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  1. Bigger E. Langston! Kofi Kingston from North Ghana! Instant heel!
  2. I can't see that match having a clean ending. There's gotta be some kind of interference from Swagger. He will turn on his home country and become "Jakub Swagov", russian ambassador.
  3. I think that if you tell Hansen that he's blind, you'll get attacked by Zandig!
  4. Damn youuuuuuuuuuu!
  5. What's the hate about Kenny Omega about? I totally loved his match against the girl and Yoshihiko is awesome! Are you crazy? Next thing you know and there will be hate on the "Gay or Straight" match!
  6. Whoa, that's bad! Almost "I'm leaving ...WWE ... if I lose!" bad.
  7. When did Ziggler have a promo with Pitbull? *mindblown*
  9. Wasn't that Arn DDT the end of the undefeated streak of "Das Wunderkind"? I absolutely love that finish.
  10. Fred hatte schon genug Schaden! Leave him alone! Getting booed by your own fans and insulted by a chant....nobody deserves that!
  11. Okay, it's better german than some of the Nationalmannschaft speak!
  12. What happened after the 1:0? That was the total Garbage from Brasil. Scoring 4 goals in short order. I watched many german matches, but something like that? Never! ReiseReise and me can now walk around with our head high! Awesome!
  13. SEEEEEEEEEEEEVEN goals! Unbelivable Jeff!
  15. But... but we would never get the short jump from Foley then! That was hilarious! And sad at the same time...just like when San...*looks to DEAN* oh nothing!
  16. So, like always we consider ourselves the favorite in a semi-final (against Brazil). And like always, we will play for 3rd place.... And I found this scenario very funny, in case Germany seems to win the game, the following will happen, after the picture suddenly gets blurry: *Goal from Ronaldo (2002)* *fast cut to the bench from Brasil, where they celebrate the win (1994)* *a crying Bastian Schweinsteiger (in Bayern Munich jersey)* *cut to Löw, who leaves the picture flying to heaven* "Jogi Loew has returned to his home planet" *rotating Ronaldo heads* *End of the broadcast (still seeing rotating Ronaldo heads)*
  17. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but sometime soon, someone who doesn't pay close attention to this thread is going to come in and completely sincerely ask about Santino's retirement. I am sooo tempted to start a betting pool on that.
  18. Isn't Eugene also retired? *insert Borat joke here* So, when do you guys think that Seth Rollins will cash in?
  19. "Knock knock" "Who's there?" "Samoan Walker, and I'm gonna kill you!"
  20. So, if JTG comes back I want a partnership with Emma: Fyred and Rehyred
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