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  1. Nah, it was the first thing I checked for. Sad thing is I had to check and see if Adam Bomb was still alive and was surprised the see he is.
  2. There's nothing especially wrong with Cena, he's just the most glaring example of WWE's problems as a whole. The unstoppable superhero was great back when there was only a few hours of TV a week and you never saw the dude except for PPVs and SNME. But there's so much TV, they're just burning through matches and storylines so fast, and he's on top for every single show so much that people are sick of him. If it wasn't Cena, it would be somebody else. If they insist on this much TV every week, they really need to change how they do things, because Super Cena going over strong 10 times per month is too much.
  3. IWC = it's the Special Olympics and everyone is calling everyone else retarded
  4. AWESOME. Piper's They Live shirt is a nice touch.
  5. That's an America problem, not a football problem.
  6. If anything, all the stories coming out this season, plus the Patriots having a multiple murderer on their team, should teach us that every team has "jackasses" and every team will tolerate them as much as they are allowed to. Your own favorite team still employs a man who clearly has anger problems and pretty much tried to kill a few dudes on the field. I'm betting the Ravens have had the same number of shitty people on their teams over the years as any other team has. What I don't get is how so many other teams get a pass and we just say, "oh, he's a bad apple," while Baltimore gets a rep as a dirty club where this behavior is allowed with open arms. Nobody called out Pittsburgh as a dirty organization when Roethlisburger raped a girl in a bathroom while one of his lineman guarded the door. Why is that?
  7. There's a lot of crap going around but only time will tell. They at least got their head out of their ass in the second half of the Philly game so MAYBE this won't be a complete disaster of a season. I can definitely see the team getting frustrated after how the last two seasons ended. Then this one starts 2-2 and could have easily been 1-3. I'm sure his antics are getting tiresome, too.
  8. Not sure how much more you could enlarge it without Alex having blood pressure issues
  9. So what's with the Niners rebelling against Aspie McKhakies?
  10. I think it'll be looked upon as a transitional era, a grey area between the Vince McMahon era and what comes after him. The positives you mentioned (NXT, indy guys coming in) are not things being championed by Vince McMahon. However the negatives are all Vince. Start and stop pushes, ADD booking and letting talented guys fall by the wayside because of imaginary downsides are all McMahon specialties. Small non-Vince changes are being made but the guy at the top still has final say. Good things might happen but it could be for naught because of Vince. Word is he's already souring on either Zayn or Neville because they're too flippy. Can you believe that shit? The company is being run by a 69 year old man whose best days are behind him yet everyone still has to cater to his tastes and ever-changing whims. As far as having a true, unified direction goes, WWE is in a holding pattern.
  11. OH shit that is tremendous. Is it time for a "dumb shit at the gym" thread? I get the feeling it would be a few pages deep pretty fast.
  12. They don't book anyone to get over. And if someone accidentally starts to get over, they don't give them enough booking attention to make it work. Everybody is on a treadmill to nowhere and there's no point in watching their show.
  13. Right. The videos allude to Harper leaving. The Ascension as possible new family members comes from Da Meltz. Seriously, they look like two guys who met at the gym down the street and decided to give their local indy a shot. If this were 15 years ago, I'd be watching them at a converted grocery store battling Duane Gill and Barry Hardy, maybe Neil "The Power" Superior and Hollywood Bob Starr if they were lucky.
  14. Random gym stupidity: My gym has two power cages. There was a guy yesterday doing pullups using the bar in the cage. Not bad, right? Except his feet were on the other bar opposite it. So he was essentially suspended 8 feet above the ground doing reverse pushups. To illustrate: So...dumb thing or dumbest thing? If his hands slipped, he'd be going down right on his head. There was nothing he was accomplishing there that couldn't be done closer to the ground using a Smith machine instead. As always, I blame Crossfit for the rise in XTREME exercises like this.
  15. Speaking of managers, word is Luke Harper is splitting from the Wyatt Family (no word yet on Rowan's status) and that Waytt may end up managing The Ascension. If they go with this plan, they have to repackage The Ascension, right? I mean I know they're HHH's favorites and he's into the whole Frazetta look but that's like oil and water with Wyatt's grimy southern gothic thing. Or will the gimmick be that Wyatt discovered these two dudes at a fantasy con and brainwashed them? While we're at it, can I just mention how unimpressive the Ascension is? The taller one just looks like generic 80s big guy #148 who'd be at home on some Road Warrior ripoff team like The Master Blasters. The smaller one looks like Chris Daniels was finally able to afford a decent hairpiece. They come off like two leather daddies cosplaying what they think wrestling is supposed to look like and they're just cartoony as fuck.
  16. Well I've never seen DDP and Dog in the same place, so...
  17. Ironic the Corey Graves has that prominent "STAY DOWN" tattoo, since that's what his career did.
  18. Enjoy! Put an old computer in your living room and buy a USB controller.
  19. It hasn't been renewed yet and after that season, I'm not sure.
  20. I enjoyed the first RZ Halloween. I watched 2 until the horse dreams and I just tapped out. And I'm a big fan of RZ.
  21. Oh, gotcha. Forget it, then. I'll just play the original on retrouprising then.
  22. Man I wish XBox Live Wrestlefest hadn't been cancelled.
  23. Waiting for the drawing of Summer Rae where you can see both breasts and both butt cheeks in the same shot
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