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  1. Can we please distract the old man with something shiny so he stays away from this guy?
  2. This is what I don't get about the Joker movie. I think it looks good and I'm sure Phoenix is awesome in it. But if it has no ties at all to the comics other then the name Joker, why call it that? Cause I'm all in on the story of Phoenix losing his mind and becoming a deranged clown murderer/criminal. Can't you just call it something else?
  3. I don't think anyone has any notion(except maybe Shawn Spears himself)that this match is going to make the dude a main eventer. He is a good hand. He's a perfectly cromulant wrestler. And for a one off big match where he will likely transition afterwards into a midcard heel that dudes like Adam Page and Luchasaurus can feud with and beat. Not everyone has to be or should be a main eventer. AEW is going to need guys in the middle and at the bottom of the card. Spears can float around there. And maybe he will knock it out of the park and be something special? Do I think he will? No, I doubt it. But I am willing to watch and see.
  4. This really is a damn crime because you just know there is a 20-30 minute classic between these two screaming to happen. And since we are throwing out new matches for the list, may I nominate Drew Gulak vs Matt Riddle from the Evolve network show?
  5. I didn't know how much I needed a movie about Vince, Danny Trejo and Ken Shamrock in an underground Canadian fight club until RIGHT NOW
  6. Shotzi Blackheart, you magnificent psycho, that was awesome and how are you not dead? Brandi was a great evil bitch counterpart and this was one hell of a match. I had never seen JD Drake or Austin Theory before but they won me over. Theory just has the kind of face you want to slap the shit out of and Drake's promo in the buildup was tremendous. His trunks pulled up past his belly button were silly looking, but we need us more big fat guys in wrestling. Variety is good. Holy hell, Gulak vs Riddle was incredible and I need more of it. The Catch Point guys in warm up suits were a nice touch. Babatunde vs Corino(and my god, does he look like his old man)was my low point of the night and felt more like something you would see on RAW. Just needed Michael Cole talking about how you have to see Bababtunde live to appreciate how big he is. But it did lead into Eddie Kingston and DAMN is that guy a star. As someone who has never seen Evolve before tonight but am intrigued enough to check out more shows, can any of you fine people pass a recommendation of what I should be checking out?
  7. I seen it. If you don't stop to think about the logic gaps, its really well done for the kind of movie that it is and has some genuinely creepy and unsettling moments. It doesn't reinvent the wheel, but it doesn't waste time getting to what you want to see. Plus, the main characters are actually likeable and you want to see them survive. There is one really stupid heart to heart talk the main characters have when there are BIG ASS ALLIGATORS TRYING TO EAT THEM that is really out of place but the rest of the movie is great
  8. -Echoing the sentiments of everyone else. The venue looked great and really made the show better. infinit had the right idea:this could be their center stage. And whoever had the idea to bring back the ramp for the entrances, you are my hero. I loved when WCW had this on their shows and it makes for cool spots like when Cody dove over the ropes onto Jackson. One big plus for AEW is that their shows look different. -I'm a huge mark for Jericho and his beatdown on Page(excuse me, "The Hangman")was aces, but how long was he at the bar between that segment and his promo? Dude just looked unhealthy and out of it. -There was a very good 15-20 minute match somewhere in that 30 minute main event. As much as I hate the Bucks, being the smug douchebags fits them so much better then when they try to be good guys. Dustin continues to be leagues better then dudes half his age and he brings out the best in Cody. -MJF is so so good at eing an unlikeable prick. The second he walks through the curtain you just want to punch this asshole in the face. More of this, please. -The librarians are still stupid but there was so much less bullshit on the preshow this time around. -The three man booth definitely isn't working. And MAN was Jim Ross salty about all things Marvez. Its worth at least an experiment of trying Excalibur(who is great) and Ross by themselves and letting Alex do backstage interviews. And it also would help give a different feel from WWE, because let's face it, no one wants three man booths anywhere anymore.(unless you have an occasional guest commentator) -I wasn't crazy about Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus but damn if they haven't clicked with the crowd. Could do a lot worse then building these guys up to a tag title run. -For an "event" show, this was just ok. But if this was an episode of their TV show, I think it would be received a lot better. You can tell they are still tweaking things and trying to find the best formula. In time, they will get rid of amateur hour bullshit like the ending and find a footing.
  9. I love Shayna and I would accept the "settle down" comments when it comes to her. But the big problem is what has already been mentioned. She's so far above everyone else there really is no one who is even close to her level. Io seemed like she was going to be the one to knock her off the throne, but she's just been turned(and is off to a promising start in that area). Bianca could be a great champ, but again, she's so much better as a heel. Mia Yim really is nowhere near the level for me to buy her against Shayna. I guess you could strap the rocket to Candace?
