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  1. agreed, this version of Loki kept thinking he found purpose, and getting the rug pulled out from under him, again and again. I assume more comic accurate personalities are coming, but as someone who has to go back and do more reading, this was a good intro to the least harmful Kang, and it's just gonna build Assuming the Kang that Scott Lang and Hope meet is one that's been trapped in the quantum realm for ages, maybe since Janet got stuck there? Going to be really really interesting Getting Doom right is gonna take ages so I'm glad they're not rushing or hitting it, you have to setup the Fantastic Four, and getting the multiverse in place now gives Doom an eventual goal, b/c I'm guessing somewhere in third saga they'll do secret war, and probably pull from the 2015 version and give us God Emperor Doom (which is a good place too end off Strange if the time has come for that)as the ultimate bad
  2. I'm hoping at least one of those episodes has an animated Kang. But I also hope What If..gives us an idea how the Thanos Copter ended up in the void
  3. convinced now the Kang in Ant Man 3 still won't the biggest of the big bad, otherwise, Scott Lang is fucked. This was a great season one finale, and while there is a good argument to be made that they spent a lot of time setting up the movies, what really brought it home for me was Loki's last scene back at the TVA; it's changed, Mobius doesn't know who he is anymore, Kang is the sole ruler, that was all great season one cliffhanger stuff, not really sure if we'll touch on the TVA parts of it int he movies. Jonathan Majors pulled off a pretty amazing feet, introduce yourself totally fresh, set up other versions of yourself, explain universes worth of back story, and be entertaining while doing so. Home run performance, I can't wait to see every version of Kang
  4. what a fantastic episode, just had a smile on face the entire time; as for who the end big bad is, the ultimate evil Loki who got everything our Loki wanted makes narrative sense, but they've dropped enough Kang references to make me question....I'm going on a limb that Kang in the MCU IS a version of Loki who at some point gained the power to do all this, played by Jonathan Majors
  5. Big Dave would be great as a recast Bane
  6. Once Zeno got the mask and they entered the lab, I kept looking for something to indicate Adhesive X even if that type of chemical would make no sense there
  7. I know Sonya having to deal with the break in may have put a sudden halt on their program, but, when did they give up so hard on Mandy? Do they just see her as Dana #2 now? How does that happen, she seems so much their type, and yet Lana is still harder pushed, and that's WITH Miro in AEW, so odd. Mandy playing a video of her and Sonya made me miss them together Braun needs to call Nicholas for tips on dealing with bullies who call people "stupid" and use slime as their main weapon. I'd be all for Charlotte ruining Alexa if it meant Ric visits the Funhouse and starts chopping and dropping elbows on puppets while making out with Abby the Witch
  8. And the leg belongs to Forge and that’s how the X-men begin in the MCU
  9. Not surprised Cliff Compton is in the MCU, fits the 50s theme too
  10. I dont think anyone would want this, but...last What If episode ends up being the "Marvel Zombies" ones, and it ends with them crossing over to the MCU, roll credits also...can Disney now just do Disney Afternoon WHAT IF??? What if Gadget worked for Fat Cat? What if Launchpad became Darkwing Duck What if Baloo couldn't fly a plane What of Scrooge McDuck was a time traveler >.> amazing stories to be had
  11. Tony showed uncharacteristic restraint NOT giving Ultron balls, big moment of growth for him (pun intended) I wonder if we hear Ultrons voice at all during WandaVision...hm...I've always guessed he could be lurking somewhere in Vision (reanimated or not)
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