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  1. I like Jake Something (did you know he played Brody on Dark Side of the Ring?) but his name is too indy, and I mean "indy" in a bad way here.
  2. Great call! There’s also a Brody knockoff in Sega’s Wrestle War arcade game. Brody became such an archetype that any Japanese game with generic characters will typically have a Brody expy.
  3. God damn. From being this close to quitting wrestling to being on the shelves at toy stores. Good going, Eddie!
  4. I had that at game! Yes, I’m one of the morons who bought SegaCD. Double moron, because I bought the 32x as well. Game was really underwhelming. Just a slightly better version of the Genesis and SNES games.
  5. I don’t know if they redid it, or reposted the original, but How Did This Get Made’s live episode on No Holds Barred is up and it’s glorious. Edit: repost of the original; still great
  6. Right, MicroLeague wasn’t just in Europe. I had a bunch of them for the C64 and I live here in The Colonies. Weren’t DK and Orndorff in the Legends of Wrestling games? Those games were goofy as fuck. Billy Graham hitting spinning Liger bombs and whatnot.
  7. It’s been like 35 years and I still remember the Slick/Heenan backstage segment when Heenan got Herc’s contract. “Hercalees Hernandez is a fiiiiiine ath-a-leet!”
  8. I don’t know if it’s her athletic background or her prior career in stuntwork, but Statlander absolutely looks like an American Gladiator. Every fucking time I hear that song, I get hung up on the rhyming of “masses” with……”masses.”
  9. Unless it's Jesse coming down from Alaska and casually nodding to Gene from across the food court as he tucks into a plate of Panda Express, I really don't need Walt or Jesse in this show.
  10. Both are really horrible! Neither lets you create a watchlist or implements "continue watching" in any meaningful way, if at all. I haven't used IWTV in a while, but I recently resubbed Highspots for PWG. Their iOS app is terrible. Can't skip forward or back 10-30 seconds, FFWD and rewind is a finger-dragging guesswork shitshow. No Apple TV app. Their Roku app was just the same template that a ton of the bottom of the barrel free apps use. If you browse a promotion's shows, they're in no type of order. Highspots farms it out to Pivotshare, which is essentially "Squarespace, but for VOD." It's a company who will build a streaming platform for you with the least amount of effort or care. It sucks. The best way to use Highspots at all is via a browser, so the only way I can watch on my living room TV is via Edge on my Xbox. Lord, what a mess. I know neither Highspots nor IWTV has Netflix money but it's 2022 now and since we all typically use many different platforms daily with worlds better interface and user experience, their drawbacks are just glaring.
  11. I voted Deonna BUT I'm loathe to see TK book her the only way he knows how to book main event female heels, where they bury the whole division in every promo. I like Alexander but that headgear looks dumb.
  12. Saying "well they cancelled Nitro so anything is possible" is completely ignoring the fact that TV and the entire entertainment landscape is worlds different now. That's like judging TV in the 80s by 1950s standards.
  13. In kayfabe, couldn't the story be that they idolize the Harts so much that they wanted to use the same offense? Like a modern offensive coordinator who really loved the 49ers in the Montana days deciding to try some of the same plays. Is that a thing?
  14. That was my first thought when I saw that! Last week, I was like, "yeah, Wardlow shouldn't be powerbombing big guys" because Butcher never got more than parallel to the mat and it was scary. Every single time, I was afraid he'd drop too fast and land on his head. Turns out it was Butcher's fault. Nothing against the guy, he's awesome! It just seems getting up like that for powerbombs isn't his strong point.
  15. Someone here mentioned BTS covering Mania 2, which piqued my interest. I tried, I really did, but I cannot deal with Bix.
  16. MJF gives Nick Gage a second chance. Book it.
  17. That's definitely on my list. Is it out of print or something? It's $30 on Amazon, which is kinda high.
  18. I'm just over here LOLLLLLIN while watching dumbass Sammy come off the ladder spinning like the gravity drive from Event Horizon.
  19. Eddie was definitely not allowed to eat Chinese food and watch Japanese wrestling that day.
  20. Nobody but Wright looks happy to be there, and even he looks more nervous than anything. Pillman is eyeballing that beer like, "man, this isn't going to do anything to me. Maybe I can GHB it real quick."
  21. My worst habit when listening to Dave's shows is unconsciously cherrypicking quotes and figuring out how NEWZ~! sites could warp them into clickbait.
  22. I was there! The general feeling of people leaving the building was essentially the "WTF is this shit" meme.
  23. I just read today that Apple is starting to make moves to force developers to update their apps. It could take months to implement this, apparently, but they're in the process of giving developers who haven't updated in over two years 30 days to update or get deleted. IWTV hasn't updated in two years and Highspots hasn't updated in three.
  24. Well it took 2/3 of the season to get one good episode but I guess you have to start somewhere.
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