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  1. If you need a Dragon Ball fix, there's these shorts promoting some card game that's pretty cool, probably not in canon, has Future Trunks, Mai, a new saiyan and the return of Cooler, and another Goku who can go SSJ4. Its good, but mainly a plug for the card game and leaves you hanging. Only 2 episodes and they're not doing another one until September.
  2. According to Toriyama, yes. He mentioned that he's found a way to being in Broly and out him in the universe.
  3. Nadal comes back in an epic match.
  4. I thought about getting a imported Saturn since a lot of the Japanese games for it are much more inexpensive than their US counterparts. But I remembered at some point I imported X-Men vs Street Fighter and there's a way to play them on the US console. Now I'm considering getting a Neo Geo CD since the games on them are much cheaper than the AES/MVS version.
  5. So it looks like Broly is going to be put into DB canon starting with the Super movie coming out in December. Not sure how to feel about it yet.
  6. Tekken is an Oscar contender when you put it up against King of Fighters. My God that was the worst 3.99 I spent in my life (an old kmart had it in they dump bin for that price)
  7. I missed it but apparantly someone at Sony pictures uploaded a full movie instead of the trailer. Did anyone get to watch it before it was taken down?
  8. So this is PS4 only? Looks like my decision has been made then
  9. I remember thinking that when watching the WWE-ECW doc and Taz was going on about great of a designer he was (he claimed to have designed a majority of them) and all I could think of was a lot of these are turrible
  10. I can't remember if it was under Kelly's run or not but I liked the idea of when the Big 7 left to find Plastic Man, they left Nigtwing in charge. It was up there with Wally and Kyle graduating to the upper part of the DCU, but then afterwards DiDio went on his attempts to kill him
  11. That's sad. I was looking forward to seeing him at the Scenic City Invitational tournament. I remember when Bryan Danielson gave him his blessing back when he was wrestling at Rampage Pro Wrestling. My only question was why didn't he go further, he had the talent to go places.
  12. Closing scene imo is just as good. Guy is so evil throughout the movie and suddenly he's going to get away with it all but no. I was cheering when Aldo gave his famous speech
  13. Its interesting how today is Piccolo Day while yesterday was Gohan day
  14. PWT taking preorders for Cody, Kenny and Bucks POPs. Sadly it's for a group and none individually.
  15. There's not a lot of it in the movie but what you get is amazing, Jet Li's Hero
  16. I don't mind how it deviated from the book but didn't Thano's motivation for getting the stones remind anyone of Ras Al Ghoul?
  17. I considered it since Cinemark is the closest theater to me, but I always go to the early showing which is like 5.50 here so I figured it'd be a waste for me.
  18. And now you can only see the movie once. So even if you like it no multiple viewings on the Pass
  19. I'm honestly very sad. I want him to have the maximum punishment but heck, I loved the Cosby Show and wanted to be a father like him. Then all this comes out and now officially guilty. It'll be hard to separate Dr. Huxtable from Cosby.
  20. I know some people here are fans of the OnePlus phones. The new one is set to be announced in May, here's what Engadget had to say about it.
  21. Most shirts on WWE shop are 40% off today. Unfortunately not the Ricochet shirt though.
  22. Close to or maybe a little after midnight
  23. Someone once told me years ago they did that because he was so loud at calling spots.
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