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  1. Glad to see people still remember and re-watch that Nagata/Yasuda match. I'm not the biggest fan of Nagata in that period myself (I prefer the older, grumpier Nagata of around 2007) but he carried Yasuda to a whopper that night. It's kinda ironic that the best Nagata match ever was his classic with Taue from around the same time---a match which is much less a showcase for Nagata than it is for Taue, and Taue being a guy who on paper has a lot of Yasuda's setbacks in terms of being an awkward, gruesome troll but was a genius at working around his own physical limitations.
  2. What kind of shape is Masao Inoue in these days? Surprised to see the Dark Agents booked for a tag league in 2020...
  3. Yikes that's a lot of new bad Tajiri singles matches
  4. Would love it if Manabu Soya wound up being X in the CC and stuck around in AJPW permanently afterwards. He's been a shell of his once mighty self since his injury just before the W1 split in late 2012, but maybe working with guys like Miyahara and Nomura again could bring out that old caveman fire.
  5. So Lee over Sugiura in the finals?
  6. Had a weird inkling that Sugiura would be in the CC. Imagine my surprise today when I see that he is. Hoping they go with the old school single-block tournament where everyone eventually fights everyone. Feels fitting given that it's a big anniversary year for the tourney. AJPW SPOILERS FROM HERE ON OUT: Nomura over Sugiura in the final, maybe? Unless his injury fs that up. Im also slightly crazy and kind of want to see Suwama beat Miyahara for the title, then have Miyahara win the Carny for a second year in a row, then win the title back and start all over again at breaking the now-tied defense record (except successfully this time). Dunno if anyone else would have the patience for it and it might royally screw over Jake Lee (who is very much verging on Hirooki Goto territory in terms of passed-over-ness), but Kento is such a special thing that I think we can hold off another year or so before any torches get passed.
  7. Good point, so many NJ guys from that peer group became journeymen at some point or another. Also fwiw I remember Nakanishi and Akiyama having a really fun sprint in the Mighty (if somewhat forgotten/underappreciated) G1 2003.
  8. Thought it was kinda cool that Nakanishi is also having a retirement match in AJPW, but I can't seem to recall any history between him and All Japan. Even his dopey tag team with Omori was mostly relegated to NJPW and ZI iirc. We're him and Yoshie in a RWTL at some point or something?
  9. As Kotaro's cache as a freelancer gradually wears out do you think we'll ever see him don the Mushiking Terry mask again?
  10. Looks like Nagai is working dates for AJPW again. Can only be a good thing.
  11. Very late to all this but Goto's title win felt very whtvr without a Shibata appearance to lend it some gravitas.
  12. I take it this is Jake's win after the big tease with the last challenge. I think the fans will accept it, even if it's coming too soon after the last one.
  13. Wish Lyger was going out in a more high profile finale but I know it's what he wants. Gonna be emo as fuck regardless.
  14. OH HELL YEAH now let them invade NJPW already. Also hoping this final had a Doc & Gordy vs Misawa & Kawada feel but we'll have to wait and see...
  15. I like it AJPW needs to shake up their roster for 2020 now that Jake and Nomura are moving up and will need more peers/fresh rivals. Maybe they can steal some W1 dudes or something. Does Kyosuke Sasaki ever still wrestle? I wouldn't mind seeing him show up in AJPW and occupy Hijikata's old grumpy shooty junior guy role (not that Hikaru Sato doesn't already fill out that role nicely...).
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