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  1. It will be Wrestling at the Chase
  2. Regal probably had 10 years experience by thar point.
  3. Maybe she was having a bowl of quinoa during the Willow distraction.
  4. Hearing that theme blew my mind that it was available THE WHOLE TIME.
  5. Watts would also have an African American as his star attraction.
  6. Save for Hogan's first WCW theme his stuff is pretty epic dating back to his AWA run
  7. I think you underestimate how influential Rocky IV was to Gen X. Not only did it (temporarily) stop the Cold War, but it also influenced an entire generation of wrestlers in match buildup psychology.
  8. Youre insinuating Jade knows who Terry Funk is.
  9. They could also make All In a combined AEW/ROH Supershow. With it taking place over the holidays it could fill TK's Starrcade slot. Additional thought: they could also invite all the other promotions they have working agreements with to take part in that. I feel that Coach would really love to recreate the vibe if the old NWA as much as he possibly could. This would do it.
  10. And ROH was more done in by Covid and lack of support from Sinclair than AEW. A promotion with national television isn't going to threaten a promotion running VFW Halls If that was the case then you could say NXT killed ROH with Papa H raiding the pantry time and time again.
  11. I'd name the first PPV of the year as All In, and move All Out to the last PPV of the year.
  12. Another thing MJF could do is add injury time to Wardlow's contract just to keep him under his thumb longer for no reason.
  13. Maybe TK has struck a deal with Turner to broadcast ROH on Cartoon Network! Briscoe on CN would be Adult Swim gold, Jerry!
  14. Yeah the only "Shane" thing going on was Coach TK making his own little joke.
  15. What I hate about the LED posts is that one of the coolest spots ever done with Bret Hart's ring post figure 4 is no longer possible in a WWF ring.
  16. It's never too late to be a top guy. He could easily be on top until he just doesn't feel like it anymore a la AJ Styles.
  17. Lance Storm had a much sweeter 'do.
  18. The round face guy from 2.0 looks so much like Nasty Boy Knobbs that I keep expecting him to say "nasty-ized!" At the end of a promo.
  19. You'll get Cody as 1 of 7 entrants in the Wrestlemania TLC Intercontinental Championship match and like it.
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