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  1. It is in my book. Maybe it's like the way baseball fans always prefer the style of baseball they grew up on as kids, but now that I can easily get crystal-clear copies of 80s NWA events at my leisure I don't feel much of a need to watch other variants of pro-wrestling except as occasional incursions for specific events or wrestlers. I didn't grow up with it but it's exactly the kind of pro wrestling I love. Up to Clash X now and I believe I've never seen it before. The trailer for WrestleWar 90 with the awful rapping is absolutely amazing as is the corny vignette of Dr. Death trying to resuscitate someone in an ambulance. I have seen the Cactus/Mil Mascaras match before and it always amazes me that Cactus took that fucking insane bump in a match with Mascaras of all people. I'd have had a No-Sell Off After I'm done with the Clashes, I think I'm going to dip into the early days of Raw which I've never seen in full. I know of certain matches but I want it all.
  2. There's that small run he had on Raw in 2003 with Teddy Long where he's clearly a good worker but I'd say 2006 was when he began to piece it together and become really good. A shame he got injured in the summer of 06 because he was just another awesome cog in Smackdown's awesome wheel.
  3. I miss Finlay's attitude of knocking smiles off people's faces.
  4. I agree with this. I would love to see more reckless Border Tosses on Main Event every week.
  5. Is Sandow the latest guy they're going to have complain about being held back but have them lose every week? The whole idea is that they should win every week but not get any title shots. Then they'd have a point. Alicia Fox is absolutely great and I fully support how little she gives a fuck about protecting anyone she's in the ring with. She even threw that WWE Announcing Robot Team down with absolutely no care in the world. Give her the Intercontinental Title. Didn't enjoy Sheamus/Cesaro as much as I thought I would but I think that's because I didn't like stalling heel Cesaro at the start but as the match went on and they started throwing bombs, it got so much better. I do like any guy who is unafraid to match Sheamus' stiff strikes though and there was some awesome uppercuts and clotheslines thrown around in this. Sheamus pulling Cesaro up by his nose was a personal highlight.
  6. I watched this recently and the main event is a really fun tag match. In front of a hot crowd and everyone works really hard.
  7. Awesome, I have absolutely nothing to do until Main Event so I'm going to kick back and enjoy some beautiful professional wrestling.
  8. It has to be one of the best sub-10 minute matches of all-time. It's kind of amazing they were able to pack so much action into about 9 minutes and it never feels like dudes just trying to "get their stuff in". It's all very organic. Masters at work, dude. Masters at work.
  9. I've somehow fucked both my knees up so I'm laid up and going through all the Clashes with my time off. Is 80s NWA the greatest thing ever or what? You sometimes forget just how good it really is. Arn and Tully vs. Windham and Luger is such a great tag match; the southern formula played to absolute perfection.
  10. I like it in the sense you're going to get a couple of long tags or trios matches with guys who can work them really well but it means that shit like the neverending Santino and Fandango nonsense finds its way onto the main show where it should be SD/Main Event fodder. The fun roster makes it a lot better than it was when it first went to 3 hours but there's still stuff I skip right through. When Smackdown is good (as on Friday), I prefer it though; 90 minutes is just right.
  11. Not watched any of TNA since Bully Ray was on top but how is MVP looking? Was always one of my favourite guys in 07/08 WWE.
  12. Sheamus/Ambrose was beautiful professional wrestling. Sheamus gives and takes beatings like a man, Ambrose's rib selling was amazing as is his Thez Press and Nigel Lariat and I loved the count-out tease. When Sheamus had to bump, he bumped big with the suicide dive to the outside and the slam on the floor. Every single second of this was an awesome fight. Rusev seems like a dude they're building to face WWE champ John Cena but he's about 3 years too late for that train. If Bryan's title challengers go: Kane, Batista, Lesnar and he drops the belt to Brock, where does it go? But yeah, Cena/Rusev in, I don't know, October and then they can can the guy and move Lana to someone else.
  13. Bo Dallas has killed someone on 6 continents. He's just waiting for the right excuse to visit Antarctica and finish off a poor research station worker.
  14. You know, WWE's hiring policy for the next 5 years should be "Is this dude, when put with two other dudes, going to have an awesome 6 man tag match with The Shield?" and if the answer is "yes", they should immediately hire them. Just keep throwing groups of guys into matches with those 3 and watch the money roll in.
  15. Boo. I take it all back. The shopped one is 100x better Also, Hardy/Orton from the Rumble is really fun with Orton constantly rolling to the outside, thinking he can avoid Jeff only for Hardy to fly out after him in increasingly nutty ways.
  16. Triple H holding a shovel is pretty funny. He's leaning into his net perception in a pretty great way.
  17. I've thought the same with the brand-specific PPVs I've been watching. I wouldn't sit through The Bashams vs. Hardcore Holly and Charlie Haas on Velocity, never mind on PPV.
  18. Hey everybody, let's think about how good Finlay vs. Luke Harper would be.
  19. I was at a Raw house show in 2009 where there was a Rey/Jericho match and the finish was Jericho ripping his mask off and pinning him as Rey covered his face. Every single kid in that place lost their damn minds and were desperate for a look at his face and the kid next to me turned to his friend and said something like "I'm going to see if I can find it on Youtube when I get home!" and I suddenly felt very bad that he was about to discover the dying days of WCW.
  20. The Miz' parents are hilarious though. He's a good looking dude and those parents shouldn't have produced him
  21. this couple is absolutely great and i will be so unhappy if they ever, ever break up.
  22. I think these are good picks for the undercard but I think Taker goes in next year, preceding a match at Mania 31. I personally think it's early for The Rock since there's every chance he has one more match in him over the next few years and Taker would be a name required to sell the HOF tix.
  23. Calling it a fairy tale is about the same as burying him,. Eventually they will run into trouble if they don't recognize Bryan's accomplishments as legit and not just blind luck, a miracle, or some sort of fairy tale run. On that front, there's a difference between being a heel and burying someone to the point where you're doing him a disservice. That's what JBL does with Bryan, where even when he does win he really doesn't acknowledge his win and instead keeps taking shots at his height and the like. That's not what a good heel announcer does. I liked them calling Bryan beating HHH as "the biggest upset in Wrestlemania history" or whatever it was. The dude has kicked the everloving shit out of every motherfucker every week and twice on Mondays since June last year. It shouldn't have been a surprise that part-timer, stuffed shirt HHH got his head kneed off too.
  24. I liked Mongo hanging around drinking wine and eating grapes at that special Horseman table on Nitro, I'll say that much. He loved giving it the four fingers and all that, he was having a whale of a time.
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