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  1. And to you, sir! I kinda got sucked into Westworld the last couple of days. So, I am running a warhammer wielding Nord in honor of my original character (Stan F'n Hansen) who was lost when my 360 finally gave up. I am at level 39 and still am getting my ass handed to me every once in awhile. Cool mods I'm using: Clockwork- This a new quest mod that is hella creepy in some spots. A player home is added that is stuffed full of cool paintings and artwork. Not all of it is lore friendly. Metal Shouts- It's exactly what it sounds like. Unrelenting Force turned up to 11 with the power of Pantera, Megadeth, Slayer, and others. It's fun, but the volume differential is way off. But, considering what it is, I suppose that's appropriate. The little quest with it is quite amusing. Also, very difficult at my level. Holidays- I've only seen a couple so far. It's not as varied as I hoped, but it's still early. There are others but I won't list all of them here. For as many as I have installed, I've only had a couple of hiccups in frame rate and game freezes. I thought about trying my hand at making a mod myself, but I doubt my computer could run the creation kit. I just want horses for my followers. In summation, I still love this game. It looks and runs great on the XBone. My family and friends will just have to get used to being called milk-drinkers all over again.
  2. So, Oblivion was quietly added to the Xbox store for $15. Downloaded and installing right now. I'm excited but I will need to finish my current modded Skyrim run first. Any thoughts on Oblivion? Also, this is with no dlc included. I'm sure the graphics will be a step back, but I'm still looking forward to those Oblivion gates I've heard so much about.
  3. Man, thanks for posting this. I just started Foucault's Pendulum and I don't get most of the references, but I am determined to figure it out. Eco is fascinating and I want to honor him by tracking it all down. Does anyone have any pointers for this book?
  4. I hadn't heard about this show until your comment. Watched it and think it may have potential. It did, however, feature a pet peeve of mine in these kind of shows. The one guy did the smart thing and used his glasses to try and start a fire, except he BROKE them! Why?! Is this a necessary thing to do for the lens to work? I have a headache now.
  5. I spent the last two weeks doing nothing but finish ME3. I could no longer avoid the internet and really wanted to see how it all played out. Fucking awesome game. I actually kinda liked the ending to be honest. Could have been longer though. I forgot how emotionally invested this series made me. I work in construction with 50 year old dudes and trying to explain that is fruitless and I should probably just keep that to myself.
  6. When I was a freshman in high school, I read The Ruins of Ambrai by Melanie Rawn. This was, I think, the first fantasy novel I had read at that point. It was a little different in the fact that it was actually a future version of our reality, if I'm not mistaken. The wikipedia page doesn't help too much to jog my memory, but it mentions some Catholicism, which I don't really remember. It did give me the name of a future born daughter, though. It's certainly worth a read, as is the second one. The only problem is that the author never put out the third one because of issues with depression, so you should know that going in. That led directly into the Sword of Truth series which I fucking loved. However, I did see on the old board that some people really, really hate Terry Goodkind. I was never sure if it was the author personally or the books themselves. In a cool little coincidence, I read The Fountainhead halfway through the S.O.T. series and the next book back was very Randian. I always suspected that was everyones beef with Goodkind, but I don't really know enough about Rand or objectivism to comment. I could see it being very...preachy though. So yeah, Ruins of Ambrai. Always had fond memories of the Shannara books too. Very much standard fantasy tropes though. Elves and goblins, etc. Sorry so rambly.
  7. Does anyone know of any shoot interviews with Rude? I've always wanted to hear some out of character stuff from him and the most I could find was him on Arsenio Hall and that was him being, well, Rude. Loved that guy.
  8. I am not offended by your choice to listen to the audio book. Honestly, it was my second choice behind Jonathan Livingston Seagull and I thought there were not enough pages in that, even though it"s awesome. Would you say that you picked up on more things this time as opposed to the first time you read it? Also, if you deal with that kind of bureaucracy every day, are you still sane? edit- Or sober?
  9. It's not all that obscure, but this never fails to get me fucking moving:
  10. This sounds like an interesting read. I haven't delved much into Japanese literature and this seems like a good place to start. Even in movies, I'm limited to Ghost in the Shell and bits and pieces of Ichi the Killer. Good review, man.
  11. Well, it's pretty cool that this was a Matt D pick, as he was very thoughtful and supportive of a stranger in the Malazan campaign I've been waging. I might not have known about it if it weren't for this whole deal, so thanks! I'm pretty easy when it comes to books, though.
  12. Second only to Quinn in the cool department. At least his good name will be cleared by the end.
  13. Hedges

    Random TV Thoughts

    I watched the first couple eps. of that but couldn't get in to it. Might go back and watch it.
  14. Hedges

    Random TV Thoughts

    Yeah, after thinking about it for more than two seconds, you're right. It reminds me of The River a bit, which I liked and then it got canceled. At least I got to see all of the first seaon I suppose, which other shows didn't get.
  15. When did Warrior start putting the paint on his chest? Looks dumb, but I'm glad to see him back doing something with WWE again.
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