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  1. No way Eva Marie can be worse than whatever that is...
  2. That German is a piece of art.
  3. That's the second time now Cody absolutely no sells a finisher in just weeks. Against Shaq he just popped back up after the Brodie Lee Powerbomb and went on offense. He lost his sense of psychology all of the sudden?
  4. You forgot me. I like the Iron Man more too. Even by a lot.
  5. I meant that girl. It's the worst of both worlds. Taking full clips and talking shit over it.
  6. If you just post stuff to shit on AEW I am more than happy if they take that down.
  7. That ladder match was all kinds of bad. The Cody Cutter at the end was soooo bad. Totally missed. I loved the Allin/Sting vs Team Taz match. All kinds of nasty bumps and that stairs suplex was impressive. Really liked the women's match but the ending was slightly anticlimatic.
  8. They made an ending nobody will ever forget. They promised that, right?
  9. He surely didn't no sell that Awful Waffle. Nice botch there, Chuck.
  10. It's his long lost brother : THE GREAT O KHAN!
  11. https://twitter.com/TonyKhan/status/1366828935959482368?s=20
  12. It's so frustrating with him. He has all the tools but can't build anything with it.
  13. And now one of them is a AEW fortune teller. Funny how that works.
  14. That was fun. Loved the commentary and the new (to me) wrestlers.
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