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  1. Reminds me of how much was wasted on Del Rio beating Cena for the US title. All the equity built into that open challenge run....for Alberto. Sigh.
  2. Hey maybe we get the scene from Rudy and all the wrestlers will walk into Vince’s office and throw their gear on his desk. For Kof
  3. Ok I got a kick out of the swerve ending. If this were 1980 that would be “kill the town” stuff. I mean that crowd just went kerplunk. I was expecting WCW-ish trash and beer in the ring. But as a TV product I love the swerve and am looking forward to next week. Poor 205 live guys
  4. Braun SNL bit leads to heel sneak attack leads to Nicholas run in and kendo stick ball shots
  5. God this Shooter McGavin shit is the absolute worst and needs to crawl back into the same hole that other turn of the decade relics like the word “extreme” and Tank Abbott pulling a knife on a dude live. For a guy who I think more or less shares my idyllic view of wrestling as 1983 Mid South, I’m disappointed that HHH is both condoning this and booking his own shitty shoot promo feud. Bill Watts ain’t book no shoot angle
  6. I know WWE performers are 1099’s, but do they have to pay state income taxes in only the state they are domiciled in, or like professional sports pay state income taxes in every state in which they perform? I presume the former, which explains why so many live in Florida. Do professional entertainers (singers, etc) pay state income in states they perform in? Curious how this works.
  7. Who knew Prince Iaukea was such a grizzled vet when he showed up on the mothership. No wonder he won the TV title
  8. Styles/Orton is a tailor made opener, isn’t it? Name guys, clear heel/face divide, athletic stuff that will pop the crowd. Reminds me of Cody/Rey from 28, which was really good and should have been the opener instead of Del Rio / Edge
  9. I feel like they got the challenger / likely new champion right, but I’m not excited about the match they are using to get there. Would have maybe preferred a multiman ladder cluster to play off last year.
  10. Man this gauntlet match next week might be incredible. This thing has been really good, almost note perfect so far. The B+ Player callback to Bryan himself, awesome.
  11. Give the timeframe I always thought Test was a steroid pun. Sounded like a Russo sort of thing to do.
  12. I was gonna say I don’t remember Rotunda in the West Texas Rednecks and then I saw the graphics. I wonder if he too likes country music. And if he likes country girls.
  13. Those are/were both awful but here’s a cool picture
  14. This is a feud that’s been right there for them for a while. I think they were gonna run with it last year when one or the other dude got hurt (can’t remember). Anyway the inevitable Joe promo about being boys in UPW while Cena went Hollywood and Joe took the hard road will be incredible. Cena’s shooty mcshootshoot stuff about “Orlando” notsomuch.
  15. If putting Ali in that spot was some kind of interesting test of his ability to be an upper card baby face that dude passed with flying colors. Not many guys on the roster pull off what he did. Has to bode well for his future
  16. For a nothing show I thought this turned out really good. A small thing but I dug the little production detail of the Corbin/Lashley/Drew promo being produced like the early days Shield promos
  17. Training montages! Pure sports build.
  18. The booking of the whole women’s angle is so screwed up. Like, character-wise I think there is a solid analogy between Charlotte and Becky, and Okada and Naito. But execution-wise this would be like Naito holding the IWGP more often than not and beating Okada every single time and STILL having that character.
  19. Please let this mean they are signing PCO Paul Burchill a lock for the gimmick battle royal.
  20. If you really want to appease the internet fans that NXT is largely booked for you can swerve with Harper going down while he has nothing else going on and running with the belt for a few months having great matches with everyone before putting e.g. Riddle over strong at the Spring Takeover and heading back up.
  21. This reminds me of my favorite lesser known WCW C (D?) show - WCW Prime. Complete with stock matches from Disney and Dusty being completely insane every week in the best possible way.
  22. Came here to post about the same. “Hey Joe, look into the camera and talk shit.” Goddamn why doesn’t this company do that more often. That was fire and belongs in the Cut A Fucking Promo thread. More that, fewer scripts please.
  23. How about Roman vs Cena at WM? Easy enough to set up, no real story needed.
  24. I was hoping they would find a way to intersect the two big stories tonight and have Batista do a shock attack on Roman at the end (jealousy over him getting into acting or some such). That’d give you a Hollywood Dave run and a great big time feel-good comeback match for Roman away from the title scene where they could throw bombs for 10 minutes and it’d rule. Alas it’s HHH after all. Which I mean heel Dave is the shit so it’ll be fine.
  25. Well that’s something. Hey look over there, it’s a Big Daddy V ECW squash! Ah, better...
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