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  1. Anyone know if the Daisuke Ikeda Produce show from this week has been uploaded anywhere yet? I'm a biased diehard Bati-dude but it's a stretch for me to believe that main event will be anything less than ****+.
  2. I just remember Zach Arnold's posse always referring to him as "Stu.pid".
  3. I stopped checking results for a couple weeks then came back today to find I no longer recognize New Japan Pro Wrestling from what it was a few months ago. Also I wonder when Fuchi was kicking Iizuka's face all over the ring in 2000 with Kawada if he knew he would live to see the day where he (Fuchi) is celebrating his 45th year as a pro wrestler and Iizuka is simultaneously announcing his retirement. ALSO ALSO third rambling point before I go to bed. Mitsuya Nagai was really killing it in AJPW in the early 2000s as part of Kawada and Fuchi's traditional king's road stable. He never seemed to get treated well by promotors after injuring Iizuka as badly as he did with that mistimed head-kick. Any thoughts on Nagai being an underachiever having anything to do with bad feelings backstage after injuring a well-respected dude like Iizuka so badly? K that is all.
  4. Honma will likely team with his old Tumeric Storm buddy Miyamoto, no?
  5. What about Suwama vs Sugiura, grump meets grump
  6. I don't think Jake Lee is ready or even necessarily a guy we want on top. He reminds me of Masayuki Kono who was put into that same position and then just kind of sucked and stayed sucking. Suwama should win the belt and hold it for like two years, he's due for his epic Misawa/Kobashi reign.They can build up Lee, Nomura, and Aoyagi in that time and see who looks like the safest bet. Either way I'm sure Kneto/Suwama will be a hell of a match. Two of the best dudes in the world right there. I've said this on these boards a few times but: in 2012, Manabu Soya was *THE GUY* to lead AJPW into the future. Not KAI, not Sanada, not Go Shiozaki, but Manabu friggin Soya. He got hurt at the worst possible time and has been a major disappointment since returning, and of course he went with Mutoh and left AJPW for W-1 anyway. But oh man those matches against Sekimoto and Okabayashi, or against Akiyama and Go...guy was just on another level for those couple years.
  7. Murakami was awesome. Anyone got the stills from his match with Enson Inoue where Murakami bled all over the place and got the blood out of his eyes by rubbing his gloves all over his face and then licking the blood off his gloves? As a few people have mentioned, his first match with Ishikawa in BattlArts is one of the best things ever. Up there with the first Kawada vs Gary Albright match in terms of short, extremely violent but extremely idiosyncratic matches that I wouldn't be able to help taking with me to a desert island over something more "epic" but much less intense and singular. As far as other dudes who could bring the hate back to NJPW with Shibata outs...man so many of the best young badass shoot-style dudes retired early. Naohiro Hosikawa had the tragic injury. Munenori Sawa burned out, some of the lesser known B-Style guys never really went anywhere (I'm thinking Yuta Yoshikawa who retired early and Ryuji Walter who I haven't seen in years). Is Kyosuke Sasaki still around? Just coax Maeda back for a few big comeback matches against game opponents who can sell like hell for him...
  8. There's an AJPW Classics show that ran a match from, I wanna say, 1975? Of Rusher vs Jumbo. It's awesome. Chris Coey reviewed it back in the days of Air Raid Crash reviews if anyone still remembers that. He didn't give it any stars but he didn't sh*t all over it either. Edit: Here, I found it online:
  9. I watched some six man from like a year ago with Dory in it and he did a few bumps for Akiyama. Got Akiyama a ton of heat and was fun in a "I'm cool with this as long as it only happens like once or twice a year" way. Fujiwara I actually think performs shockingly well for a guy his age. Fuchi is great and has always been a freak when it comes to stamina and adaptability. Only time I've really been uncomfortable watching a guy try to move at an advanced age was Rusher Kimura in those final NOAH years.
  10. Not dismissing your point, but forget not whose boy Taichi was in the first place:
  11. forget 2018. forget 2019. this match, from 2002, is the match you want to watch right now.
  12. If NJPW is potentially losing all these guys and the fans are burned out on Okada vs Tanahashi then wouldn't it be the perfect time to run an inter promotional against AJPW and finally see what Miyahara can do against guys like, for instance, the aforementioned Okada and Tanahashi? Miyahara vs Naito. Miyahara vs Ospreay. Miyahara vs Ishii. Suwama vs Ishii. Suwama vs Evil. Suwama vs Makabe. Akiyama vs Tanahashi. Ishikawa vs everybody. Aoyagi and Nomura vs SHO and YOH. Doering vs Fale. Etc.
  13. Fair. I'll also cite Tenzan coming back from excursion with a new look and a new finisher, winning the G1 in one of his career-best matches, gets denied the Dome main event, finally wins the title on a show no one cares about, drops the belt in his V1 against a very not-ready Nakamura. And then winning the belt back and dropping it right away to Sasaki. And then winning the G1 again, beating Sasaki, and dropping the belt V1 to Fujita. And somewhere in there the screwy 59 minute match with Kojima where he shoot lost the title because of exhaustion. Poor guy. It's sad when you have four IWGP title wins and 3 G1 wins and still you're thought of as a ball-dropper.
  14. Belgian_Waffle

    Japanese GOAT

    Maeda is definitely up there for me. I still think he has a last run in him but I doubt it will ever happen. I kind of like the idea of, like, themed GOATs. GOAT gaijin jr heavyweight, Chris Benoit. GOAT indie shoot style guy, Yuki Ishikawa. GOAT utility player who never rose above the mid-card, Tomoaki Honma.
  15. Belgian_Waffle

    Japanese GOAT

    Wow you just named my top 4. With Lyger #5?
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