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On the old message board we had a somewhat successful run at great images from the LUCHA LIBRE promotions. I for one dug the hell outta it, and I had several messages from others who did as well. But the other COOL thing was we also found INCREDIBLE ARTWORK from PAINTINGS to DRAWINGS that were perfect for this TOPIC.


SO let's get this thang started right!!!I'll add some of my imagery once my lil' tablet gets mailed back to me...in the meantime, SUPER PORKY!!! And the ARTWORK was a must(if you can find it!!!)


Thanks in advance,-DamnNearFonzie

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ULTIMO, hell yeah that's exactly what I'm looking for. From candids to artwork to of course crazy ass entrances/in ring work and much more. You mailed it. Thanks for being the first out of damn near 200 people who looked at this post but never put anything up.I've got several things I wanna share, but can I do that straight from my hard drive or do I have to post it somewhere(and if so, where's the best place to do so) and then hotlink it here?!!You da man, and folks I look forward to more from ya'll...from today's wrasslin' world to yesteryear...just hook it up!



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British Night?

I was curious too. This is from cagematch.net via google translate -

The show was actually a benefit show with the nickname "British Night: Una Lucha con Causa" to be held, the proceeds should be donated to the Fundación John Langdon Down, who care for people with Down syndrome and the show together with wanted to hold the CMLL and the British Embassy in Mexico City. However, once there was a dispute between CMLL and the charitable organization on financial things, the organization withdrew shortly and the show was held as a normal Friday show.

So it didn't happen. Shame. I'd have liked to have seen someone take a dive off a double-decker bus.


And because this is a picture thread:

Posted Image

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Damn man, that's some incredible stuff!!!
My only problem is CAN I post an image from MY COMPUTER or do I need to Hotlink it from another website?!

The answer would help me a TON, I know I can post from a different website, but is there any way I can just pull it up from my computer. And IF NOT, What's the best website to place place photos for free these days?


Preish, I can't wait to start posting yo!!!


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The stuff just keeps getting stronger and... weirder!!!! And I LOVE IT ALL!A huge shout to all of you guys who;ve posted awesome images....Ultimo The Great and so many more!!!!Weird thing is I'd totally forgotten about TINYPIC...so when I get my TABLET back I can use some of my stuff.....washoooo!!!!

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