  10. The orton gif fits perfectly there. jesus christ
  11. the only thing that would make this better is if mike and maria's music is playing as taker and sting ride off
  12. If it leads to conspiracy theory loving Bo Dallas discussing the lizard people with Black, then I"M ALL IN
  13. -If the rest of the breakout tournament goes as well as this did, we are in for some fun television, ladies and gentlemen. -just want to echo everyone's praises for the cage match. yes, Shayna's run as champ is getting stale but you can't argue how damn great she is at what she does. She's just such an ASSHOLE and it's awesome. Io's turn was very well done and I can't wait to see where we go from here. -While I like Keith Lee, can we do something with him? Dude's just been....there since he debuted. He has good matches and all but I'd like to see something more out of the guy
  14. I cannot like this enough. I can't highlight this enough. If literally nothing else changes, this is what has to change. I do not give a flying fuck who is in charge of the show. The Muppet Show analogy is spot on and its been beaten into the ground 1000s of times over. LoneWolf&Subs had the right idea about championship committees and presidents. You know why Regal works so damn well as the head of NXT? You never see him unless he is making an important announcement and then he goes away. Back in the day you never saw Jack Tunney unless he was in the opening five minutes of Superstars because some shit went down and he had to address it. I love Paul, but I would be 100% content if I never saw him on screen again. Let him be backstage(far, far away from a checkbook)and focus on making this shit better. Don't tell me it's going to be better. Don't tell me the show I have devoted multiple hours watching sucks and make me feel stupid for watching it. Just take the time and do what you need to do to make ti better,
  15. Shut up and take my money!!!!
  16. Honestly, this was a lot better then I expected it to be. It's different enough from the original it probably could have been it's own thing and not a remake. Brad Douriff is missed, but Mark Hamill does good work with what he's given. Defintely worth a matinee watch
  17. "I know, I know. I'm insanely good looking and a stallion" Matt Riddle wins the show
  18. I'm not a fan of EC3 but I'm with everyone else just baffled how this dude is used. Mr. Fowler said it perfectly. Dude is jacked to the gills, can form coherent sentences and has a rich asshole gimmick? Vince LOVES this kind of thing and EC3 has done less then jack shit. I would love to hear the stupid Vince reason for why he gave up on him so fast. And I would also like to cosign Zakk_Sabbath's idea of Roode(hey, remember when they were trying to push him for about 5 minutes?) and EC3 as a rich asshole tag team. It's better then the bunch of nothing they doing now
  19. Holy shit, what a great hour of wrestling. Gable vs Gallagher was AWESOME and whether or not the finish was intentional or not, it was the perfect way to get us a rematch which I need RIGHT NOW. The four way was a hell of a match too with each guy getting some time to shine. I cosign on wanting to see Gulak vs Lorcan. This show really is quietly becoming one of the best no bullshit shows WWE produces. Great matches, simple booking, and none of that nonsense you see on the main shows. Its a double edged sword, because with the effort these guys are putting into their matches, I want more people to see it. But if Vince suddenly starts paying attention to this show, he'll "Vince" it up and just ruin everything
  20. Balor vs Andrade is about the only match I would want to see. We all know why he's the demon for this show, but they really need to establish a storyline reason for when/why he breaks the glass and uses it. Kayfabe wise, he looks really dumb using the demon to squash Baron, but wrestling as himself against Brock. The 50 man battle royal could be fun to throw some 24/7 title bullshit, but man do I not care about anything on this show at all.
  21. Maybe it's because we so rarely see this kind of thing that it stands out more, but I absolutely love when they show these kind of things. The Gargano/Cole package with the last Takeover was one of my favorite hype videos in recent years. Brock vs Rock for Summerslam is still the gold standard for this type of deal, but I really wish we could see this more often. Maybe for the big title matches?
  22. So the only match that I have been able to hunt down on the youtube machine was the battle of the Rhodes boys but sweet baby jesus what a match. Both these guys had something to prove for different reasons and my god, they did. Dustin somehow found the fountain of youth and arguably wrestled his greatest match ever. For all the positives and the negatives about Cody bell to bell, the dude has some great character work and his brother brings out the best of him in the ring. You could do far worse then having these guys be the first big challengers for the Young Bucks inevitable first tag team title reign. Much respect to both these guys
  23. I would gladly pay to watch every single one of these
  24. So, he's mad that she said she wouldn't be where she is without Dusty? That she constantly puts over how much he taught her, what a great guy he was and how much she loved him? She's incorporated polka dots in her gear multiple times as an homage to Dusty, she's never said a bad word about him. Is he mad at Karl for tearing the bear's head off? The reaction to Cody really is much ado about nothing but him taking such a weird unnecessary shot out of nowhere really doesn't make any sense. Stick to telling stories about Ted Dibiase in search of the referee that tried to fuck on him and you cool, Mr Rhodes
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