braun has ever said on WWE television was "I'm not finished with you." Keep it short, have him just be big and menacing and make me believe for half a second you might actually win this damn thing
  14. Cody is the epitome of what Bruce Prichard has said multiple times on his show. "...but then that damn bell had to ring" You can't deny the guy has charisma. Hell, dude was still in OVW at the time and blew everyone's minds with how good he was inducting Dusty into the hall of fame. Whether or not Being the Elite is your thing, you can't deny the guy stands out on the show(I laughed my ass off when he was possessed or when he told Flip, "I hope you fucking die". He does great character work in all his promos, and really comes off like a hell of a guy anytime I've heard him on a podcast(multiple Talk is Jerichos come to mind). He really is a B+ player. He can give you a solid *** match, maybe even get into **** with the right guy(or tagging with his brother) but he's nothing spectacular. And there's nothing wrong with that. He's carved out quite the niche for himself and now he's running his own company. The old man would be proud of him
  15. "Move and you're dead!" "I say I'm dead and I move" "Mother is the word for God in the hearts and minds of all children"
  16. "It's like racism in my eye!"
  17. Watching that god awful Brock/Braun segment from RAW just makes me miss Gene that much more. When Braun's brain froze, Gene could have been the one to help guide the ship and try to salvage that dumpster fire. Sometimes you just don't need to leave guys out there to die like that. You need a steady hand to right the ship
  18. A thousand times this. Whether you loved WWF or WCW in the Monday Night Wars, you can't deny there were constant attempts for each company to top the other. I want AEW to make the best show possible, which in turn lights a fire under WWE to make their shows better. I have no use for Cody Rhodes or the Jacksons as wrestlers, but as businessmen trying to make for a more entertaining product on my tv machine, I salute and support them.
  19. 300.5 ounce Samoan....jesus Christ, Nia.
  20. Edge losing his shit when he saw the picture of him and Beth was great too. Christian is just a smarmy shitass in the chumpstain challenges and I love it. 5 * to Edge for wearing a Paul Smackage shirt.
  21. Hats off to all three of these gentlemen(especially crazy old man Jericho). But, I can't stand the look of the US title. The IWGP and Intercontinental titles just look leagues better.
  22. i'm all in on the card, although I'd rather see Gibson moved up the ladder asap. That dude is money. SHOES OFF IF YOU HATE GIBSON
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