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  1. A couple of months of taped and talent-produced content while they reset creative isn’t the worst thing for WWE. What’s the last truly out of the box thing Vince has done - the Shield debut? And before that Nexus? Also, is New Blood Nitro the only overt hard continuity reset in a major promotion? I can’t think of another.
  2. All this Brawl For All fantasy booking has me imagining an alternate timeline where if Russo really wants to get his rocks off WWE signs Meng and puts him in the damn thing against Bradshaw in round 1. Hidden camera on Bradshaw when he reads the booking sheet and shits a brick.
  3. Nakazawa is auto-suck for me, too. The world needs jobbers and I get he's Kenny's boy. But for a show that consciously has of lot of WCW spiritual succession in its approach, surely we can find some Gamblers and Roadblocks out there. Nak is just terrible.
  4. Jericho/Tony was just fantastic. I loved a lot of this show. Big hoss daddy squashes, fun tag, great women's match, solid main.
  5. Always loved this and feels appropriate given the boneyard match The spray paint is a nice touch
  6. I was thinking about Boss Man a few days ago when I was watching the triangle match from Fall Brawl 94. I always remembered him losing a ton of weight when he came back for his second WWE run, but dude actually dropped a lot of it even before he went back to WCW too. Twin Towers Boss Man was massive and, like, lost 60+ pounds at some point. Now I'm not sure when that was exactly. As for WMV, it was the tag matches that always stood out to me. In particular given WWE's track record with tag team wrestling, there were 5 tag matches on this show and 4 of them were pretty good.
  7. Show brought the 1976 offense tonight. Not complaining. Cool idea to run an “after the show last night” bit and I thought we had a nice double false narrative going with “will they put the belt on Show due to the Netflix deal” and “oh this is the first challenger monster of the month thing like Bryan/Kane”. So brownie pints for doing something unique. Whole show felt like a Superstars taping, where we just got to also see the dark match main.
  8. Yeah see this is the DVDVR LOST thread (RIP - GOAT weekly thread) kind of stuff I was talking about. Glad someone put the time into writing that. The end of it starting with "Cena turns heel" was my read on the whole thing as well. Not that everything was incredibly subtle here, but it was MORE subtle than I can think of anything in this company being. One of the bits I thought was on the more subtle side was that, when initially confronted during the rap battle with the reality that his character is a terrible person, not only does he not sell it at all and make a deez nuts joke. He makes a TERRIBLE deez nuts joke where he rhymes "face" with "face". Which is something Cena the dude would never do but reinforces that Cena the character still didn't get it.
  9. Need multiple rewatches, some detective work and DVDVR LOST thread-like discussion after that FFH match.
  10. The opener was a fantastic, southern fried hurt body part title match. That was Rhea's best match by a country mile. After that, nothing else mattered except Firefly Fun House. Holy shit. That thing existed outside of space and time. I felt like I was in a Tesseract. I think the NWO bit was the future - future Cena heel turn?
  11. My only issue is that, after being traumatized for 30 years due to the Warrior angle, 6 year old me discovered the truth about Santa Claus last night when AJ no sold being in the casket during his entrance. That wasn't cool.
  12. Well bad asses do always kick an asshole’s ass
  13. I don’t know who’s idea it was to turn Del Ray into Jimmy Graffiti but feels like a missed opportunity in late 90’s WCW. Sleazy, gyrating Del Ray could have had some fun with the lower mid card (Disco, Wright, Smiley)
  14. My only suggestion is that at the end with AJ’s hand, they should have done a twist ending where the camera then pans over to the next grave over, where you see another tombstone with Mankind’s name on it. Then suddenly the mandible claw hand breaks through the dirt like Freddie at the end of that one Jason movie, setting up a sequel.
  15. It was just way, way better produced and executed. There are good and bad versions of any sort of match, including good and bad cinematic camp. This was upper tier like Final Deletion and that time Kevin Sullivan showed up in the TNA underworld.
  16. Yeah I don’t see how they can go back to one night. On that front this was a raging success.
  17. Boneyard Match was fucking awesome, legit. Borash with Michael Bay money. Shit was great.
  18. In a non-COVID world and ignoring WM inherently sucking lately because of how bloated it is, I was legitimately looking forward to Brock/Drew and Goldberg/Reigns as quick, hard hitting counterpunches to the worn NXT main event epic style.
  19. I'd show her the Dusty "view never changes" promo, then the Wargames 94 match, then the Battleground match. The Battleground match is absolutely amazing but you need to know the whole Dusty/Dustin backstory to get the full effect. If you want to have some fun throwing the ridiculous side of wrestling in there you can show her the Dusty/Dustin/Nasties bit from the bar before the Wargames match, too.
  20. Archer debut was fantastic. Loved the "uncontrollable" feeling right from the entrance. Like the empty arena version of Tiger Jeet Singh / Leatherface coming down through the fans with his saber / chainsaw.
  21. That Watts / Ladd street fight sounds fucking awesome
  22. I feel like MJF is kind of above the title a bit as the #2 heel in the company. I was thinking Darby/Brodie Lee doing their best King of Cable impression. Which sounds pretty rad. Tony with "Brodie Lee, who crawled through a river of shit and came out clean on the other side, is the new TNT Champion" on the call to close it.
  23. Ready or Not was Hall’s and the Outsiders go to WCW house show theme as well (pretty sure they also used The Beautiful People a lot). I remember being at the Shreveport show with the shoot Nasties brawl and that’s what they came out to. Awesome song for a theme and awesome video.
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