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  1. The last 30 or so seconds of this one was so funny
  2. I agree. I highly enjoyed it. You're right in that it wasn't as graphically as violent but there were still some things that I thought pushed the Limit. Didnt bother me, but it was just unexpected. Like you, I didnt read the books but this was exactly what I expected from this movie and I'm really happy. I hope they do a sequel.
  3. Robert Pattinson cast as Batman for The Batman
  4. Supposedly they're covering Dino Bravo in the next season. I saw parts of the Moolah one. I want to finish but yeah from what I saw it's not as good as the previous 3 before it and could see how it may be the worst of the lot.
  5. Looks like June Jones is set to be the coach of the Houston team
  6. I just asked my friend who works at a Target said June 25th is scheduled to be the release day so the digital should be in a couple of weeks. They haven't received their copies yet and they usually get them 2-3 weeks before release and hold them in their stockroom
  7. I think its mainly for the 2019 product but I won't complain if you talk it here. I'm curious to read your thoughts when you get to 01 or 02 when they move to the old ECW arena and I think they let SMV do the production and eventual booking.
  8. I hate CBS cancelled Fam. I enjoyed it. Mainly because I have a crush on Nina Dobrev but still
  9. I think he's toned it down a bit but I saw that match and the stuff he does at his wrestling school. I haven't seen his EVOLVE stuff.
  10. I saw that live. It was absolutely fantastic. I highly recommend their show before that, which had Fred Yehi vs Arik Royal in a fall's count anywhere match.
  11. Not paying for TV th time and on big networks? Looks like it has the potential to last at least the inaugural season at least.
  12. For s**ts and giggles I decided to look up how well Dragon Ball Super: Broly did in theaters. It did almost 40 mil here and over 100 mil worldwide. That's pretty impressive. Seems DBS has been growing in popularity, which hopefully means more episodes of the TV series will be coming
  13. My friend was telling me that as well. Like you, he didnt think it was as bad as they said. On another controversial movie, The Bunny Game is on YouTube so I watched it. It was kinda boring and long for 70 something minutes. They put the hooker through hell but didnt really give us any character development for her, other than she's a hooker and does these things. I was kinda bored throughout. Very eh
  14. I haven't read mine but I got the Avengers, Spider-Man, Dear Justice League, and Bloodshot free books. Plus bought DCeased, The .25 DC Villian Issue, DBZ #18 and King Kai POPs. I though about getting the recent Heroes in Crisis, Doomsday Clock and War of the Realms but I decided to wait for the trades on those since I don't have any of the previous issues.
  15. I can tell you right now. I still think about how awesome it was hearing "AVENGERS.........ASSEMBLE!"
  16. Never saw it my butt lol Was it Sage's last role before he died? I read a little more on it. Found out he was mad Ebert gave it 0 stars. Didn't the original I Spit on Your Grave get 0 stars too?
  17. I saw this movie called Chaos the other day, it's not the one with Jason Statham, its a random independent movie. Its almost a beat for beat remake of Last House on the Left, except it was trying to up the ante on the brutality. But it's a terrible movie. The actual remake was better
  18. I was thinking about this too. I forgot about Shuri, I kept thinking Disney got lucky with the Fox deal, could be Reed? He was always the guy in the comics. I don't know.
  19. Ok I have a question. During the funeral scene when they're panning back to all the characters in attendance, who is the teenager in the back? That's the only one I couldn't identify
  20. Can't wait to see that one and how it compliments the Legends of World Class and the WWE doc as well
  21. The only thing I want spoiled for me is, is there a post-credits scene?
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