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  1. I'm pretty sure all the Grace/Gresham "groomer" speculation was actually just related to this: https://www.ringsidenews.com/2021/11/09/jordynne-grace-loses-her-dog-after-petsmart-groomer-gave-it-to-someone-else/
  2. As if we didn't already love her enough
  3. I had never heard of Dalton Castle before last night and enjoyed his act but did a double take when the announcers mentioned he's a former ROH World Champ. Was comedy less of an aspect of his character when he was champ or was he a credible champion in spite of (because of??) the comedy?
  4. Throw my name on the list of people ticked off that Eddie didnt win the barbed wire match. I love Dave but his logic that "if Jericho is going to feud with Danielson he needed to win"...yeah no. Jericho could lose to every name guy in AEW and still be over for being Jericho, and feuding with Danielson isn't like a title shot where he needs a stellar win-loss record to justify going in there. Not to mention JAS got the win and anarchy in the arena and Eddie fell short of tapping out Jericho a 2nd time at Blood and Guts. I'm assuming we go to Eddie vs Sammy from here with Eddy going over which I think hurts Sammy more than it helps Eddie, especially since Sammy has been plummeting down the ladder ever since the fans turned him heel. I don't really get it. There's gotta be a long-game way to eventually turn Sammy and Conti babyface again or at least if they're going to stay heel, move them up the card real quick. Moxley vs Sammy and Rosa vs Conti both sound pretty fresh and potentially good. Unless TK has just given up on the whole Four Pillars idea now that Wardlow has proven to be the big commidty. Sammy's TNT title run didn't pan out for reasons that were largely avoidable and Darby has seemingly nothing planned for him other than to be enhancement talent.
  5. Caprice putting over Martinez's knees reminded me of Ventura at WMIII re: Steamboat's throat. "They say he's got a lotta heart but I say he's got a lotta throat." Martinez had a lotta knees tonight. Great show. I thought the crowd was too quiet through most of it but they always popped at the appropriate spots so it could have just been the audio. The way the Claudio match went has me wondering if Gresham is done with ROH, felt like a pretty comprehensive defeat and he didn't even come out in his cool Cthulhu helmet.
  6. I think it's kind of a chicken and the egg issue with his podcast crowd too. This is not the place to get into how divisive party lines have become in America in the last decade, especially since Trump, but whenever I read a Cornette comments thread I can't help but think his acolytes are less invested in old school wrestling and more just like that his platforms are the platforms where they're still allowed to be openly racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. In short, I think Cornette's problems extend way beyond his views on actual wrestling styles.
  7. As someone who slept on ROH for a decade or two because "it wasn't Japan" I'm super excited to finally be in on the hype. This card looks awesome and I hope Deeb wins because she is the greatest, although I suppose we don't want too many AEW regulars holding all the ROH belts at once. Anyone have a good quality link where I can watch Briscoes/FTR I in prep for the rematch tonight? Thaaaaaaaanks.
  8. Late to the thread here but just want to say that I thought Darby vs King was the best tv match I've seen in ages. These guys should be fighting for the belt in a year. Reminded me of Kawada vs Gary which is about the highest compliment anyone can pay a men's singles match. Hard to watch at times as it was clear Darby was pretty badly fucked up early on (I thought my dog was snoring but it was actually Darby's vacuum cleaner lung), but they could go twice as long with less dangerous stuff in a rematch just by focusing more on Darby's wild strikes and setting up more submissions (like the weird sitting-on-your-head stretch he straight up stole from Deeb's match last week). I just really loved it. Both guys are awesome. Only other thought is despite my constant ragging on Hangman, it's kind of shocking how far he's dropped since losing the title. Was his goofy out of character outfit last week his way of saying "I have stopped caring"? I like the idea of his name lending credibility to the Dark Order but jeez then let's have him and John Silver start chasing the tag titles or something.
