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  1. Poor Wade is going to have to get his title fumigated when he gets it back, that's if, Ambrose doesn't pawn it off to pay off a drug debt or something.
  2. I read that as Sting porno. But yeah, I feel sorry for the Sasha Banks' of the world having to endure that every week.
  3. Imagine Sami Zayn coming back after the beating he received by Kevin Owens, putting him out of action, only to be buddies again after Regal mediates the showdown between the two. The Orton stuff is absolute fucking garbage, I really liked Orton's return and the START of his promo, he showed fire and intensity and I could really get behind him.. until, around 3 minutes in when the Authority came out and supposedly manipulated him back into negotiations to rejoin them. Rollins nowhere to be seen. Ok, fair enough. I'm sure it's just a ploy until Orton eventually can get him alone in the ring later on in the show... but, the next thing they're all backstage, Orton and Rollins looking like goofballs standing next to each other, they shake hands, just cringe worthy. That's before all the shenanigans later on during the tag match. The crowd didn't know what to do when Orton was on the offense in the tag match. Orton looked like such a goof all night long. This was a real opportunity to put the rocket pack (cheers, Steve) on him and really build some serious momentum to a potential title challenge down the line for a heel Reigns or something. I understand what they're trying to do, Gregg, but it doesn't work with me, fuck all this subtle shit, Orton should have been destroying everyone in his path to get to Rollins.
  4. Fuck WWE/Reddit guy Fuck his spoilers And fuck anyone posting them without spoiler tags Word, I couldn't get into either main events after reading those earlier, fuck that dude.
  5. I've met Colt, years ago, he was a cool guy, he's definitely not in the Mick Foley/Punk bracket of treating his fans like shit. The only thing that annoys me about him is how he comes across as this sympathetic figure because he didn't get a fair crack of the whip when he was Scotty Goldman, you can't listen to one podcast of his without it being brought up, the dudes a millionaire, he's probably done more for himself being out of that company than he ever could have in it.
  6. Interesting that this is on their website of all places, as you say, it could easily be laying under the waist band of his trunks and thus being compressed and hidden from plain view, I actually went back and watched that Rumble match to find out myself if I could see anything (yeah, I'm a loser) and saw nothing. But, I remember Kane also having a huge growth http://www.pwmania.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/kane-bump.jpg on his back in late November last year which was before Punk's podcast and conveniently sometime shortly after the podcast aired the lump had been removed. It's all pretty sketchy, I think Punk shitting himself in the ring is testament to the fact he was being fed all sorts from the doc to make him cope with it.
  7. I'd say Neville is way ahead of those guys (and everyone else in wrestling history) in terms of just flying moves. His combination of elevation, quickness, cleanliness, and degree of difficulty just blows away everyone I've ever seen. The amount of times he can rotate his body in a small space is amazing like doing a phoenix splash off the middle rope, the 450 from the apron to the floor, standing corkscrew moonsaults, etc. The red arrow is one of the most beautiful moves in wrestling, and he hits it, and everything else, dead on every time. He looks like he could be an olympic gymnast or diver, just so far beyond what you'd expect from even an elite wrestling flyer. The other thing I've noticed about Neville is that crowds are usually lukewarm when he comes out and often favor his opponent if it's someone of similar rank, but by the end of the match, he always gets a ton of heat. I've always been a fan of Neville, and I'm glad other people are coming around on him, even if the accompanying narrative that he became good in just the last couple of months is inaccurate. He's just been working with Zayn and Owens instead of Bo Dallas and Titus O'Neill. I think Neville and Ricochet are this eras Messi and Ronaldo when it comes to flying wrestlers, Ricochet is as, if not more impressive in ability. But you're right, everything Neville does is clean and crisp, you never get the knots in your stomach that you did when you saw Kidman going for the Shooting Star or Punk spring boarding off the ropes with Neville, he hits everything with such precision. He's not one dimensional either, his strikes look good, he can brawl with the best and he's come on leaps and bounds with his promo work, he's an incredible talent.
  8. Man if you read spoilers you are a huge ass, like, NXT is fucking awesome, why sacrifice the enjoyment? I can understand reading the Smackdown spoilers or whatever TNA is called nowadays. Each to their own, I guess.
