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  1. Wait, I live here too. I thought we were bound by law to make fun of Indiana
  2. I think the best part of that tweet in the top right hand corner was that this magnificent human being legit filmed himself sleeping under a park bench. Oney Lorcan is the best, Oney #1
  3. "He's trying to shave his beard!"
  4. I'm intrigued by the Sami and Nakamura pairing. If they actually put time into this and remember its a thing in 3 weeks this could help both guys out. Sami can handle all the talking and take the douchebaggery up a few notches. And if they insist on this stupid "artist" stuff with Shinsuke, let him be a pompous asshole who can't be bothered to interact with all of us lowly people beneath him.
  5. I can see a lot of the guys being folded over into NXT in time for it to go two hours. And in all honesty, they should just retire the cruiserweight title. Personally, I want it to stick around, but we all know that the main powers that be don't really give a shit about it and probably don't remember that it exists. Let guys like Gulak, Oney, Humberto, etc chase the NXT belts and actually be in a position to have people give a shit about their matches.
  6. His whole Vote for Jose thing is just not going to happen. Poor bastard
  7. I'm just confused at what point the Street Profits became "indy darlings"
  8. It's going to be and its not going to be for the better. I'm not arguing that NXT is perfect, but it's a breath of fresh air from a lot of main roster bullshit and I don't want Vince or Dunn to get their grubby mitts on it. Hell, I don't want it to be live or two hours. We don't need every god damn show to be 2 hours long.
  9. As a Kentucky redneck, I would be all in on an American Crime:The Cornbread Mafia. I might be the only one who would watch such a thing but you would get my rating every week!
  10. Leave NXT alone, god damnit. I don't want main roster bullshit infiltrating the shows. If we have to have guys cycle down there, I'm ok with it as long as it's along the lines of breezeango and Killian Dane. The idea that everything has to be live and two hours just depresses me the most. Part of what makes NXT work is that you have time to miss guys. With only an hour you can't feature everyone, so there is room to breathe and you get to see different people every week. The weekly show isn't perfect, but no show for any promotion ever is perfect. But this is the show where I don't have to deal with stupid heel authority figures and crap over whose running the company and all the other main roster shit. Don't Vince this up, damnit
  11. I love Shayna to a "settle down (insert name here)etico" degree but they are going to run into a problem with her soon, if they haven't already done it. At this point there really is no one who can credibly beat her. She's bulldozed through everyone and there's no one left. The match with Mia was a perfectly cromulant match, but it ain't setting the world on fire. If nothing else, Mia could have won to keep the belt warm for heel Io(and give me more of her, please) and Shayna could have been freed up to move on to other things. I HATE when they have the champions just vacate the belts instead of dropping them, and I fear that's where we are headed again soon.
  12. I loved it so much that they referenced this in the dealer segment on Road To All Out
  13. I love this guy's Twitter so much. Always angry, always screaming, always wanting to fight. This magnificent bastard and his super long finger even made a list of the top five asses he wants to kick. I can't wait for him and Gulak.(even if it's only 5 minutes on the kick off show)
  14. My God, that mustache on Paul Orndorff is GLORIOUS. That's some Yosemite Sam shit going on there and combined with what appears to be a sparkly jacket just takes it to a whole other level of awesome. I have no memory of ever seeing this particular Raw, but I thank you for showing the world that awesome mustache
  15. Not that they were setting the world on fire, but I still don't get why they were broken up. Logan and Morgan being the back up goons to Riott challenging Becky or Bayley could make for a decent feud. Hell, are they REALLY worse then what we got with Lacey Evans?
  16. If we are to believe Bruce Prichard(yeah, I know) Michael Hayes pushed Rock to actually name the kid Pebbles("Hey, you're the Rock, she should be Pebbles") and apparently calls her that to this day
  17. What podcast was this? Would be curious to listen to
  18. It almost feels wrong that a man so god damn tough as Harley Race could possibly be dead. Man could put the fear of God into you with just a look. Going to miss this bad ass son of a bitch
  19. Oney lorcans Twitter game is the best
  20. As someone who said "but why?" When it was announced rock star spud was signed, i am glad to admit i was 100% wrong. This dude has maximized his minutes(thanks, jr) with a vengeance and him, truth and Carmella have actually made this belt worth watching. Hell of a job, spud
  21. I will never understand why we never got a hhh vs regal feud out of this. Of course hunter would win because reasons, but could have been so much fun
  22. The most entertaining ec3 has been in wwe
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