  9. My buddy who is new to AEW legit thought the Dark Order were gonna turn heel and all beat down Brodie Jr. -_-
  10. Heel Christian promo was my favorite thing of the night. Christian dressed as a French ski instructor from the 70s was a refreshingly subversive look for a heel. To paraphrase Roger Ebert, you never see heels wearing Harris Tweed, except maybe in Hitchcock. Loved the aftermath with Luchasaurus too. Luchasaurus should become like the Minoton from Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger, just a mute engine of horror doing all of Christian/Zenobia's bidding. Guessing Jungle Boy will have to defeat his large former partner before finally beating Christian and then getting a title shot down the line. Okada showing up was great. Wish his entrance has more grandeur to it but I think they wanted to have him run down and beat people up rather than stand around stoically in case the crowd didn't react. Whatever. I'm excited he's there. Four way sounds like a mess but I'm weirdly optimistic. I'm probably in the tiny minority of people who hated the Aussie Open six man. Kinda feels like "being a great athlete" is the new garbage wrestling. It's the same shit every night but the crowd always chants "this is awesome" because it's a spectacle watching guys fly around and invent new moves. Although I loved Marufuji and KENTA back when they were doing crazy stuff every night to pop the crowd way back when and it was definitely not cool to like those matches in most online circles. Now it's like you're a hater if you're bored by it. I wish that All Atlantic title was a shoot style title just so we didn't have so many stunt show matches like this on every card. That's what IIIIIIIIII wish. I also wish Deeb, Statlander, Eddie Kingston and Evil Uno were the four pillars. Objectively this six man was excellent I just found it very boring. I've never seen Aussie Open before but Jesus Christ are they in a completion with their mentor Ospreay as to who can sell worse? So much flopping around, so many dumb facial expressions, Ospreay holding his arms in the air while on his back which somehow broke the fourth wall for me more than anything the other guy in the match who fights with his hands in his pockets did... seriously, it was like all three of them were channelling Scott Hall and Omos at the same time every time they sold something. I believe people when they say Aussie Open are good and maybe this was their nerves acting up being on a new stage but this was some goofy shit. Main event was AWESOME. Tanahashi is awesome. Maybe of Ospreay and Aussie Open one day blow their knees out like Tanahashi did they'll have to stop doing dumb contrived spots all the time and become a great wrestler like Hiroshi Tanahashi. Omega used to be a ridiculous gimmick wrestler and slowly became an insanely good wrestler. I do not pretend that there aren't exceptions to the rule I just think there are a million guys right now who wrestle like Ibushi, Will Ospreay, Jay White and Hangman and they are all largely devoid of personality, or at least likeable personality. It's why I totally get the KOR hate even though I also get that he's "objectively a very good wrestler". Sometimes a guy just sucks BECAUSE he looks dumb and acts goofy. I think it honestly comes down to acting ability. The four guys I just mentioned are all horrible actors. Orange Cassidy does way goofier stuff in terms of his spots and offense but he never hams it up. When Ibushi "goes into the zone" or whatever and starts killing guys while all stone faced I tune out. When Hangman suddenly has crises of conscience before the finish of a match I roll my eyes. It's why Shawn always sucked and was a clown and Bret was always good. The brawl at the end with Moxley and Tanahashi standing in the ring was cool. Actually kind of made me forget it's for the interim title and not Punk's title. Excalibur trying to explain who everyone was while like 40 guys were all killing each other was funny. I like the new matches they added to the PPV. Definitely more excited than I was last week. Danielson being hurt is a huge bummed and he did admirably trying to keep the crowd happy in spite of delivering the bad news. Like everyone else I'm assuming Claudio is the mystery man. Is there any possibility it's someone totally underwhelming and that's why they're not announcing him ahead of time? Loved the Baddies promo with Tony's drumroll. Loved Statlander showing her goofy side during the rebuttal. I had never heard of Silas before but I enjoyed the surly Milwaukee defiantly crowd chanting his name against the revered former champion. Marina Shafir did good I thought, don't really get why everyone rags on her. Hoping Deeb doesn't fade too quickly into the background after such an awesome performance at DoN. That is pretty much all. EDIT: okay also Christian needs to bring back Marko Stunt as his underling Sideshow Luke Perry.
  11. I did the same thing. Also spent most of today complaining about the ppv build on here instead of working (sorry, boss). Then I ordered the ppv early because all the (justified) negativity has me thinking they're probably hurting for early buys. My logic is twisted but I feel like this ppv is disappointing enough on paper that I had to order it well in advance so as to feel less guilty about being a bitch eating crackers about it online. Also speaking of WCW/NJPW shows, anyone else remember how solid and educational the build to Starrcade 95 was? Had that whole article in WCW magazine explaining who everyone was and everything. Edit: Also wait, aren't Archer and Desperado supposed to be in the Suzukigun/JAS vs BCC match too? Or will they likely announce something else for them? Can't imagine Desperado popping up on Dynamite but not working the ppv. Him and Archer vs Starks and Hobbes would be a fun freaking all-rudo match.
  12. I would love to see Kingston get the Shingo "everyone else is dead so let's put the belt on our most over guy" push. Except unlike Shingo I would want him to mow through all the top guys once they're back instead of dropping the belt to Okada/Punk. What I just described is also what they should have done with Ishii several times over the past decade.
  13. Maybe Big Dave just has me panicking about the Rampage rating more than I should but I'm really nervous they're going to try to pop a rating by announcing tomorrow morning that MJF is appearing on Dynamite to do a bunch of shooty stuff.
  14. Right for that one segment, which had Moxley in it. It's not like it did an enormous number or anything. In any case I'm speculating that the shift in focus to a PPV with such an underwhelming card full of unfamiliar guys has contributed to the Rampage number being crazy low.
  15. Yeah I really have got to think a lot of the dip/plummet is on account of the Forbidden Door build. As stated above, NJPW has been cold here for awhile and attendance figures are still down in Japan so it seems like a dream interpromotional feud we're just getting at the wrong time (especially with Punk, Omega, Danielson and MJF out on the AEW side). Regardless of how much I think Ospreay sucks, he's the type of guy who was guaranteed to get over with this crowd and he's been used very very well. I can't really say that for any other New Japan guy they've brought in. Tanahashi should have been working tags on tv to build up his match, especially since he's been appearing on the shows anyway. Jay White's appearance got a flat reaction and served to... possibly set up some matches nobody really wants to see. Aside from Okada really being the key guy everyone wants to see, I think there was huge missed potential in not making Shingo a big part of the promotion of this PPV. In terms of style I think he's better positioned than even Ospreay to give the AEW crowd the kinds of matches they go nuts for, and can mesh with just about any style. Which is all to say, if even the diehards this PPV is geared at are feeling alienated by its build, the average fan who just wants to see Moxley kill guys and Darby do wild shit is probably totally confused.
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