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Artemis Bridge Simulator.. (read: Star Trek Bridge Game)


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Played this at GenCon. Holy fuck, it's so awesome. It is a up to six player game where each player controls one or more departments (Captain, Navigation, Engineering, Weapons, Science/Sensors, Communication) on the brige of a starship as you attempt to defend your sector and its starbases from a horde.


The stations are all set up like Star Trek stations.. we played on giant touch screen TV's that's like working the consoles on Star Trek, but it's set up for mouse and keyboard


I'm definitely getting a bridge crew license ($40 for a six player server basically), and while it's optimized for face to face play in a room.. this can be apparently played over the Internet with voice chat. So, if this kinda game tickles your fancy, let me know, it would be great to do a DVDVR game:



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