  9. Owens destroyed his best friend during the apex of his professional career leaving him sat at home for two weeks recovering in a whirlwind of betrayal and deceit. That makes him a heel, depending on your moral stance, you don't do that. That's what makes him a heel, he doesn't really wrestle like a heel, but Brock doesn't either. The story of him wrestling for a better life for his family should be manipulated in the further weeks, have him glorify the lifestyle that's been handed to him, tweak the character or essentially, the only real heelish thing he's done is attack his best friend with a hidden agenda, which in the wrestling world can be forgiven in an instant. This is the ''reality era'' after all, the laws of what constitutes a heel or a face have changed.
  10. I can see someone like a Brad Maddox (judging from that awesome youtube video he posted a few weeks ago) reestablishing himself in NXT's environment. Pretty excited about the show tonight, which is a rarity, even WrestleMania doesn't give me the semi it once did a few years ago but there's something about these shows that makes me feel like I'm 12 again. Every match looks great, I can see the main event being up there with Zayn/Neville from the previous show. Hoping to see Solomon Crowe debut, also.
  11. Shield matches were tedious? Worms everywhere... They for the most part were good matches, but very generic after the first dozen in formula and repetitive to sit through every week. Different strokes and all that, but if you don't like the Shield six mans, I think pro wrestling may not be for you. Also, I don't normally go out of my way to praise Miz (although I'm doing it more and more), but he gets a gold star for actually reacting to what fans were chanting. It's almost as like if you listen to what the fans are saying to you and respond organically you get a bigger reaction because the fans feel as though they are part of the show! Who knew? For reference I don't really like Daniel Bryan either and my favorite wrestler is Ryback, so it is what it is. Agree with the Miz stuff though..
  12. Shield matches were tedious? Worms everywhere... They for the most part were good matches, but very generic after the first dozen in formula and repetitive to sit through every week.
  13. Paul Heyman is cutting some of the best promos I've ever seen, it's such a shame they're an after thought after all the Authority shenanigans all over the show. The Miz was so great on this show, he is such a douche. He honestly feels like the most organic heel on the show at this point, I loved him owning the Columbus crowd and also screaming ''get your own moves'' at Mizdow gave me a real life laugh. Rusev not backing down and actively running out of the ring to smash Cena when he felt disrespected was fucking great, too. STOP WITH THE HANDICAP MATCHES, they're getting as tedious as all those Shield six mans closing out every show the other year.
  14. I never want to see a Kane match again.
  15. The fans are going to take a giant shit on anyone but Bryan winning the thing, surely they're not dumb enough to have Reigns win? Unless he turns heel tomorrow on Raw. He is a massive odds on winner in the bookies eyes mind, 1/10 on, Spoiler is next at 5/1.
  16. Shawn seems absolutely done to me, there was a moment I thought we were gonna get Bryan/HBK last year which would have been awesome but yeah he seems more content with his life shooting deer and his faith than coming back to break his knees in again. He looked in decent shape due to the 3XL camo shirt he had draped over his skinny frame. WM32 is Austin's, if they can't get him then it's the Taker retirement match vs. Sting that sells it.. I guess.
  17. Better than all these ''Raw is shit, this is what will make it better'' tedious posts I've read too much lately on here.
  18. Usually when one gets the whole fucking crowd popping for his shit like Cesaro did with the swing the logical thing is to turn the guy face. He was stripped of all the tools that made him unique (including that fucking awesome entrance music). The Booking of Cesaro post Mania is bizarre, maybe the worst booking of a talent since.. I dunno. I'm in a very very slim minority but I like Vince Russo's eccentric bullshit and find him pretty entertaining.
  19. So Seth is HHH's project and Ambrose & Reigns are Vince's at this point? Makes so much sense. Fortunately in Ambrose case he has the personality that can turn shit into gold like Bryan can. Reigns needs to just go off fucking script, pitch himself some ideas that doesn't make him sound like Home Bargains Dwayne Johnson, I want to like him but he's being fed so much trash it's hard not to cringe and reach for the remote.
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