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  1. I am confusing the two!! Gahh, sorry/thank you.
  2. Restarting the title histories is an interesting idea. Other than Y. Ogawa most of the old guard from the Misawa days are gone anyway (albeit he's probably the one most closely associated with Misawa of any of them).
  3. I was gonna say, I'd have to check the dates but he has a couple classics with Kawada and Kobashi. I'm sure I'm not alone in that I lost my reference points to a lot of those obscure (but essential) AJPW matches when the Dynamic A AJPW Pimping Post got deleted from the archives of this site way back when. Very much on this note, does anybody know if the Jumbo/Taue vs Miracle Violence Connection tag title match from 7/10/92 is anywhere online? Their first match from 4/3/92 is excellent as well but I remember the 7/10 rematch really feeling like the last Truly Great Jumbo Match (as well as probably being the first Truly Great Taue Match).
  4. Was Maeda still with the company when the IWGP belt was around? Imagine him winning the strap in the 80s and defending it in NJPW vs UWF matches... Also Triple Crown fantasy question: is there any reason to believe Baba ever thought about putting the TC on Abdullah the Butcher in the 80s? I realize Abby was already way past him prime by the time the TC was formed (and mostly working legends/comedy matches I guess?) but given what a legend he was I wonder if it wasn't a conversation at some point.
  5. Ishii will always be my perennial answer to the IWGP title question, although Suzuki and Goto would both be welcome surprises this late in the game. If he hadn't retired last year I would still be saying Lyger should have an IWGP win via small package or flash pin following a Shotei. Not to kick Z1 when theyre down but I was kind of disheartened to see the winner of their Jr. tournament this year said that he wanted his prize to be "a match against Naomichi Marufuji". Like how devalued is your company's junior title when the winner of your annual jr. tourney gets the honour of jobbing to a star for one match instead of a shot at the jr. champ.
  6. For fun: what are hypothetically the biggest potential Dome main events they could still run in terms of hype and 'once in a lifetime big show' kind of interest? I would think if they did an AJPW invasion angle Okada vs Kento would be a pretty huge spectacle.
  7. To be fair I think the Voodoo Murders (popularly misheard as "Voodoo Murderers" for fairly understandable reasons) lasted a good year or two longer than RO&D did and had a much more high profile roster over that time (Doering, Kojima, Suwama).
  8. Single elimination Carny this year wouldn't be a bad idea. Could give an underdog a shot at the finals without having to put him over all the top guys (a la Omori in 2000). The question is who? Yuma Aoyagi? They could even get crazy and pull the switch on one of the really new guys like our young Asunaro Cup winner Tamura?
  9. He should systematically go through every IWGP champ who never bothered to drop the title and collect their personal belts to form his own triple crown (Fujita, Sapp, Lesnar).
  10. Ahhhh that makes sense, I knew I remembered Kawada presumably being the guy going to the final but I forgot he got hurt so early in the tour. I wonder if he was even supposed to win given that Mutoh had already beat him in their singles match a little while before. This one and the tournament where Mutoh went over Sasaki in the end (again, presumably because Kawada got hurt!...poor Tosh) feel like the lowpoints of Carny history for me; just the senseless refusal to shed light on ANYONE besides Mutoh. At least the Kojima/Arashi thing was something different even if it was a dud match (and did more for Arashi than this match did for Barton, even if it really didn't do a whole lot for Kojima). Ironically despite all my bemoaning the fact that Kawada never won a post-NOAH CC, the Mutoh Carny victory I have the *least* problem with was when he went over Kawada in the finals in 2007, since there wasn't really anyone else who needed the win at that point and it more just served as a reminder that Mutoh was still a TC threat.
  11. Had always been curious about this and had never been able to find it so lo and behold someone uploaded it to Dailymotion in super high def quality. This is really not a match that benefits from being viewed in high definition. I'd always heard it really sucked and it is indeed quite a mess. They do literally almost nothing---lots of side headlocks and rest holds---and seem to be calling the match on the fly. Barton goofs up a few things and sells weird. Was the final supposed to be Mutoh vs Kawada and Kawada got hurt? I know the semi final between Barton and Kawada ran really short but I assumed that was because they didn't want Barton to blow up in the main event. Man I like Mutoh well enough but he was such a dick during this period. Booked himself on top and held down everyone else, even his boy Kojima. Barton works the match as a babyface so I guess Mutoh was still considered an outsider heel at this juncture? Or maybe they figured Barton was such an underdog to win they would work the match with him on the defensive? Either way it's 9 minutes and 50 seconds long which is barely enough time o get heat on anything, although admittedly the crowd pops huge for the Shining Wizard and moonsault. If they were only going to go 9:50 why not just have Bart KO him with a flurry of strikes and go from there---than at least he gets over and doesn't just seem like a random guy for Mutoh to beat. Oof. Did Mutoh even know the history of the Carny when he booked this to go so short? A whole decade+ of classic finals between some of the best workers of all time and then he gives us this whole lot of nothing? Anyway it's worth watching as a curiosity and because we all probably have 10 minutes to spare to see a high profile Mike Barton match but it really isn't any good at all (probably still better than Kojima vs Arashi from the finals the following year).
  12. I'm tempted to just hunker down with a couple boxes of oreos and watch the whole damn five hours
  13. I figured the Takayama match would get posted pretty quickly. Still my favourite Chono singles match, although I'm sure he has some monsters against Mutoh and Hashimoto and the like that I've never seen. Here he is teaming with Misawa in a ridiculously good tag team match against Kobashi and Akira "When Do I Ever Not Steal the Whole Fing Show" Taue:
  14. Any word what the capacity rules for an outdoor event could look like? Is it kind of like a city park where you can still have a bunch of people as long as they stay six feet apart? Would be very hard to regulate seating but I'm wondering if you could do general admission like a concert stage and have 6 x 6 partitioned blocks for people to stand in. It could never work in USA or Canada due to general crowd unruliness but given the more chilled out atmosphere of the Japanese crowd I wonder if by going outdoors they could get a bigger crowd and still maintain distance.
  15. https://www.tokyoreporter.com/crime/pro-wrestler-koji-kanemoto-not-prosecuted-over-alleged-assault-of-wife/
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