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  1. It sounds like what would happen if current-day Paul Stanley was fronting Godsmack.
  2. Not anymore. Steve Ballmer bought the Forum from MSG in 2020. He did it to halt MSG's attempts to stop him from getting the Intuit Dome built.
  3. The Great Muta's daughter is...
  4. https://twitter.com/whirlingcandy/status/1716275366585614429 Kyoko Kimura with la chancla.
  5. Power Pop pioneer Dwight Tilley passed away yesterday. He'd had a stroke and a car crash on Saturday.
  6. While it is a Paramount film, I really hope they show Sunset Boulevard before or after an AEW show someday.
  7. I'm assuming whatever Sting says will lead to Sting/Darby/Copeland vs Christian/Luchasaurus/Nick Wayne.
  8. Reyes was the most recent one. He played it on NJPW Strong.
  9. That's Nick Khan and Endeavor's job. Not Vince's.
  10. Bought a ticket to the NWSL semis in San Diego. My first soccer game since I was a kid.
  11. I'd say no. Lucha still seems underrepresented in the HoF, anyways.
  12. Good start to the Goddess tournament tonight, although a team was changed last minute, as Cevin (Lady C/Miyu Amasaki) was replaced by C & Ami Sohrei. Spoilers:
  13. I assume that translates to "We're gonna hit you. a lot."
  14. Me and my new pal. Her name's Miyu.
  15. I'm in the background of some shots of that, since I was UPW's lighting operator at the time.
  16. Zac Efron is disturbingly large in the film. Which is weird, since Kevin wasn't.
  17. Best match from last night: Mizuki vs Miyu Yamashita Worst match from last night: Suzu Suzuki, Maika, & Megan Bayne vs Bari Bari Bombers (Giulia, Thekla, & Mai Sakurai) I would like to request a whole lot more of Juria Nagano vs Moka Miyamoto.
  18. SNL works on a network code agreement, which is not a contract that is being struck.
  19. Backside of the Pontiac Motor Co. building, Amarillo, TX. Mural done by JEKS
  20. Add Natsupoi to the injured list with a a cervical hernia.
  21. As a result, Mayu is now part of the pre-show Rambo.
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