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  1. In other AJPW news, I am very excited (probably too excited) about the participation of Masato Tanaka and Abdullah Kobayashi in the RWTL this year. Masato should be able to make all those TAJIRI matches a lot more lively, and A. Kobayashi working against all the AJPW guys just sounds violent and fun and weird. If nothing else, Violence Giants vs Sekimoto and Abby should be pretty badass.
  2. I remember how actively *bad* Nakanishi was in that period (he would get better years later when he worked with Tanahashi). There were so many deluded Inoki marks around during that time thanks to Stuart's site talking about how Manaboo was like tr00 muga or Gotchism or strong pro wres and all kinds of other bonkers verbiage they used to try to talk around the fact the guy was a total goof who had exclusively bad matches and was still always pushed and protected, like he was the Ultimate Warrior of New Japan or something. Dark times.
  3. Jeez louise, I thought I remembered the mess that was early 2000s NJPW pretty well but somehow I never saw this gem until just now. It's an eight-man single elimination tournament conducted two fights at a time (like two simultaneous fights in the same ring) with wacky worked-MMA rules. FWIW Waterman and Naruse have a decent exchange. Waterman in general seemed game for this gong show, possibly because he knew he was going over. Sumiyabazar, on the other hand, seems to have not gotten the memo that this was a work, as he comes on pretty fast and stiff with Nagai and Nagata. Nagata gets booed a
  4. Shame about Yoshitatsu getting injured in the CC. With a big singles win over Miyahara right out the gate (in 20+ mins rather than a fluke) I wonder if he wasn't going to win the whole shebang this year as a token for sticking around so long...
  5. Sorry for being the shrill PC guy but 1) they are crazy for bringing in this many outsiders when global coronavirus numbers are still so high and 2) glad to see Will Ospreay recovered from that crippling bout of depression and suicidal ideation he tweeted about a couple months back . Shy of Ishii going to the finals, I don't think I'll tune in this year...
  6. Nagata also had a bloodbath with Yasuda at the end of his first IWGP title reign. I also recall Murakami having a super bloody fight with Enson Inoue where Murakami juiced like crazy and was rubbing his hands all over his face and licking the blood off them to try to regain his vision. Not exactly one of the bloodiest in terms of sheer blood volume but maybe the most shocking appearance of lots of blood might be the Ikeda vs Bob Backlund headbutt match from BattlArts back in the day.
  7. So he wins the belt in between losing big singles matches to TAKA and Sekimoto. I wonder if Z1 just really had to get the belt off of Chris Vice right away or something. I'm much more intrigued by all this than I probably should be, especially since I haven't watched Z1 is ages.
  8. Maybe it's two different guys then? In any case I'm not really sure what it says about what's left of Z1 that their new champ is an outsider with only 1 year pro to his name. Unless their plan is to sign him and make him a new ace/guy they can build around, in which case all the more power to em.
  9. I was actively trying to find some of his matches online earlier because I'm curious too and his name is frustratingly un-Googleable. Cagematch.com seems to insist he debuted only last year but the opening match of this HARD HIT show from 5 years ago seems to say otherwise:
  10. I like how just days after losing to TAKA in the finals of whatever JUST TAP OUT's big singles tournament is called, Hayato Tamura becomes Z1 champion.
  11. Back to Gleat/BML for a second (I'm excited): Wasn't Maeda himself at ringside for the first BML show and then he backed out of endorsing it? Iirc he was there to promote Shibata or something. Anyway Gleat wouldn't have to produce a Maeda appearance to keep me interested, but I'm hoping they at least scoop up all the myriad semi-inactive BattlArts guys who are scattered all over the puro scene (is Ryuji Hijikata working anywhere these days? Katsumi Usuda? Ryuji Walter?? Guhhh I'd even take Keita Yano as a job guy...).
  12. I am confusing the two!! Gahh, sorry/thank you.
  13. Restarting the title histories is an interesting idea. Other than Y. Ogawa most of the old guard from the Misawa days are gone anyway (albeit he's probably the one most closely associated with Misawa of any of them).
  14. I was gonna say, I'd have to check the dates but he has a couple classics with Kawada and Kobashi. I'm sure I'm not alone in that I lost my reference points to a lot of those obscure (but essential) AJPW matches when the Dynamic A AJPW Pimping Post got deleted from the archives of this site way back when. Very much on this note, does anybody know if the Jumbo/Taue vs Miracle Violence Connection tag title match from 7/10/92 is anywhere online? Their first match from 4/3/92 is excellent as well but I remember the 7/10 rematch really feeling like the last Truly Great Jumbo Match (as well a
  15. Was Maeda still with the company when the IWGP belt was around? Imagine him winning the strap in the 80s and defending it in NJPW vs UWF matches... Also Triple Crown fantasy question: is there any reason to believe Baba ever thought about putting the TC on Abdullah the Butcher in the 80s? I realize Abby was already way past him prime by the time the TC was formed (and mostly working legends/comedy matches I guess?) but given what a legend he was I wonder if it wasn't a conversation at some point.
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