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  1. Looks like Nagai is working dates for AJPW again. Can only be a good thing.
  2. Very late to all this but Goto's title win felt very whtvr without a Shibata appearance to lend it some gravitas.
  3. I take it this is Jake's win after the big tease with the last challenge. I think the fans will accept it, even if it's coming too soon after the last one.
  4. Wish Lyger was going out in a more high profile finale but I know it's what he wants. Gonna be emo as fuck regardless.
  5. OH HELL YEAH now let them invade NJPW already. Also hoping this final had a Doc & Gordy vs Misawa & Kawada feel but we'll have to wait and see...
  6. I like it AJPW needs to shake up their roster for 2020 now that Jake and Nomura are moving up and will need more peers/fresh rivals. Maybe they can steal some W1 dudes or something. Does Kyosuke Sasaki ever still wrestle? I wouldn't mind seeing him show up in AJPW and occupy Hijikata's old grumpy shooty junior guy role (not that Hikaru Sato doesn't already fill out that role nicely...).
  7. According to Wikipedia, Mitsuya Nagai is 51 years old. If that's accurate he's aged remarkably well and has been a solid hand for over two decades now. Just a random post of appreciation.
  8. Who are those lumpy Z1 dudes anyway, Miyamoto and Takeda? Also RWTL prediction: Nomura pins Miyamoto in the finals, takes the TC in his third attempt.
  9. Even his final "major" feud against Kikuchi and Kanemaru was phenomenal. Don't think anyone besides Lyger ever had so many memorable rivalries.
  10. In light of his impending retirement, just figured I'd pose a question with lots of acceptable answers: Who, in your opinion, was Lyger's best opponent? Much as I love the Benoit matches, my favorites were always his big 96 and 97 title matches with Ohtani. There was a chemistry between the two of them that really warranted a longer feud with a more definitive conclusion but I also realize they were making room for Takaiwa (hmmm) and Ka Shin (HMMMMMMMMMM...). Anyway yeah who's yer favourite guy he fought a lot?
  11. Yup, the "I'm 54 Years Old" brainbuster variation that was suspiciously identical to his usual brainbuster. And yeah they had access to enough "O-50" guys to have a decent division---Tenryu, Choshu, Fujinami, Grab Hamada... I seem to even recall Abby's name being mentioned although that might just have been a beautiful dream I had at the time.
  12. I remember in like 2004 NJPW teased a O-50 (Over 50) title to compliment their U-30 title. Not sure how seriously the idea was ever considered but I recall Tenryu being the favourite for first champ.
  13. Weird so does that mean he's gonna come in and hold the GHC title for a year again while Kaito and Kenoh get put on ice? Would have been much more excited if he was going back to AJPW to feud with Kento.
  14. Suwama vs Bob Sapp sounds more exciting to me than Sugi vs Elgin
  15. On that note, I just watched the Miyahara vs Jake final from the Oudou Tournament.
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