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  1. Jerry made him a tear-off pad of NDAs he keeps in his top drawer that works like Madlibs. Fill in a few blanks and you're good.
  2. I was just coming to post this! I don't have it but here's a pretty damning excerpt: The first email, sent to board members on March 30, alleged that Mr. McMahon, 76 years old, initially hired the woman at a salary of $100,000 but increased it to $200,000 after beginning a sexual relationship with her. The email to the board also alleged that Mr. McMahon "gave her like a toy" to Mr. Laurinaitis. The board is investigating the allegations in the email, the people familiar with the inquiry said. Jesus. EDIT: Thank you, @Brisco but please copy and paste to notepad first, the copy and paste here.
  3. LOOOOL wait what So if you've been sentenced to require an ignition interlock, you can just bypass that by renting a car? That's equal parts sad and hilarious. EDIT: This site says when you get an interlock restriction, you get a new drivers' license that clearly spells out the restriction. So a rental agency would see that. But shit, it's Florida, so who knows?
  4. Did NKOTB ever play The Tokyo Dome OR the old Reseda VFW? Because that crowd reaction in those venues would easily get at least 12 stars.
  5. Calling Dave Meltzer a carny, questioning his motivations, or calling him disingenuous has some real "worst of r/squaredcircle," "I don't know what I'm talking about" or "I'm a young smart fan trying to be edgy" energy. It's up there with claiming he or Alvarez must be on AEW's payroll. You can have a lot of valid criticisms about Meltzer but I don't think "dishonest" is in the top 100.
  6. I'm from Baltimore! But I haven't been to Jimmy's since a very personally depressing Thanksgiving meal there in 1988. Food was good, but the circumstances -- some very East Baltimore style family drama -- were not! I think I had the aforementioned Chaps pit beef on a Route 40 roadside stand and found it to be pretty good. @NikoBaltimore, is Rt 40 still questionable no-tell motels as far as the eye can see?
  7. That sounds awesome. I'll note that for next time I have to go there.
  8. He'll never get hired to the main show because JR's head would explode. IT'S BAD ENOUGH YALL CHANGED DANIEL BRYAN'S NAME NOW WE GOT A GUY WHO HAD THREE NAMES?
  9. Jesus, that's worse than the time a girl once asked me, "Have you ever had Five Guys?"
  10. I was in Philly for work (my company's HQ is there) and I'd seen an episode of Delicious Destinations where they said forget cheesesteaks...Tony Dinic's roast pork sub at the Reading Terminal Market is where it's at. I got one and it was disgusting. It was probably the "smoked provalone," which is a funny way to spell "cheese that smells like vomit and tastes even worse." I threw it in the trash, went back to the market, and got a pile of grub from the soul food buffet instead. Fuck you Andrew Zimmern!
  11. We should get a vignette where Matt is wearing a suit and napping in the locker room. He is awakened by Private Party, Butcher, Blade, and Bunny, and he explains that he had the weirdest dream about the HFO being taken over by Andrade Cien Almas and then Bother Nero came back and did a bunch of dumb shit. Then he looks at the camera and winks. Everybody laugh. Roll on snare drum. Curtains.
  12. Only if he used the rarely seen orange mist, which, oddly enough, takes away the recipient's desire to try rapping. Oh shit I think you cracked the code and we have found Flair's opponent for Conradamania
  13. Oh that fucking game disappointed me so bad. How was NES Pro Wrestling, which came out over two years before this, a better game? I know the answer is "Accliam," but still. Oh lord fuck you Acclaim. Their only skill was turning any license they could get their hands on into shovelware for a quick buck.
  14. Why does the guy in the YouTube stop vaping ads look like Blake Christian?
  15. Hilarious if true because Stephanie acting on her own to strongarm Fox is, in the immortal words of our poet laureate Gorilla Monsoon, highly unlikely.
  16. That first gif reminded me of the Mania 2 batttle royal I just watched where at least two participants necked themselves on the bottom rope on the way out. Russ Francis in particular hit the rope really grotesquely.
  17. AH, what a brain fart. I forgot Blassie was in Chicago because I watched those matches a few days apart. Thanks for the info and the link! I'll check it out. I remember looking up Toronto shows post Big Event and they didn't even run back Hogan/Orndorff despite (spolier) a screwy finish. They did a tag with Hogan and Orndorff vs Piper and Orton and then switched to (I think) Hogan vs Kamala to finish out the year, to diminishing gates each time.
  18. Jesus. Over 3x, closing in on 4x the legal limit. That’s unconscionable.
  19. Yep. Shit, in the 80s, the area outside the ring was the wild west. Chairs, ringbells, all that shit was legal in full view of the ref as long as you got back in by the count of 10.
  20. Ha! Yes, it's British English. "Nil" isn't used to mean "zero" too much here in the colonies unless you're an anglophile. And as @Log mentioned, it's actually Name, Image, Likeness but WWE BRANDING had to make it something cool and, more importantly, something they could trademark.
  21. I remember having a long argument here not too long ago after posting how I didn't like Conrad's podcasts because he's a gross carny con man. It's so fun to be proven right once in a while.
  22. I want to see PWG, who once named a card "Dio" after Ronny James died, sign some real scrubs to a "Last In Line" deal.
  23. But how do we know that if he doesn't cut business exposing promos touting his skill oN tHe sTiCk?
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