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  1. Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker actually called it "The Savannah Traffic Stop"
  2. And thank god for that. I mean, how else could we feel superior to casual fans if they were somehow able to identify NJPW 2nd match guy #3?
  3. I have it on good authority that Show has never taken a Cleveland Steamer or Jelly Donut, though I've heard conflicting reports about The Hot Lunch.
  4. Ambrose vs Nakamura in a competition to see who can make the goofiest facial expression
  5. Sorry guys, I'm still stuck on Dario conducting Hernandez' exit interview
  6. Oh man, he looks like the long lost third member of A-Ha.
  7. Dario probably gave it to him as a rib while the producers of the show laughed in the background. Dario telling him all about a severance package and references while they're lollin'.
  8. How WWE let her go, I'll never know. Who is she? Because if I had her, she might leave, but it wouldn't be because I let her go. Catrina, from Lucha Underground. Was hideously underutilized during a very short stint in WWE as "Maxine." She is too hot for Unimas, who blurs her cleavage like a perp on Cops.
  9. Are we sure it wasn't Kevin Dunn himself that went into the fire? (because he's ugly, get it?)
  10. I hope the negotiations were between Dixie and Dario.
  11. According to Cornette something Dunn's father did earned him a job for life. This sounds like some John Wick shit. Did Dunn senior murder Vince's competition to pave WWF's rise to prominence?
  12. The word is that he's in with Vince, so he's golden. Hunter and Stephanie don't like him at all, so he'll be out when they take over, but that's it. I just looked him up and Dunn and I went to the same college. Huh.
  13. Don't sleep on "The Ambassador of Kickassador" Castle's delivery reminds me of Dave Chappelle's Prince impression.
  14. I couldn't even finish American Hustle. It just felt like modern actors fucking around cosplaying 70s/80s Scorsese, having more fun doing it than I was watching it.
  15. Just gonna leave this story here about Vince, Dunn, Hayes, and HHH lest we get too invested in the WWE Women's Revolution. I'm sure HHH has gotten better since having two girls of his own and, to be fair, he's not the worst guy in this story. Still, as long as the over the hill wannabe frat boys are in charge, forget it.
  16. He didn't take much time off after Blackjack and Kendall were arrested. They were arrested in 1990 and out of jail in 1992 (they pleaded guilty and were sentenced to 2 years, per a plea agreement). Barry did leave the WWF suddenly in October or November of 1989, but he was back wrestling by spring of 1990. I've heard he left WWF due to the impending arrest, or was asked to leave to avoid the PR fallout, so maybe they had knowledge of the investigation before the arrest was actually made. My bad, you're exactly right. The arrest didn't lead to him taking time off, just leaving WWE. I wonder if they had any real plans for the Widowmaker character.
  17. Nattie is the only person who would ever actually play as Jim Neidhart.
  18. Didn't he also take time off due to Blackjack and Kendall's legal troubles and also kinda stop caring about wrestling and slack off after marrying a rich woman (not that I blame him)? You're right saying his career was bittersweet. He was amazing for a short time and it leaves you wondering what could have been. He was never really a top guy, so much so that when he was plugged into the main on that disastrous Bash show, the thought was, "how is Barry Windham the #1 contender???"
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