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  1. With Jake Led and Naoya Nomura both so clearly in the main event scene, the question remains: do we need to start worrying about Yuma Aoyagi?
  2. Maybe Dradition or someone can give us Hase vs Steamboat in 2020
  3. Nice, glad to know he's still holding it down. I remember he had a GHC Open weight Title match with Gone that went like 30 minutes and somehow sorta made sense.
  4. Miyahara vs Nomura. Uhhhhhh yeah great match. I'll take Miyahara over any NJPW guy any day of the week. Contentious opinion but I also know I'm not alone. Random question: anyone know when Scorpio's last match in Japan was? Did he work anywhere besides NOAH in those last years? I always appreciated the effort he put in during his heavyweight run in NOAH. Shame he never got a shot against Kobashi during Kobashi's monster run.
  5. Nomura pinned Miyahara again today in a six man. Dunno if this means he's winning the Cup or just getting a title shot before the tournament or if it's just AJPW randomly beating Miyahara. I feel like Nomura could credibly hold the belt now in any case. Feud with Jake Lee while the new crop of young guys develop.
  6. Nishimura and Fujinami vs Mutoh and Kea for the IWGP tag belts is a forgotten classic. I remember a spot where Mutoh hits the Shining Wizard on Fujinami by springing off Kea's chest while Fujinami has Kea in the Dragon Sleeper. Unless I dreamed that spot but I'm pretty sure it's in the match. I still love Tenzan tho.
  7. I forgot he won the second time because he accidentally KO'd Nagata with a moonsault in the semifinals of a title tournament Nagata was supposed to win. And the tournament only happened because Nakamura got hurt. So it's kinda like a double accident win. If they had just stuck to the original plan (Tenzan wins the G1, pins Takayama in the Dome main event, finally has his long run with the belt), they would have been fine. Pulling the title win off the Dome took all the air out of the balloon for when he finally did beat Takayama.
  8. Oyaji's recapping of Sasaki's wild 2004 has me also recalling his tremendous 2005 Carny final the following year against Jamal/Umaga (RIP). Man I'm glad NJPW is making a big deal out of Lyger the Final. They should just let his final match be the main. What if they do Lyger vs the J Cup winner (so long as no one stupid wins the J Cup).
  9. There was the badass tag title match years ago when Suzuki and Takayama defended against Sasaki and Lyger.
  10. I would imagine if it is a tag they'll be dusting off Kanemoto and Sammy for it.
  11. I feel the fans would rather cheer Gedo than boo him anyway, despite how good of a heel he is. They could have White "fire" him and lay him out, kind of like when Sid laid out Shawn the night after WM 11 to solidify Sid's heel heat and Shawn's babyface sympathy heat. Although you'd also run the risk of everyone cheering the beatdown and turning White face by accident. In any event I agree he should gradually shed Gedo and the knucks gimmick. Any word on who Lyger's final opponent/s will be? I'd hope it'd be a long singles match rather than a sixman or something just because I know he's got a classic left in him without needing too much protecting.
  12. Without looking too closely at what's left of Block B, I take it we're most likely looking at an Ibushi vs Naito final? I've always enjoyed Kota's matches but I've always preferred him as like the "spectacularly athletic and show-offy challenger"...never really wanted to see him up this high in the main event scene. IC title, yes. G1 Winner/IWGP champ, no thanks. That being said it seems like a safe bet that this is his year...
  13. Does Ishii have even a whiff of a prayer of finally winning this year? My interest will be determined largely by that factor.
  14. Sometimes I'm equally relieved/joyful when I go back to buy a record and it's gone and I realized I may be one Steve Reich or whatever album poorer but I'm $70-something-odd CAD richer.
  15. Suwama is so awesome. He needs to get a whole line of AJPW merch going with the slogan "WHOEVER, WHENEVER, WHEREVER" printed on it and start showing up front row at NJPW shows with his boys all decked out in it.
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