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  1. It can and it is. https://twitter.com/RealKingRegal/status/1547580126447013892?s=20&t=S0obP4LRSSe5UvZ6ISpdig
  2. They should do the thing where every wrestler comes out and hits their finisher on Vince and it should last the whole show.
  3. "When they made the deal with Logan Paul to do this angle, part of the deal was when the angle is over, he'd be a babyface. That was the idea. That was negotiated, that was negotiated in the deal," Meltzer said. I don't know in what world either of the Paul brothers could be a babyface, they are both massive douches, perfect heels.
  4. He better be wacking people with a Chapman Stick.
  5. It was a joke, but I think the bigger story of the NXT Purge is the fall from grace of Triple H and that would make an interesting documentary down the road.
  6. The eventual WWE Network series on the NXT Purge is going to be wild.
  7. At this point this thread should be a place to celebrate wrestlers' releases. CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR FREEDOM!
  8. Remember when Finn and Walter were going to wrestle in Dublin at NXT UK Takeover? I do.
  9. Deep dive on MVP and music https://audioboom.com/posts/4112273-episode-64-mvp-wwe-njpw
  10. The stadium was setup for a monster truck rally on Sunday afternoon, which I'm sure was scheduled well before AEW decided on the date.
  11. So in the grand scheme of things neither chamber match meant anything.
  12. Hate the trope specific to the Royal Rumble, wrestler gets tossed, tosser immediately turns around instead making sure the tossed actually hits the ground, then gets surprised when the tossed wrester hasn't been eliminated.
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