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  1. I dunno if you're being sarcastic or not but this synopsis in and of itself is pretty friggin convoluted.
  2. It's like WrestleMania X if Shawn and Razor were trying to pull down Shawn's bogus IC title, Flair's "real world's champion" title, and the Million Dollar belt.
  3. Right so why reinforce that by making him a kayfabe placeholder champion? And long-term Shingo is a much more reliable ace than the other two given that he's much less injury-battered (and, in the case of Ospreay, in an entirely different league in terms of his work but that part is subjective)...so why lean into the idea that he's just running around with a fake belt until Okada, Ospreay and Ibushi are back again?
  4. It's even dumber than you think, probably. I tried to get back into watching NJPW over the last few weeks but even compared to my usual quibbles with NJPW's anti-hoss title scene, the multiple belts and long distance title shenanigans with Ospreay make the whole product feel illegitimate by association. Shingo on top has been on paper the best booking decision Gedo has made since Omega lost the belt and he's effectively sabotaged his own top guy by having him compete for status with two other dudes carrying fake titles around.
  5. Fujita should start showing up in NOAH with all the IWGP tities he never dropped cleanly
  6. Yohei Nakajima has been Black Menso~re for...a long time now. Is this character really that over? I thought he was pretty damn good as regular ol'.Yohei Nakajima and had a lot more potential to move up the card without the silly gimmick. Reminds me of how Akira Raijin was actually real good until they kept repackaging him under different gimmicks (KIYOSHI and, ultimately, SUSHI...).
  7. He had a Fire Festival match with Ohtani in 2003 that went almost 15 mins and that I remember liking. He also had a couple really fun sprints with Kawada, one of which I've linked below (the other was from a TV taping in like late 2001 which I doubt is uploaded anywhere). Finally I recall his tag title run with Mutoh actually being pretty fun. They had good title matches vs TAKA and Gigantes/the Wall and vs D'Lo and Buchanan during the ROD era.
  8. Didn't he do a jail stint for this too? I remember thinking him and Yasuda should have just rolled (pun intended) with the scandal and toured the indies as the pothead/degenerate gambler heel tag team.
  9. Some thoughts on today's amusing NOAH results:
  10. Lmao this is tremendous. Does Dizzee have a any kind of a Japanese following? I suspect the Japanese and American fans will both be equally dumbfounded by this reference.
  11. This is 100% how I remember that match/tournament as well. Funny how at the time everyone (myself included) was complaining about Fujita being overpushed, until we actually watched the matches and realized the rest of the NJ heavies had like negative heat by that point (obviously not entirely their fault as Inoki was burying his own guys). Other great post 2003 Kawada matches are the epic TC slugfest with Hashimoto (where Kawada found a way to make Hash's bullshit towel job finish actually make sense in the context of the longer storyline of Kawada losing to so many towel throws leading up to the match) and an absolutely fantastic tag match with Hijikata vs Kojima and Hayashi that serves as a working model for that alternate universe I mentioned where Kawada takes all the young guys under his belt (in this instance, his shooty lil sidekick Hijikata) and ensures that Mutoh's cronies aren't immune to doing jobs. I don't have a date for the tag (it used to be online) but it was on the same TV broadcast as Kawada vs Mutoh for the shot at Hashimoto (also really good!!) and Hashimoto vs Arashi in a TC match that kind of exemplified everything weird and shitty about the early Mutoh days of All Japan.
  12. Yeah I think he was pretty much perfect until he came back in 2003 and started doing all the towel jobs to sell his knee injury. He was pretty banged up by then and was still doing the year-long Triple Crown reign so my heart goes out to him but his matches got really inconsistent. Still the Best of All Time imo but I'd be doing him a disservice if I pretended his final run was better than it actually was. Honestly, Mutoh has fucked up AJPW pretty badly by 2003 and most of the younger guys Kawada had been protecting/working with (Nagai, Yuto Aijima, Shigeo Okumura) were either on their way out by the time he returned or so far buried there wasn't any chance of rebuilding them, so I can't really blame him for phoning it in most nights. I like to think there's an alternate universe where they never brought in Mutoh and we got a few years of Kawada, Tenryu, Kea, Nagai and Araya trading off the TC (albeit to mostly empty buildings).
  13. My thoughts on Jake vs Suwama w/ spoilers
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