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The Rugby Thread, 2nd Tackle


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I guess I should say something about this morning's game.

England played perfect wet weather rugby for more than an hour and would have won the game if they had made the most of two attacking opportunities they had in the corner. I thought the game was out of reach for South Africa after Farrell's drop goal, but once they got a sniff at scrum time they were like a shark with blood in the water. It's a shame that England had to lose because of a single facet in the game when they outplayed South Africa for most of the match, but sport is cruel. England needed to be more clinical with those two scoring opportunities in the corner. It was a proper semi-final, but it was slow and there was so much kicking. Plenty of emotion and passion, though.

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England is still in the final. Or at least represented at the final. England's Wayne Barnes has been named referee for the RWC final. (guess it had to be a Northern Hemishphere ref with two Southern Hemisphere teams playing, and Barnes is pretty good.

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Feeling a bit empty after that. I had a bad feeling when I turned the game on and saw it was raining. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. We showed some fight with a man down and had some chances but couldn't take them. South Africa defended well, especially Pieter-Steph du Toit, and New Zealand made some costly mistakes inside the opposition 22 much like England had done the week before. I don't feel like getting into all of the controversy. I'll just say that the TMO being constantly involved is frustrating to watch. I never thought the All Blacks would get this far, but it still hurts that they couldn't get over the finish line. I really like the South African captain, though, so I'm happy for him.

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On 3/10/2024 at 12:28 PM, DangerMark said:

This will make a whole lot more sense in a few weeks when Italy beat Wales.


56 minutes ago, SirFozzie said:

You may have called it.

P, 5.

W, 0.

L, 5.

D, 0.

Wales' first wooden spoon for 21 years.

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