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Seems Batman who laughs and Darkest Night are now two seprate characters.

The upcoming run for the Superman Batman book borrows from 1940s DC movies, and old Earth 2. Not sure if it will be the new Earth 2.

Infinite Frontier will have some fallout from Futures State.

Maybe characters from dead worlds residing in the new IF main earth, not expecting much.


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This is a bullshit quote from Tom Taylor, btw:



Newsarama: In the Death Metal: Last Stories of the DC Universe, Dicks and Babs get married— sort of—for the night. How does that inform their relationship in your series?

Tom Taylor: An alternate universe tale set in the future doesn't really inform our story, but everything Nightwing and Batgirl have been through over the years does.


There are lots of ways to dismiss Death Metal.
"Well, everything will count, but that won't count so much here."
"Their memories of that won't play directly into the story we're telling."
"You'll have to read the end of that story to see how it plays out, but we're going a different way with it."
"Sometimes people do things at the end of the world."

A hundred ways to answer that question, but that answer made no sense.

Whatever it is, it's neither an alternate universe or set in the future.

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