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  1. That was a fantastic show. The last 10 minutes of the main event had the usual nonsense, but outside of that everything was great. I thought Kai and Nox knocked it out of the park in the first big chance. DD's head cleared that senton onto Lee by about an inch. Amazing spot; scary as hell on replay.
  2. This is one of the best thread bumps on record if only for the 2001 Earthquake squash and finding out that Del Ray was Jimmy Graffiti. My contribution is Glacier's debut happening on Pro rather than Nitro. Always thought that was weird.
  3. Macho, Eddy and Terry Funk are the three dudes you could drop into any promotion at any time in any role and they’d get it over huge. Face, heel, brawling, grappling, flying, bumping, selling, talking...doesn’t matter. Shit imagine Macho on Lucha Underground.
  4. I love a good intellectual property right as much as the next guy but damn if the bounty hunter being Matanza Cueto wouldn’t have put this over the top as an all time show. Everything was great last night. Loved the cold open to the tag title match introductions.
  5. Really impressed with their ability to redirect or outright kill things that aren’t working - Nightmare Collective gone, Britt Baker redirected, even what they’ve done with Hangman after the tepid response to him being in the original title match.
  6. Not greatest death match but I’d argue Stop The Matsunaga is the best death match-related angle. Sadly the YouTube video providing an overview of the whole thing appears to have been taken down.
  7. It’s far exceeding my expectations to be honest. I like all of the new rules as the faster flow. And the small stadium makes for a good atmosphere.
  8. Made me feel old to realize that Edge is 1) older than Backlund was during his comeback and 2) was gone longer than Backlund was. He’s also older than Rick Martel during his comeback and almost 10 years older than Michaels was when he came back.
  9. One of those deals where they should get out of their own way and let the two old pros do the Jericho thing and book the build. You could get a lot of mileage out of the nostalgia and shared history on this one. Christian, Foley, Cena
  10. My only regret is that we didn’t get WALTER toward the tail end of the Brock thing. I wanted to see the staredown and you know Brock would have pinballed his ass off for the chop.
  11. Throw Christian in there for a six man and that’d be really fun
  12. Also AJ’s elimination looked like a botch to me. And Daniel Bryan’s entire HOF case could rest simply on what’s he’s (and only he’s) able to get out of Wyatt.
  13. That was the best men’s Rumble in years and years and years. Holy shit was that whole thing great.
  14. I loved this show so much because it aesthetically reminded me of the Disney parking lot Nitros from 96, which is my favorite run of a wrestling show ever.
  15. Well we have a get drunk and post themes thread but not a got drunk and fantasy booked while asleep thread, so here goes: BUSHI, EVIL, KENTA and captain DOUKI literally invade AEW by pulling up to Jericho’s cruise ship in a tugboat Somali pirate style. These guys - “The Capitals” - raise hell and reign over AEW for a couple of weeks. Meanwhile all the Dark Order, Butcher and Blade, Nightmare Collective shit comes together and reveals themselves as members the cult ‘the lower case’. The Capitals and the lower case come to blows when DOUKI accidentally trips Taskmaster Meng. That leads to a big Wyatts/Shield-style staredown the next week wherein the evil mastermind of the lower case is revealed - Sans Serif. This all culminates in a War Games match where the lower case wins when Meng literally rips DOUKI’s throat out with the Tongan. Sans Serif is Colonel Parker.
  16. Does Orange Cassidy have the sweetest spot in wrestling right now? Dude just has to show up, not talk, not really work, but just be OC and is over as hell. It’s great. He’s like a smaller, more denim-y, Prozac’d out Sid.
  17. Agree with the negative comments. The thing we have all said about these shows is how they seem to fly by. This one...didn’t. That women’s segment is the worst thing they’ve done in their short history. Also, how does Jurassic Express of all teams get the jobber entrance? What the hell.
  18. I’ll say this about Raw under Heyman: everyone has something going on and there are stories up and down the card. Elsewhere I’m glad JYD and Mr. Olympia brought in Andre to walk tall. DiBiase, Duggan and Bourne had it coming.
  19. Miz and Morrison bring back together is the best possible use of Morrison, if even a demotion for Miz.
  20. My Andrade hot take is that he’s the best NXT champ ever, that run was cut off way too soon, and his match with Gargano was the apex of NXT main event style before it completely jumped the shark into self-parody. Dude is great.
  21. Southaven is in the Memphis metro just across the state line. Though I mean, a legends event in Mississippi...what’s the worse than can happen? I wonder if Jake still has 22...
  22. The Exalted One! To tie up the issue with too many cults they should have Brandi mention the same person in passing next week. Then at the PPV we get a Kevin Sullivan red herring and finally the big Dark Lord Haku reveal.
  23. Liv tapes her fingers like The Great Muta. I’m a fan.
  24. To be fair to the Dark Order gimmick I don’t think pro wrestling has ever had a Zerg rush stable where the world finds out if 1,000 jabronies can overmatch 1-2 higher quality opponents. So that’s cool.
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